Updating Your Membership

Control every part of your membership using the Online Member's Service Form.

Why have I received an invoice for membership?

In July 2017, members were notified by email and via the AHBC eNews that the free membership was coming to an end as the range of services have grown inline with member's expectations. Subscription fees are used to offset the cost of many services that would normally be fee based or more costly. In addition, members receive funds via their Credit Account to off set a wide range of business related services and products. In most cases, such credits exceed membership fees many times over.

Since opening in 2014, The AHBC remains unique as an independent and non government reporting business service centre. Members gain greater value and access to more resources than any government or government funded business support centre located in South Australia.

Updating My Details

Updating your details will help us to keep in touch with you.

To update your details:-

    • Go to the Member's Service Form
    • Select option "2. My Membership Details"
    • Select option "2. Update My Details".

Subscription Period

All members have an annual subscription that will renew automatically unless the member cancels their membership.

Members will receive email notification that their membership is about to renew along with details on how to update, change plans or cancel their membership.

Members with the addition of a "Cowork Plan" will receive a renewal invoice each month until they change their Plan or cancel their membership.

Membership Status & Access Code

To retrieve a statement of your membership status, activities, credit account balance, Access Code and other details:-

    • Go to the Member's Service Form
    • Select option "2. My Membership Details"
    • Select option "1. Activity Report".

This report also includes any usernames and password for online services at the time of established by the AHBC. Eg. Domain Registration, Hosting and Google G Suite.

Changing My Cowork Plan

You can change your Plan at any stage with immediate effect. (Cowork Plans)

To change your Cowork Plan:-

    • Go to the Member's Service Form
    • Select option "2. My Membership Details"
    • Select option "3. Change My Plan".

If your membership form part of a Group account, you will not be able to add or change your Cowork plan. See your Group Administrator for details.

Suspending Membership

There is no formal method of suspending your membership. However, Cowork Plan can downgrade to membership only.

Follow the steps above "Changing My Cowork Plan"

Cancelling My Membership

You can cancel your membership and any Cowork Plans at any time with immediate effect. See "Cancellation Notes" for details.

To cancel your membership:-

    • Go to the Member's Service Form
    • Select option "2. My Membership Details"
    • Select Option "4. Cancel My Membership and Services".

Cancellation Notes:

    • There is no credit or refund on any unused portions of your membership.
    • Any unused funds in your Credit Account will be forfeited. No cash payout and can not be contributed to any outstanding Invoice amounts.
    • Any outstanding payment are still due and payable. Membership discounts on outstanding invoices may be reverted at time of cancellation with invoices reissued.
    • If you have a Business Listing, it will be removed along with SEO backlinks to your website.
    • Shared documents in your Shared Drive in will no longer be accessible.
    • Future services with the AHBC will be at non-member's rates.
    • If you have been using the AHBC as a registered address or have a Mail services then all incoming mail alerts will halt and mail returned to sender.
    • If you have a Key Fob, it will be deactivated and you will need to destroy or return the Key Fob.
    • If you are an administrator of a Group Account (Corporate), any linked members under your membership will transfer to the Adelaide Hills Business Centre.