Domains & Hosting Services

Domains and Hosting Services

Not sure what domain service you need, or the terminology is not your thing?

Domain and hosting go hand in hand. The domain name you register as yours, but it's not until the domain is hosted, than it comes to life.

The AHBC is here to help you to select the right domain names and hosting services to get your business online with great results.

We can provide:

With the wrong setup, you could end up paying more and damaging your business's reputation.


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Register domain names (Using the AHBC Domain Platform)

Webserver Hosting (Using the AHBC Domain Platform)

Other services including websites, online shop and eCommerce Platform

Ongoing Fees:

Annual domain registration, hosting and webserver fees are as displayed on the AHBC Domain Platform

Local Support

All domain and hosting services supported locally by the AHBC

AHBC Members receive free support on most domain / hosting matters

Additional support topics can be found on our FAQ page.