Business Tool Kit

Saving you Time and Money with the DIY Business Tool Kit

Business Tool Kit For Members

Time and cost saving templates ready for you to use and share with your accountant, business advisor and others. 

These templates and documents provide a great starting point however you need to consider the level of suitability for your particular situation and seek professional advice particularly when it comes to financial, taxation and legal matters. 

To create your Business Tool Kit, simply go to the "Member's Service Form" and select Action "4. Business Tool Kit" 

In just a couple of minutes you will receive a link by email to access your unique set of files.

Advanced Features

All Tool Kit files are shared using the online Google Drive service. 

If your email address is a Gmail or Google G Suite email, you have access to the advance editing features.  

If not, you can link your current email address with a Google account. Click button below and follow the simple steps.

Inside the Tool Kit:

Business Plans & Budget

Cashbook Tools - Ideal for NFP and small businesses, Simple accounting that's free.

Governance Pack

Product / Service Calculator

Statutory Declaration

Time Management 

Privacy Policy for Websites

Agreement Template Pack

Moderating Facebook Comments

Trading Terms

Company Constitution

Looking at registering a private company limited by shares (Eg Pty Ltd) and want to use your own "replaceable rules" under the Corporations Act 2001?

Business Intranet Business System (Call or Email Us)

To obtain a copy of this website template, please email or call us.

This website template (Using Google Sites) contains formatted pages ready to populate with your own business procedures, business / marketing plans and much more. The objective for this template is to provide a base to create an internal intranet (Restricted to your staff) to share business processes and link other applications such as Google Forms, Spreadsheets, Standard letters, accounting system etc to one platform with one sign-in account.  

If you are expanding and need to add predictability and consistency into your business practices, this is an idea starting point.