It's about Respect, Trust and Fairness

Like all things these days, we need to be legally responsible. So below is the small print for your consideration.  While this is all important, what you should discover from reading these "Terms and Conditions", it's about a level of mutual respect, trust and a fair use of the facilities / services on offer.  We want you to benefit and value your membership, so please let me know if we are not measuring up to your expectations.  

Thank you

Gordon Kay

CEO - Adelaide Hills Business Centre


The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is a private entity not funded or backed by Federal, State or Local Government.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all dealings with the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and supersedes, replaces and extinguish all other terms, conditions or imposed tasks that you, a corporate, government or incorporated body may wish to apply in writing or verbally to the Adelaide Hills Business Centre.

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre provides its Services on its terms and conditions, as set out below.  For the purpose of clarity, this also applies to Federal, State and Local Government departments and / or educational providers both private and government in that any purchase orders stating replacement terms including any counter terms are not accepted by the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and as such all Services shall solely be provided on the terms as set out below without further notice.

1. Definitions and Meanings

2. AHBC, Members & Membership

3. Membership Renewal, Cancellation & Termination

SaaS services such as Google Workspace, Domains registrations, Domain Hosting etc is managed separately by the User (Account Owner) via the appropriate online dashboard for the online services. Addition terms apply for the provision of Domain registrations, hosting services and Google Workspace Refer to FAQ for SaaS terms on Domains, Hosting and Google Workspace.

4. Payment

5.  Bookings, Programs, Events and Services

6. Software As A Service (SaaS)

If you have forgotten your username and / or password, refer to our FAQ section on recovery methods.

7. Liability and Insurance

8. Out of AHBC's Control

9. Changes