It's about Respect, Trust and Fairness

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Like all things these days, we need to be legally responsible. So below is the small print for your consideration. While this is all important, what you should discover from reading these "Terms and Conditions", it's about a level of mutual respect, trust and a fair use of the facilities / services on offer. We want you to benefit and value your membership, so please let me know if we are not measuring up to your expectations.

Thank you

Gordon Kay

CEO - Adelaide Hills Business Centre


The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is a private entity not funded or backed by Federal, State or Local Government.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all dealings with the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and supersedes, replaces and extinguish all other terms or conditions that you, a corporate or incorporated body may wish to apply in writing or verbally on the Adelaide Hills Business Centre.

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre provides it's goods, services, memberships and facilities on its terms and conditions as set out below. For the purpose of clarity, this also applies to Federal, State and Local Government departments and / or educational providers both private and government in that any purchase orders stating replacement terms including any counter terms are not accepted by the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and as such all goods and services shall solely be provided on the terms and conditions as set out below without further notice.

1. Definitions and Meanings

  1. Italicised text is for readability purposes and does not form part of these Terms.
  2. ‘AHBC’ means the Adelaide Hills Business Centre, 82 Onkaparinga Valley Road Woodside, South Australia 5244.
  3. ‘Terms’ means the following paragraphs that describes the agreement between Members and the AHBC.
  4. ‘Member’ means a person of legal age (18 years or older), a resident of South Australia and whom has subscribed, obtain and maintains a Membership plan with the AHBC.
  5. 'Non Member' means a person that is not a Member and not entitled to Member's benefits and Fees.
  6. 'Membership' means a Plan held by a Member as outline on the AHBC's Web site.
  7. 'User' includes Member, Non Member, an invited Visitor by a Member or any person that has access to the Centre.
  8. 'Visitor' means any person invited by a Member to attend a Centre with the inviting Member. (Sometimes referred to as "Guest" with Facility Bookings)
  9. 'Plan' means a level of Fair Use associated with a type of Membership. (The AHBC's web site, www.adelaidehillsbc.com.au contains a list of Plans and associated entitlements.)
  10. ‘Centre’ means the buildings and contained Facilities maintained by AHBC for Members to access and share with other Members, Visitors and Users.
  11. 'Facilities' means areas or spaces at the Centres including meeting rooms, media studio, coworking space, lounge etc.
  12. 'Spaces' refer to Facilities.
  13. 'Provisions' means supply of food, drinks, computer assess, printer consumables, Internet use and other items as outlined in these Terms.
  14. 'Equipment' means AHBC property made available for use by Members while attending a Centre.
  15. 'Services' means the provision of business related assistance not limited to business registrations, training and advice.
  16. 'Online Services' means Member's restricted data entry forms and information via the AHBC's web site www.adelaidehillsbc.com.au. Access to Online Services requires the Member to enter the Member's Email address and Access Code.
  17. 'Notice' or 'Notification' means the Member informing the AHBC of a change by way of an email sent to info@adelaidehillsbc.com.au with confirmation of receipt from the AHBC or by completing the appropriate Online Service form on the AHBC's web site www.adelaidehillsbc.com.au.
  18. 'Booking', 'Booked' or 'Book' means the hiring of certain Facilities at a Centre by a Member.
  19. 'Fee' means the cost associated with Member's Membership Plans, Booking of Facilities, Programs, Events, Online Services and other required goods or services provided by the AHBC to its Members and Non Members. All fees are published on the AHBC's web site, www.AdelaideHillsBC.com.au.
  20. 'Invoice' means a "Tax Invoice" that is payable for goods and services provided by the AHBC to a User or other Legal Entity such as a company, association, education body etc.
  21. '24/7' means certain Members have access to the inside areas of the Centres 24 hours per day, 7 days a week unless the Centre is closed for maintenance or closed for special events as posted on the AHBC's web site at various times or when a Centre have reached 100% capacity. External grounds are only accessible between 7am to 10am for Events and Fair Use.
  22. 'Peak hours' means Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm.
  23. 'Event' means a scheduled event whereby Members and Non Members can enrol and / or attend.
  24. 'Program' means an AHBC conducted program on specified dates or days whereby Members and Non Members can enrol and attend.
  25. 'Good Order' means to return Facilities to a clean and orderly state for other to enjoy.
  26. 'Fair Use' means a level of access and uses of the Facilities and Provisions by Members and Non Members as outlined in these Terms.
  27. 'Noise' means a level that respects others using the Centre and the community at large. No Public Address or Music systems are permitted in any areas unless prior approval has been granted by the AHBC.
  28. 'Activities' means Members actions that are legal in nature and associated with business or community activities.
  29. 'Fob' or 'Access Fob' means a small keyring type device that enables a Member to access the Centres. The Fob will at all times remain the sole property of the AHBC. (You are required to take care of the Fob and you can not issue to others to use it on your behalf. The fob enables you to access any of the Centres.)
  30. 'Access Code' means the secret code maintained and used by the Member to access Online services. (Please keep your access code secret at all times and avoid others from accessing your Emails from the AHBC.)
  31. 'Email' means the email address used by the Member to maintain their Membership. (Your Email address is the one submitted when applying for Membership and should not be used by others on your behalf. You can change your Email address at anytime via the Online Services.)
  32. All references to the plural shall also mean the singular and to the singular shall also mean the plural unless the context otherwise requires.
  33. Where a clause does not reference a Member or Non Member, then the clause applies to Members and Non Members.

2. Access

  1. Irrespective of the Plan held by a Member, access to the Centres may be restricted due to other Events.
  2. Non Members access (Public) are normally limited to working days and working hours. (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and excluding public holidays)
  3. Access is restricted for the sole purpose of conducting Activities inline with these Terms.
  4. Availability of a Centre or a particular Facilities are not guaranteed. (Please read the section on "Fair Use" for further details and how you can help.)
  5. AHBC may restrict access to particular Users resulting from outstanding payment, elapsed Membership or breach of these Terms.

3. Use of Access Fob, Access Code & Online Services

  1. Members that have been issues an Access Fob are required to used their Fob to register time of entry and exit of a Centre. (This applies to outside areas or when a centre is open to the public to visit and view. If you forget to sign-out on the day, you can do so online. Click here )
  2. A Member must not issue their assigned Fob or Access Code to any other Member or person to access a Centre or Online Services under their identity.
  3. A Member shall NOT mark the Fob or place on a key tag that associates the Fob with the AHBC. (This is in case the Fob is loss.)
  4. Members must secure and keep safe their Fob and Access Code at all times. Members accept all Invoices initiated by the use of the Fob when accessing a Centre or the Access Code when using Online Services. (Consider your Fob and Access Code as a credit card or the password to a bank account.)
  5. On losing a Fob, the Member must immediately notify the AHBC to cancel the Fob's access capability. Members with a "Pay As You Go" Plan (Casual) will be required purchase a replacement Fob if loss or damaged. (You can cancel and order a replacement Fob using the Online Services. Click here)

4. Respect

  1. Users are to respect the right of others to access and enjoy a Centre and its provided services. This includes:
    1. No smoking including electronic devices inside or outside of a Centre.
    2. Remove rubbish to suitable bins provided at the Centre.
    3. Return any space to Good Order before leaving.
    4. Clean up any spills or food from table tops, chairs and floor. (Cleaning items are available in the Centre's kitchen.)
    5. Return cups, plates, cutlery etc to the kitchen and place used items into dishwasher.
    6. Noise, music and sounds shall be kept to a suitable level and playing of music shall be restricted to personal headsets.
    7. Food odours to be minimised. (Those curries do smell great, however not to everyone, particularly when focusing on other things.)
    8. Neat and clean appearance. (The Centres have shower facilities should you need to neaten up soon after arriving.)
    9. Other people's personal property must not be touched, moved, relocated, taken or interfered with unless permission is gained from that person.
    10. Occupancy of Facilities, chairs, table surfaces etc shall be restricted to an personal area as not to intrude or interfere with others.
    11. Personal food and drinks brought in to a Centre must be removed on leaving the Centre.
    12. Fuels, dangerous substances or dangerous devices can not be brought to or used at a Centre.
    13. The use of phones and online tools (eg. Skype, Hangout etc) shall be limited to outside areas, hallways or other areas indicated at the Centre. Phones and online tools may be used in Booked Facilities.
    14. Respectful treatment, language and discussions shall be maintained at all times between others while attending a Centre.
    15. AHBC supplied items such as stationery shall remain at the Centre and be shared with others.
    16. Notifying the AHBC of any Facilities and / or Equipment damaged. (You can do this online. Click here)
  2. Users that fail to observe the above conditions may be asked to leave the Centre by the AHBC management or be removed from the Centre. Such actions may result in removing User's Access and/or Membership terminated.

5. Facilities and Equipment

  1. The AHBC provides and maintain certain Facilities for Users to share. (If we are not meeting your expectations please let us know so that we may address promptly. Click here to send us a message.)
  2. Some Facilities are only available by Booking. Bookings are secured once the booking appears on the AHBC facility calendar. (Refer to the online booking website pages)
  3. Coworking and outside Facilities are normally available to Users unless otherwise Booked.
  4. Facilities and Equipment are to be used as intended and not mishandled, abuse or damage. Any User found to deliberately damaged Facilities and/or Equipment will be required to repair or replaced at their cost.

6. Provisions

  1. The AHBC may at various times make access to certain Provisions to Users.
  2. Users may partake in consuming such Provisions while attending a Centre.
  3. Provisions must not be hoarded, restricted from others or removed from the Centre without prior consumption or permission by the AHBC.

7. Fair Use

  1. The AHBC limits the number of Users based on Facilities capacity and a Fair Use by Users.
  2. Members are to observe their level of access and Visitors as outlined in their Membership plan.
  3. Excluding Facility Bookings, AHBC consider two Visitor's per Member for up to two hours is reasonable. (If you need to invite additional Visitors consider a room booking)
  4. The AHBC may limit the number of Visitors, Non Members and Members attending a Centre. (Please respect our decision if we need to make this call)
  5. Members may upgrade their Plan at any time for increased Fair Use allowance assuming a higher plan is available. (You can upgrade your Plan by the Online Services. Click here)
  6. Members that exceed the Fair Use, may be Invoiced the difference between Member's current Plan and the next higher Plan.
  7. Non Members Fair Use is restricted to Booking conditions.
  8. Fair Use applies to use of Phones, WiFi & internet, Printing, Computers, Phone, Smart & White Boards and consumable.
    1. WiFi & Internet - Emailing, web site viewing and online services are considered reasonable use but NOT online gaming, downloading of large files, ongoing streaming of audio or video files.
    2. Printing - This extends to use of Printers whereby the printing of a few pages per visit is reasonable however printing of full coloured photos or large documents is not reasonable. See Paid Printing and Binding services for more demanding printing service.
    3. Computers - Computer may be made available for Users to use. Such use may be limited to allow Fair Use.
    4. Phones - Phones are restricted to outgoing local call for short duration no longer than 3 minutes.
    5. Smart Boards / White Boards - Boards may be used by members so long as they do not limit or restrict others Users.
    6. Consumables - Pens, Paper etc are for use while at the centre and not intended to be remove unless consumed. Eg, Pens and unused portions of pads should be returned for others to access and use.

8. AHBC, Members & Membership

If you need to change your current membership plan, click here.

To update your membership details, click here.

To recover your members details, access code and other information, click here.

  1. The relationship between AHBC and Users shall be maintained on a basis of respect, trust and understanding.
  2. AHBC will endeavour to provide services as promoted to its best ability for it's Users. (If we are not meeting your expectations please let us know so that we may address promptly. Click here to send us a message.)
  3. A Member cannot re-assign their Membership to another person. The membership must be cancelled and a new membership created.
  4. A Member can cease their Membership at any time before the next renewal date via the Online Service.
  5. All change requests by Members must be in writing as set out in Section 1 of these Terms for 'Notice' to avoid any misunderstanding.
  6. The AHBC may terminate a Member's Membership immediately at it's sole discretion and in such situation, the person associated with the terminated Membership has no claim on the AHBC. (If the respect is lost or your actions are treated as interruptive to others we will terminate our relationship with you.)

9. Membership, Fees, Renewal, Cancellation, Access Fees & Termination

  1. Membership is offered based on the applicant's legal age (18 years or older), residential address being in South Australia, good character / reputation and connection with the Adelaide Hills and / or neighbouring regions.
  2. All fees are as outlined on the AHBC website or as quoted.
  3. Membership Fees are paid in advance by Members and is continuous until the Member cancels their Plan using the online form. (You must change your plan online. Click here)
  4. Renewal of monthly plans commence on the same day in the following month or last day in the month when renewal days are new the end of a month.
  5. Renewal of annual plans occur on the anniversary the plan commenced.
  6. Members can change their Plan at any time before the next billing cycle. An adjustment or new Invoice may be supply subject to the change. (You must change your membership status online. Click here)
  7. Members can cancel their Plan at any time before the next billing cycle. Members must cancelling their Membership before the Plan's anniversary date thereafter the renewal Invoice remains payable. Cancellation of membership takes effect immediately and services provided by the AHBC will terminate. (You must change your membership status online. Click here)
  8. Members may be able to suspend certain Plans subject currency and renewal dates. Normally, suspending a Plan means moving to a lower plan without further fees until the university of the original Plan. See Change Plan for further details and conditions.
  9. No refunds are provided due to an early cancellation or change of a Plan.
  10. Members with a "Pay As You Go" Plan (Casual) are required to purchase Visitor's Passes to access the Centres.
  11. Termination of Membership held by a Member or Members shall occur if AHBC determines that the Members has not complied with these Terms, exceed 90 days on any outstanding Invoice payment, acted with malicious intent or physically attacked / assaulted others connected with the Centre including but not limited to Members, Visitors and User.
  12. Cancellation of online services such as Google G Suite, Domains registrations, Domain Host, Shopify etc must be cancelled by the User (Account Owner) before the next renewal period using the appropriate online dashboard for the online services. No refunds are available for late cancellations.
  13. Addition terms apply for the provision of Domain registrations and hosting services. Click here for further detail information.

10. Payment

  1. All Invoices are payable in full within 7 days or on Membership renewal date.
  2. Cheques are not an acceptable form of payment.
  3. Overdue accounts (Non payment on or before the Due Date) may be charged a $20 account processing fee for every month overdue with any discounts (Member's rate or special offers) removed and adjusted to the full rate.
  4. The "Due Date" is within 7 days of the Invoice date or if specified on the Invoice by the specified Due Date.
  5. On Termination of Membership as outlined in section 9, all outstanding invoices shall revert to Non Member's fees and payable in full within 7 days. A separate invoice shall be issued to the person, outlining all adjustments.
  6. All cost to recover unpaid Invoices or other fees will be at the User's or Customers expense.
  7. Payment associated with renewals of online services such as Google G Suite, Domains registrations, Domain Host, Shopify etc are due by the renewal date as stated on the AHBC invoice.

11. Bookings, Programs, Events, Access and Services

  1. A Fee applies at time of booking an Event, Program or Service and payable either by issued Invoice or Online.
  2. Cancellation Notice on Facility Bookings will only be accepted within 72 hours prior to the event date, program commencement date or booking date.
  3. No refunds are provided once a User books an Event or enrols in a Program unless the Event or Program is cancelled by the AHBC.
  4. Visitors fees apply whereby a Member has a "Pay As You Go" Plan (Casual) or a Member has invited others to accompanying them at a Centre. (Visitor's Passes are purchased online.)
  5. Access to external areas of the Centre are restricted between 7:00am to 9:00pm with noise levels restricted to normal talking voice level. Public Address Systems and other sound equipment are not permitted unless prior approval is granted by the AHBC.

12. Visitors & Surrendering Visitor's Passes

  1. Members with "Pay As You Go" (Casual) Membership and/or Members wishing to invite others to accompany them at a Centre must pre purchasing Visitor's Passes before accessing a Centre.
  2. On Arrival, a Visitor's Pass must be completed and surrendered for each Visitor and "Pay As You Go" (Casual) Membership holder. Does not apply when the Member has made a Facility Bookings or attending a Program or Event. (Visitor's Passes are located near the entrance or complete Online)
  3. Visitors are entitled to share in the Provisions provided while at the Centre.

13. Liability and Insurance

  1. If something goes wrong, the AHBC has public liability insurance in place to a limit of $10 million.
  2. The AHBC contents insurance does NOT extend to Members or other people's property. (If you hire a locker, be aware that we do not cover the contents of your locker for loss or damage)
  3. At no time or for any reason will the AHBC be liable for User's loss of business, loss of income or loss of opportunity.
  4. The level of quality and availability of internet services is not guaranteed by the AHBC.
  5. Any discussions or shared information provided to, from, between Users or third parties through Events, Programs and other services are considered to be of a general nature and should not be taken as advice to act upon. The Member agrees that the AHBC and it's third parties are not able to fully assess Member's personal situation or business needs. Members and Member's Visitors are therefore recommended to seek out professional advice before taking any action in regard to any discussions or shared information.
  6. The AHBC will only be liable to refund User's payment in relationship to the services or items being claimed. Claims for Membership fees exceeding the preceding 3 months from date of Notice will not be considered by the AHBC.

14. Out of AHBC's Control

  1. Users agrees when events happen outside of the AHBC's control such as Force Majeure, Fire, Strike, Accident, or the inability to supply due to third parties failure then the User relieves the AHBC of it's obligations and is not liable for any delay or failure to meet its obligations. The User and the AHBC agree that it will endeavour to meet such obligations as soon as possible after such an event occurring.
  2. The User agrees that the AHBC may elect to cancel Events, Programs or other scheduled services as a result of a small number of enrolments or the inability to facilitate. In such situations, Users will be refunded the amount paid by the User for the set service.

15. Changes

  1. The User acknowledges that the ABHC reserves the right to change, modify or update these Terms, Fees and the inclusion of services provided to Members as part of Member's Membership as the AHBC sees fit.
  2. Any such changes will be made with reasonable notice to User via email and the AHBC's web site www.adelaidehillsbc.com.au.