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Startup - Explore Your Options

Not sure how to get started or what's involved in registering a business or company! "Explore" gets you on the right track.

Grants & Grant Finder

Discover what's involved and what's on offer for your business or Community project

ABN, Business Name Registration, Corporate Structures (Pty Ltd) and Trust Structures.

Trademark insights, search and registration.

Comprehensive set of online tools and templates ready to use.

Helpful links and other business resources.

Obtain a new perspective on your business and doing business better.

Technology For Business

Creating smart products and services. Domain registration to online business solutions and local support.

Local JP Services. Open every Thursday 11am to 1pm. Other times by appointment.

Print your coloured posters, sales brochures, menus, pamphlets, documents and much more.

The Essentials

Programs to Grow Your Business

Growth Essentials

Over 10 weeks, discover how to transform your business, create growth with control and increase profits.

Marketing Essentials

Over 6 weeks, you will learn how to connect with your target market, increase sales and build lasting relationships.

Online Essentials

Over 8 weeks, you will build a website to attract business, create online campaigns, measure customer engagement and more.