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Why a Virtual Address

There are many reasons why people use a Virtual Address, including:

Physical Mailbox

A physical mailbox for *standard business mail (Eg. Around 400 items per year) with optional email notification. Simply collect mail from your private allocated mailbox at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre in Woodside


* Standard mail items are via Australia Post as regular Post.  Parcel Post or other deliveries by independent couriers may not be processed. The mail service is restricted to business related mail such as ATO, ASIC, Banks Statements. Legal documents, Contracts, Registration etc.  Please allow up to 48 hours for mail to be processed.

^ Startup Friendly means that if you are about to register your new business using the AHBC as your registered address, we will notify you of any incoming mail from ASIC and the ATO for the first few months of your virtual address service.

Virtual Address (Registered Address)

Our Virtual Address services are for the purpose of business registration and official business mail. 

Our Virtual Address services can include a low volume mail processing options (Eg. Around 50 *standard mail items per year) 


If your mail volume is likely to exceed to 50 *standard mail items per year, contact us to discuss a plan that fits your needs

About Mailbox #10

Mailbox #10 is located at the centre Woodside. *Standard mail received for you will be placed in Box #10 with a notification email sent with collection details.

Only remove mail addressed to you and LOCK the box again.

If mail is not collected within 14 days, it may be returned to the sender unless other arrangements are made.

COVID Parcel Services Concluded

With the end of the COVID19 pandemic, the temporary parcel deliveries service is no longer provided.  All mail and virtual address service return to *standard business mail items.

Parcels at Woodside Post Office

Any Australian Post Parcel deliveries will be available for your collection at the Woodside Post Office. 

Non Australia Post Deliveries

Any independent courier parcel deliveries may not be accepted or processed by the AHBC

Using Your Mail Service

Mailbox Keys

When hiring a mailbox, you will receive a mailbox key.   To collect your Key, an email will provide detail on how to collect from Mailbox#10.

If you need a second key or replacement, please use the form on this page to order a replacement key.

*Online Digital Maps

Online digital mapping services such as Google Maps are restricted to brick-and-mortar businesses located at the physical address.  This not extend to remote mailboxes or virtual addresses.