Mailbox & Virtual Address

Parcel delivery and Open-Scan-Email services available

Save time, money and avoid disclosing your home address with a mailbox or virtual address.

  • Choose from 3 Mail Services :-
    • Physical Mailbox.
    • Virtual Address (Registered Address) - Included with Cowork Plans
    • Virtual Address with Open-Scan-Email.
  • Parcel - All mail services include parcel delivery and acceptance on your behalf with an email alert to collect.
  • Use "82 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Woodside SA 5244" as your mailing address.
  • Use the address as your Legal Registered Address with ASIC and the ATO.
  • Cancel Mail Service at any time with immediate effect. (Mailbox holders, place key in mailbox)

NOTE: You can not use the AHBC physical address with Google or Apple for map listing.

To Register a Mailbox or Virtual Address, visit the Member's Service form and select Action "5. Mail Service".

About Box #10

Mailbox #10 at the centre is use for those with the Virtual Address service. When mail is received it will be place in Box #10 and an email sent to you to collect.

The email alert will include the code to unlock box #10 and basic mail information, Eg. Sender / Size

Only remove mail addressed to you and RELOCK the box.

If mail is not collected in 14 days, it will be returned to sender.


Physical Mailboxes are conveniently located at the front entrance of the AHBC centre.

Boxes hold unfolded document up to A4 in size.

  • Mailbox $150 / year
  • Replacement keys $50

Virtual Address (Registered Address)

A Virtual Address offers a lower level of mail processing (Eg. Around 10 standard mail items per month) with email alerts.

Mail is collected from Mailbox #10 at the centre.

Virtual / Registered address is for mail associated with your bank, ASIC, ATO, IP Australia (Trademarks), domain registrations, legal notices etc.

  • $100 / year

Included with Coworker Plans at no addition cost.

Virtual Address + Open-Scan-Email

Save time by having your mail Opened, Scanned and Emailed. On your behalf, we open your mail deliveries and email it to you. Unsolicited (Unnamed) or junk mail is not processed.

Larger than A4 documents or mail with many pages will be place in Mailbox #10 at the centre for you to collection. An email alert will be sent.

Original documents are held for 7 days and then destroyed.

  • $300 / year

Parcel Delivery

Parcel deliveries will be accepted on behalf of those with a Mailbox or Virtual Address service.

An alert emails will be sent soon after goods are received and placed in Locker A or B at the centre for your collection.

  • Free for members with a mailbox or Virtual Address service.

Parcel services are limited to a few parcels each month and under few kilograms each. Large parcels or bulk deliveries may not be accepted.