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The AHBC has applied for a number of grants to assist local businesses survive the bushfire and now the COVID.


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.AU the biggest shake-up to domain name for over 20 years

If you are in business, with a website, you know it's a great place to showcase what you do or what you sell, attract new customers, and create trust in your business.

Most businesses in Australia will have registered a .com.au domain name however from March 2022 the way we register domain names in Australia will change, and it’s the biggest shake-up to domain names in the last 20 years.

So to understand the opportunities and risks for your business, we have outlined the key points.

Access to shorter domain name

From 24 March 2022, Australians have access to shorter and simpler domain names with the introduction of direct .au domain names. Previously, it was only possible to license lower level .au domain names, such as com.au, net.au, org.au, and so on.

This means you’re now able to register and use a shorter domain name, such as your "business.au" rather than "yourbusiness.com.au".

If you already have a domain name ending in .au, and you registered it before 24 March 2022, the matching .au direct domain has been placed on a 6-month priority hold for you until 20 September 2022 to register.

After this priority period, the .au domain will become available to the public on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) recommends that all Australian businesses with existing domain names register the .au equivalents to protecting your cybersecurity.

What action to take to protect your domain name

Register your .au direct domain by following these steps:

  1. Review your current domain’s contact information is correct. Visit the .auDA's Who is tool https://whois.auda.ltd/ to verify and to ensure your domain has an ABN or ANC attached to it.

  2. Check if your domain is eligible using the auDA’s priority status tool, https://www.auda.org.au/tools/priority-status-tool.

  3. Once you’re ready, apply for your .au domain through your existing domain name registrar or register via the Adelaide Hills Business Centre domain site, https://domains.adelaidehillsbc.com.au

What happens if your business doesn’t register a .au.

You don’t have to register the .au direct domain if you don’t want to. This process is optional and does not affect your existing .au domain names. Your existing name in the .au domain will continue to operate as it does today, provided you keep your registration up to date.

However, it’s important to consider the risks of not doing so, including cybersecurity risks. Your domain name is an important part of your business – its identity, brand and marketing. If you choose not to buy your .au direct domain, then following the end of the priority period on 20 September 2022, it will become possible for others to register it.

It’s generally a good idea to register the different endings of domain names, such as the .com and the .com.au versions. The same thinking applies to new .au domains.

If you don’t register the .au alternative, it’s also possible that someone else could step in and take it. Consider this risk carefully and how it might affect your business and its operation in the future.

This could create an opportunity for someone to impersonate your business and conduct fraudulent cyber activity, such as creating a fake website or sending emails to people pretending to be your business.

COVID Effects on Local Small Businesses

2nd Feb 2022

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre interaction with local small businesses is showing an ongoing 3rd year of suppressed activity.

2020 revealed some activity reduction after the Cudley Creek bushfires, however the rot set in from Mid-2020 as COVID took its effects on the confidence and activities of many business owners.

The AHBC saw about half of its members closed their businesses during 2020.

Since starting in 2014, the centre would assist around 70 startups per year and over the past two years this has to a total of 8 new businesses.

Mask wearing, social distancing and exposure concerns has seen events and venue bookings along with cowork significantly hit.

A worrying trend for the regional economy around retention of local business and jobs opportunities, particularly at a time when centralised online multinational outlets are booming.

Above Chart - Since 2014, the AHBC saw encouraging growth and engagement from the local business community. Utilisation of venue spaces and cowork was reaching capacity by the end of 2019 and business events well attended. 2020 reveals the effects of COVID-19 on regional business viability and startup confidence.

Local Innovation and Industry, Is It Dead?

1st Oct 2021

The AHBC Maker Space and Hacker Space (Hacksaw) resources and training programs while showing some initial interest has not gained the traction to continue at this time.

While it does not come as a total surprise, it is disappointing.

It's not hard to see the diminishing capability to design and produce everyday products in Australia, along with the ever-increasing dependence on overseas manufacturers such as in China to service our needs.

We need to value industries again and what it brings to our local economy. Governments at all levels, need to understand the importance of industry and to foster an environment that builds confidence and pride in the "Made In Australia" label.

The Adelaide Hills, with a large proportion of its population travelling outside their LGA, is placing an unsustainable demand on road infrastructure and use of non-renewable fuels.

Local job opportunities are limited, and unfortunately the future is dark with increasing population growth and a local industry dying.

There seems to be little commitment or understanding by those in government to encourage regional industry development with sustainable jobs opportunities. Government talk about planing "this and that" but really mention "doing". It takes action to bring on change.

Ok! Getting down from the "Soapbox" for now.

Thanks to those that supported our innovation programs and used our maker and hacker work spaces.

Gordon Kay

Members Showcase Ag Technology to State Judges.

7th Feb 2021

Adelaide Hills Business Centre members showcase local Ag technology to the "Agricultural Town of the Year Award" panel judges.

Gordon Kay, centre manager endorses Woodside as a world-class agriculture region from farm to consumer. He also stated the vital role technology plays in the agriculture industry.

Centre's members were invited to discuss their innovations.

Suzanne Kambuts, took the judges on a view of the future, where shelf life was greatly increase and waste greatly diminished. Her business, Vanquish Technology, takes an NASA technologies to a whole new level for the agriculture industry. Vanquish patterned concept is currently undergoing trails with the Adelaide University at the Waite institute.

Greg Matheson spoke about the complexities of grain and other commodity trading. The Marango technology is providing Australian growers and traders with a world-class trading platform that greatly reduces times, waste and cost at all levels.

The "Agricultural Town of the Year Award" presented by the PIRSA and Solstice Media, highlights the vital role that agriculture plays in the regional landscape. This year the program received 70 town nominations and over 5,000 votes.

Top 5 town finalists are:-

  • Woodside

  • Kapunda

  • Kimba

  • Parndana

  • Pinnaroo

The judging panel is made up of Hon Rob Kerin (Primary Producers SA & Regional Development Australia), Mayor Erika Vickery OAM (South Australian Region Organisations of Councils), Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello (South Aussie with Cosi), Belinda Cay (AgCommunicators), Joe Keynes (Livestock SA), Lisa Bennier (Wine Grape Council of South Australia) and John Rothwell (Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of SA).

Winner to be announced in Late February 2021.

For further details, visit www.agtown.com.au

Hon Rob Kerin (Primary Producers SA & Regional Development Australia), Rebecca Sharkie (MP Mayo in South Australia)

Suzanne Kambuts (Vanquish Technology), Dan Cregan (Member for Kavel), Tremaine Kerber (Owner of the Woodside Providore)

Jan-Claire Wisdom (Mayor of the Adelaide Hills Council), Brett Mayne (Event MC and AHC Economic Development Officer)

John Rothwell (CEO, Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA), Greg Matheson (Marango), Helen Edwards (Adelaide Hills Tourism)


Bush Fire Technology Protects Assets

1st Sept 2020

After the 2019 bush fires, local businesses and communities were heavily impacted. Last year we held a number of Hacksaw Technology events to highlight the use of simple "Internet of Things" (IoT) technology to provide early warning and smart automation to minimise the cost and loss of property and stock. With some interest and recent awareness, we are holding two sessions at 2:00pm and 6:00pm on the 29th of Oct 2020.

During the event:

  • IoT technology explained and how it keeps you informed to take early action remotely

  • Explorer the range of sensors that detect radiating heat, carbon monoxide and other bush fire effects

  • Review tracking systems to monitor live stock movement

  • Using simple microprocessors to automate fire fighting efforts under threat

  • Look at existing ready to go technology and how to customise your own system

The event will run for 90 minutes with 30 minute Q&A time

Visit our events page and book in. It's Free.

Saying goodbye to Facebook

04th October 2020

We regret to inform that over the past few months our Facebook group pages has had it content blocked. From what we can gather, the Adelaide Hills Business Centre appears to be in breach of Facebook's term. The promoting of local businesses are not permitted and from what we can gather our actions impacts on Facebook's advertising capability.

We believe Facebook's stance is unreasonable and anticompetitive.

Our apologies go out to business owners and users of these local trading pages.

The AHBC local business directory via our website will continue however we are not able to provide extra exposure via Facebook.

Fire affected farmers and businesses in Adelaide Hills urged to utilise free and expanded RBS assistance.

25th May 2020

As the response to the fires turns to helping Adelaide Hills communities get back on their feet, Rural Business Support (RBS) has expanded its services and can now help small business owners and farmers to develop and implement plans to recover.

Hills local Cheree Reichl has joined the RBS team to work with Adelaide Hills small businesses that have been financially impacted by the bushfires and now compounded by COVID-19.

About Cheree

Cheree has lived in the Adelaide Hills for over 10 years and values the culture and community of the Hills. With a background in agribusiness, commercial banking and business management, Cheree is looking forward to working alongside small business owners to help them get their business back on track following the devastating fires.

RBS services

Free, independent and confidential and can help eligible clients to:

  • Clarify and prioritise the activities required to recover

  • Consider business development and/or redevelopment scenarios

  • Develop and implement plans to return to ‘normal’ operations

  • Consider different options to manage financial issues

  • Look at mid to long term goals and strategies to manage business risks

  • Prepare cash flow forecasts to meet financial obligations

  • Prepare for talks with lenders and insurers

  • Connect with broader professional advice

  • Identify and apply for government and community grants and programs

More information: ‪1800 836 211 or www.ruralbusinesssupport.org.au

RBS Online Seminar

Do you run a small business in regional SA?

Do you have the plan and processes in place to manage the disruption of an unexpected disaster?

Our free Business Disruption workshop - May 26, 28 and June 1 - has been especially developed to help small business owners learn how to prepare for and manage disruptions including natural disasters.

Find out more and register here: https://www.ruralbusinesssupport.org.au/what-we-do/business-skills-workshops/managing-business-disruption-webinar/

ATO Scammer Alert

4th May 2020

A number of members have either received phone calls from people claiming they are from the ATO, normally with strong overseas accents or contacted by email.

We have all received the scammers pre recorded messages threatening immediate arrest if a payment is not made. The current scamming approach is claiming they have COVID support funds for your business but seek sensitive personal identifying information from you to process. NEVER PROVIDE PERSONAL DETAILS OVER THE PHONE OR BY EMAIL.

The ATO will request information through the official ATO business web portals. https://bp.ato.gov.au

Scammers emails normally start with your name, a warm personal introduction message and the Australian coat of arms to look official and create trust. The email content may include your ABN, Business Name and your full name which is publicly available online at https://abr.business.gov.au. Governments emails don't start with warm personalised or threatening introductions.

The senders email address at a quick glance may look like it's from the ATO. Eg. ato.com.au@gmail.com The Government doesn't use gmail, hotmail etc.

All government emails and web domains end with .gov.au as shown in this post.

Email links and attachments can be computer viruses or malware to scan your computer and online activities to collect sensitive data, account details, passwords etc. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER CLICK ON ANY LINK OR OPEN ATTACHMENTS.

MS Windows User, ensure you have an up to date virus scanning application on your computer to minimise potential attacks. Apple Users have a sophisticated security system built into their Macs keeping the system safe from viruses and malware at all times.

If you're ever unsure whether an ATO interaction is genuine, DO NOT reply or provide information. Call the ATO on 1800 008 540 to verify the call or email.

To report a potential scam and scamming tactics, visit https://www.ato.gov.au/general/online-services/identity-security/verify-or-report-a-scam

Easy to read ATO Scammers information is also available at https://www.ato.gov.au/general/is-it-a-scam-

AHBC Members can contact the AHBC for further clarity.

With adversity comes opportunity

20th April 2020

Who said, "2020, the year of insight and Vision"?

Well it depends on how you look at it and not knowing what's going to happen next and when. However, by the time 2021 arrives it is hoped that our freedom and the majority of businesses bounce back. It certainly will make us rethink about buying local and doing business in the future.

While the isolation aspect is inconvenient, it's a good time to look at how our communities are coping and what's important .... excluding toilet paper madness. "With adversity comes opportunity", signs of which are clearly occurring with new insights and vision taken on board.

An interesting observation by a friend last week who said, "My staff have had a new realisation around the importance of our business and my leadership. I don't feel so alone now!".

Most people have a better understanding of the importance of local businesses surviving and bouncing back quickly with jobs. While our medical professionals are currently being hailed as heroes, the real heroes to recovery will be you the business owners, the ones that generate employment and trade.

Don't Quit! - We need you to push through and bounce back. Muster up the strength, plan and take action. Involve staff as they have ideas too. Consider government support programs as every bit will help.

$100K For Adelaide Hills businesses - AHBC Members pushing through have received funds in their Credit Accounts to offset the cost in obtaining business assistance and support.

Visit https://www.adelaidehillsbc.com.au/home/news for further details and business tips

Business Owners, the hero's to COVID recovery

COVID-19 - We are open for business

5 April 2020

Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm

COVID-19 Update & Tips

What Small Businesses Can Do Now

Keep Local Businesses & Jobs Safe

Did you know that around 4,200 local Adelaide Hills businesses employ 9,600 people and generate in the order of $2.6 Billion in gross production.

  • * 3300 or 78.6% of businesses are self-employed / family businesses (5100 people employed 53%)

  • * 700 or 16.6% of businesses employ 1 to 4 people (1820 people employed 18.9%)

  • 200 or 4.8% of businesses employ 5 or more people (2680 people employed 27.7%)

"*" Indicates 96% of businesses and 72% of employees are currently at extreme risk. They are unlikely to see any cost offset while supporting the governments COVID-19 social isolation strategy to avoid overwhelming the health care sector. Government support is now wide spreading in the attempt to assist businesses to remain open and / or to bounce back when the pandemic is over. Local jobs in our community are also at risk.

The above figures have been extrapolated for 2020 from profile.id, Adelaide Hills Council, and Australian Bureau of Statistics published data.

How You Can Help

Business owners, take onboard some of the general information outline on this page and encourage trade with other businesses / customers. Every bit will help the 96% of businesses that are at extreme risk and keep people in jobs.

We will all be transversing tough times but remember, we will recover from this. It's also important to remember that our actions today and over the next few months will define us as a community and how well we will bounce back.

How We Can Help You

While we all face some level of uncertainty, the Adelaide Hills Business Centre will help members maintain a sense of normality, access to assistance and resources. Some services will be postponed until the social interaction period no longer places the health system or those in our community at risk. Overall, business as usual.

Business Advice - Business as usual with the exceptions of some Face To Face meetings. When booking a time, please select Phone, Zoom or Hangout.

Need to talk - The next few months will put many of us under a certain level of financial difficulty, stress and anxiety. Members, if you feel like you need to talk about where you and your business are heading, email or call us.

Coworking and facilities are limited to members with Cowork plans

Act Now

The best general advice that we can offer at this stage is:-

  1. Review cash flow for the next couple of months and take action. Eg. Contact suppliers, ATO etc. Let them know how you will manage payments and look at payment plans.

  2. Consider and involve your staff. Investigate part-time work options, taking early leave, attending to overdue maintenance, bring forward internal projects, training, reduce office cost to name a few.

  3. Investigate doing business differently to maintain continuity. Move stock onto clients early, make early deliveries, service remotely, use online technology etc.

  4. Look at government assistance with to keep your business open and people employed. Consider Job Keeper.

  5. Be a leader & taking action. Your people will appreciate your leadership and concern.


$100K for Local Businesses

8th April 2020

90% of our members are micro businesses and many will push through the current COVID-19 trade restriction period. To foster local business survival, the AHBC has distributed a total of $100,000 to existing member's Credit Accounts. To qualify, membership must be current as at the 1st of April 2020.

The objective is to help businesses owners to have access to advise, facilities and other services when experiencing drought cash flow levels.

For members to receive credit off-sets, simply use any of the online booking or registering forms associated with by the end of 30th September 2020:-

Credits are assigned automatically and appear on the invoice as a separate line items.

Every little bit helps, and we all need to support our local business communities to survive and maintain a competitive and vibrant economy.

For further information on member's Credit Account and how to view your current balance, click here.

ACT, We Need You and Your Business.

90% of our members are Micro businesses or sole traders. The majority have been impacted by the Corona trade restrictions and Isolation.

It's not a time for small business to just close up and go asleep but to adapt and Do It. It's important for all small businesses to survive and bounce back. What's really impacting your business and what can be changed to continue trading and bounce back. Eg. technology, delivery of products and remote services Eg. Zoom and Hangouts, managing resources etc. Post COVID will certainly change how businesses conduct themselves in the future, so don't underestimate the role you can play and take action.

If your business has been impacted with cash flow going backwards, take advantage of government support schemes. For many of our members, consider the following. The AHBC has also allocated $100K support program for members.

1. Registering for Job Seeker via MyGov. The video will help you navigate through the process, and they will be in contact once your register. (Approx two weeks)

2. Register your intent to keep your business going or to restart once conditions improve. The JobKeeper scheme gives affected businesses $1,500 per fortnight per employee to help pay the wages or sole trader. This scheme is as yet to be approved by parliament but is expected to pass early April for payments in May.

Get Started - Online Communication Applications

20th March 2020

With the Government imposing an isolation period, many businesses are now looking for alternative ways to connect with others remotely.

There are many free or low-cost solutions available including Zoom, Google (Chat, Meet and Hangouts), Facebook Messenger etc

One of the things you should consider is privacy protection. As most conversations will be confidential, ensure your communication solution protecting your online activities and information. Look for ISO 27001 Certified apps or similar. Also consider your audience / customers with accessing without the need to install applications or involved setups. We recommend apps that are available via web browsers and also provide an option for device apps.

To help businesses that are not familiar with online communication technologies we have provided some information on two web / app based products that are simple to use, secure and have a free "host" and "join a meeting" service.


Provides a free and paid service. The free service offers unlimited 1 to 1 meetings to a maximum of 40 minutes in duration for the person making the call. Paid plans provide greater flexibility and those that are connecting to the meeting can do so for free.

If you intent to host a meeting, you will need to register as a Zoom user.

Google Hangouts:

Google have Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Both of these products are integrated into the Google suite of products like calendars, gmail, contacts etc making remote communication very simple to use. Zoom

Chat or Hangouts Chat provides a free service via a Gmail or a Google account and aimed more towards personal or limited demands. (Mostly messaging type text, audio or video with upwards of 25 others)

Meet or Hangouts Meet is a paid secure video meeting service via Google G Suite aimed at businesses with advance capability and more connections. If you have a Google G Suite account, you are ready to go.



Recommended Getting Started Videos to Watch (Zoom, Hangouts)

Steve Dotto - Zoom Basics

Really nice and easy approach to using Zoom.

Jamie Keet - Google Meet

Jamie has a teaching background so also an easy to follow and current video for Google Meet.

Jamie Keet - Google Chat

Jamie has a teaching background so also an easy to follow and current video for Google Chat.

BizRebuild - Bushfire Talks With Adelaide Hills Business Sector

5th March 2020

On the 5th of March, Brigadier Rupert Hoskin AM - Deputy Coordinators for BizRebuild and his team visited the Adelaide Hills bushfire impacted regions to observe the extent of damage on the local economy.

BizRebuild is a business-led initiative, developed by the Business Council of Australia, to provide practical and on the ground assistance to small and local businesses left devastated by the bushfires.

During Brigadier Rupert Hoskin's visit, he met with local industry groups and key local government members explorer a range of community support programs or direct aid for those impacted by the fires.

While the Adelaide Hills is a high risk bushfire region it is also a significant contributor to the local and Australian economy. The main concerns for fire effected businesses appears to be around cash flow and trading capabilities. The Adelaide Hills region has very few large businesses with 90+% considered micro businesses. Of these effected businesses the main form of revenue is derived from agricultural industries such as livestock and crops (viticulture) and associated tourism.

Key Points and Outcomes:

  1. During the meeting much of the discussion was based on anecdotal evidence and it was suggested that BizRebuild could fund a comprehensive impact study to build more resilient communities in the future.

  2. Direct assistance will be by way of vouchers for businesses to discuss a range of recovery planning options with national support and accounting teams. Click here for details.

  3. BizRebuild is also providing replacement tools for those in the building industry. Click here for details

  4. For communities with damaged infrastructure, funding the construction of multi-purpose, community facilities to promote social and economic activity. Click here for detail.

  5. BizRebuild may also look at supporting a range of councils and industry lead business development programs and events in May 2020.

  6. Investigate early warning technology and integrated / relevant data would have wide reaching benefits from councils, businesses and response centres.

To view the BizRebuild brochure, Click here

Brigadier Rupert Hoskin AM - Deputy Coordinators for BizRebuild at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and meeting with local business associations, tourism and councils

Google G Suite Price Increase

28th Feb 2020

Google has revealed that the new Australian pricing for its G Suite service will increase 68 percent and take effect as at the start of April 2020. An unbelievable decision by Google to apply such a massive increase when the world is potentially going to see huge redundancies and business shutdowns.

Google claims that over the last ten years, G Suite has grown to provide more tools, functionality and value to help businesses transform the way they work. The one thing that hasn't changed over this time is price.

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre will apply the new rate as at April.

Santos Tour Down Under 2020 Stage 2 Start Woodside

22 Jan 2020

For the first time in the history of the Tour Down Under, Australia’s greatest cycling race, Stage 2 Starts in Woodside.

The small town of Woodside, Population 2600, increased many times over today with the exciting start of Stage 2 and 3 laps over an hour.

The weather was perfect and the Centre was in a prime viewing position.

"Love Woodside", community group, certainly enhance the whole experience with a great range of sustainable street art.

Federal Minister, David Littleproud connects with Mount Barker Council and Adelaide Hills industry leaders.

21st Jan 2020

Federal Emergency Management Minister, David Littleproud joins Member for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie MP, Member for Kavel, Dan Cregan MP, Mount Barker's Mayor Ann Ferguson and CEO Andrew Stuart at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre to review Bushfire status and to connect with local industry leaders.

The Minister, David Littleproud and head of the recently established Bushfire Recovery Agency, Andrew Colvin have provided 33 councils impacted by recent fires a cash injection to drive local recovery and to rebuild their communities.

Littleproud defended the question on regional investment being "pork barrelling" and said "30% of Australians live in regional areas and if the regions are strong, Australia is strong".

Furthermore, it's important to empower regional communities to grow and maintain the same social fabric that metropolitan areas have.

Following the press meeting, the Minister caught-up with a number of local industry leaders to discuss the recovery process and potential impact on local trade and tourism.

David Littleproud, Dan Cregan, Rebekha Sharkie and Mayor Ann Ferguson https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6125067482001

Federal Visit reviews Ag and Tourism impact of Business Fire in Adelaide Hills

13th Jan 2020

Adelaide Hills agriculture industry under review by Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie. Visited the Adelaide Hills Business Centre today with Member for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie MP, Member for Kavel, Dan Cregan MP and a number of represents from the Wine and Ag sector including Hamish Laurie of the Wine Grape Council of SA (WGCSA)

Productive discussions addressing industry-specific short and long term challenges and strategies to protect the Adelaide Hills food, wine and tourism reputation.

Hon Bridget McKenzie.



Get Front Seats - TDU Start of Stage 2 + 3 Laps

2020 Santos Tour Down Under, Australia’s greatest cycling race. Stage 2 Starts in Woodside.

Make it your day to rub shoulders with world-famous superstars with exclusive viewing from the Adelaide Hills Business Centre. Enjoy a range of gourmet foods and drinks leading up to the exciting start of Stage 2 and throughout the 3 laps over an hour. A perfect opportunity to see, eat and drink with other members.

Race starts at 11am but you will need to arrive at 10am or sooner.


  • Member : Free

  • Non Member : $65pp

Minister for Communications visits the AHBC

21 Oct 2019

Hon Paul Fletcher MP and Mayo Member, Rebekha Sharkie take time out to visit the Adelaide Hills Business Centre (AHBC). Minister Paul Fletcher talks to Centre manager Gordon Kay and local business owners on recent NBN rollout throughout the Adelaide Hills.

The AHBC was one of two locations that the Minister Paul Fletcher and local Member for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie visited in the Adelaide Hills Region.

"We were very honoured to showcase our facilities but more so to share with the Minister and Member for Mayo the opportunities high speed internet offers our region."

"The AHBC has been very keen to deploy a community controlled public Wifi and "Internet Of Things" (IoT) to further promote local events and venues to tourist and to provide greater community connectedness." For further details, Click Here.

"We feel it's important for regional areas not to be robbed of their ability to manage local content. Multi nationals are very technology savvy and can easily displace trade and jobs away from local businesses and communities"

"With the rapid growth in IoT devices, the AHBC through its Hacksaw Program is keen to show the local businesses and Ag industries how to implement and take advantage of this new low cost technology to reduce cost and risk. IoT is the catalyst to foreseeing trends particularly around weather and bushfire effects on livestock and crops."

"Our Hacksaw has started to gain local engagement with further workshops around livestock tracking, early bushfire alerts and automation using IoT starting in December"

Gordon Kay

AHBC Centre Manager

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Minister Fletcher and Gordon Kay

Member Rebekha Sharkie, Minister Paul Fletcher and Gordon Kay at the Out-Space (Home of Hacksaw Workshops)


3rd Nov 2019

Fostering manufacturing In the hills.

A new space has been developed at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre for inventors and entrepreneurs to build and test new products. The Makerspace complements the current Hackerspace with a range of workshop tools for woodworking, metal fabrication and composites constructions.

The AHBC has created this creative space to fill a gap in the local industry sector. While tourism and agriculture are key economic generators for the Adelaide Hills they also at high risk to natural and economic events. (Eg. Fire, weather damage, disease outbreaks etc) Fostering a manufacturing base industry add stability during difficult times and provides alternative skills, careers and jobs.

The Makerspace and Hackerspace will be open each Friday and staffed by a workshop facilitator to assist people to use workshop equipment safety, design and build their projects.

New Member's Changes as at 1st Nov 2019

1 Oct 2019

After 5 years and from the 1st of November 2019, the centre's rates will be adjusted to reflect ongoing provisions of services.

The good news is that annual membership will drop to $50 per year making it great value for every business to join.

Access to AHBC training events and business advice will continue at a fee for service. Some of these fees may have changed recently.

Cowork members will see an increase in their month fee. Eg. $72/month with 20 hours / access will increase to $99. This reflects ongoing improvements and cost associated with seating, air conditioning, high speed internet and more.

All New Website and Members Tools

It's well overdue but the good news is that it's here. Much easier to navigate and packed with resources. Members and Non Members will discover that they will be able to manager bookings and services much faster and easier.

New Events and Programs

Our popular business events, "Table Talks" will continue with a range of new topics. In addition, online training programs designed for startup and established businesses will commence for long term support and development.

24/7 Public AED Defibrillator Woodside

14 Jun 2019

24/7 Public Access Defibrillator & First Aid Station now located at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre, near front entrance.


to save lives

For further details and a video on using an AED Defibrillator, click here

Community & Business Technology Projects

10 Oct 2018

In our pursuit to offer alternative industry and commercial opportunities, the centre has installed Adelaide Hills first public long range (LoRaWAN) IoT Gateway. We are keen to grow local awareness and community engagement around the Hacksaw Hackerspace and workshop.

  • If technology is of interest to you, become a member or subscribe to our monthly event newsletter. The level of involvement and what you gain is totally up to you.

  • If you represent a community group or local STEM program that wishes to learn more about using IoT devices please contact us as we are keen to assist and share our resources.

The AHBC gets to Out Space

26 Sep 2018

Out-Space - A new space that is community friendly.

A resource packed space ready for your imagination to hold your next event, workshop, class or meeting. Combined with The Green for outside activities, the Out-Space becomes the "in space" for business and community engagement.

Community Friendly with a great saving on booking. Simply register your Not For Profit community group or club to obtain your NFP booking token.

Secure Regular Times For those that need a regular space to hold workshops, events and classes, the Out-Space has a number of low cost plans with the flexibility to reschedule events around public holidays and for other reasons.

For further details and bookings, Click Here

More Comfort When Coworking

Members that use the Cowork space will now discover more the ergonomic task chairs. Please enjoy your stay

Members can now buy Cowork day passes online for only $15 include passes for your visitors. Non Members $25.

High Speed Internet

Now only weeks away from offering members visiting the AHBC the new FTTC high speed internet with public WiFi being available in early 2019 for parts of Woodside. We will keep you informed.

Hacksaw - Fosters Technology Innovation

30 Jul 2018

Technology Interest Group comes to the hills. Visit www.hacksaw.tech

Hacksaw, is about connecting people that have an interest in technology, keen to share knowledge, exchange and learn through a collaborative environment of presentations and hands on workshops.

Hacksaw caters for technology wannabes, geeks, techies, developers, electronic hobbyist, start-ups, inventors, entrepreneurs and investors.

The aim of Hacksaw is to foster technology development and solutions with real commercial opportunities such as early bushfire alerts with automated action, animal welfare and tracking, farm property remote management to name only a few.

We aim to present a technology topic most month while allowing Techies to show and share their stuff for other to learn, discover and try. It's a hands on approach to help you get started.

Some of our early workshops will be around asset protect using Internet Of Things to communicate and automate a response around approaching bushfires and weather damage. In addition, livestock tracking and remote farm management technologies will be covered and how 3D printing can be used to prototype new products.

Some of the topics we would like to cover over the next 12 months:-

  • Connecting environment sensors to processors and IoT transceivers.

  • Combining mechanical devices to electronics.

  • Basic electronics and mechanics for inventors.

  • Using tracking devices for assets and livestock.

  • Coding (Javascript, HTML, .Net, VB, C#, Ruby, Swift etc)

  • App Creation for mobile devices (Android, iOS etc)

  • Electronics (DIY, Arduino, Raspberry pi, Onion Omega etc)

  • 3D Printing and Scanning

  • IoT - Internet Of Things

  • Google Apps Scripts & Products

  • GPS Technology

  • Drones, Robotics and Automation

  • Website development & coding

  • Radio and Telephony

  • SaaS - Software as a Service

  • Power and Energy Storage

Hacksaw also has a great online shop for those looking for electro mechanical parts and gift items. Visit www.GoGoGadget.tech

How we record an episode of Celluloid Junkies at the AHBC

12 Jun 2018

Discover how the Celluloid Junkies create their Podcast featuring the Adelaide Hills Business Centre's Media Studio.

Hosted by Luke Kane and Damien Heath and featuring music by Luke Kane. Special thanks to the Adelaide Hills Business Centre who provide the space

Public WiFi Proposal for Woodside Community

24 May 2018

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is keen to create and support a community operated Public WiFi Hotspot for the township of Woodside and beyond.

Creating public Wi-Fi Hotspot zones in Woodside has many benefits from tourist retention, local jobs growth, connectedness and community safety. For example a landing page (www.Woodside.Today) that contains:

    • Promoting local Events & Businesses

    • Regional Wineries

    • Sporting venues and time tables

    • Tourism News

    • Visitor's information & Service centres

The proposal available at the end of this post, outlines a simple and low cost approach that has the potential to fund local community projects. In addition, the proposal incorporates the rapidly growing Internet Of Things (IoT) for the Ag industry and others.

Local business owners and community groups leaders are invited to attend an information event on Tuesday 29/05/18 at 7:00 to discuss the proposal. Please book in here.

Light finger food (Dinner) will be supplied along with refreshments

Click here to read the AHBC proposed WiFi Hotspot document.

Map shows a range of Free WifI Zones and Gateways to the a 1GigaBit network.