Introducing Clear Coaching 

by Rex Alexander

6 Feb 2023

Rex Alexander, Executive Coach and owner of Clear Coaching, has recently made the move to the Adelaide Hills community. Rex is keen to continue utilising his coaching skills and expertise to support leaders and business owners across the Hills.

Rex brings over 20 years of leadership, business ownership and HR experience. He offers personalised guidance to clients, both in one-on-one sessions and within group or team settings. As a certified Executive Coach, he draws on experience to facilitate change in clients to achieve real goals and increase productivity. 

Dedicated to facilitating personal and professional growth, Rex understands the importance of helping individuals navigate the complexities of their business, their employees, and their customers. Whether it's overcoming obstacles, setting clear goals, improving work/life balance or honing ‘people and leadership’ skills, Rex is committed to supporting clients to achieve tangible results leading to increased success. 

Those who find themselves grappling with the same challenges as last year or those who feel stuck and are not sure why they can’t reach goals should consider the benefits of working with an Executive Coach – the result may well surprise you! 

Rex’s services include: 

Contact Rex to discuss how he may be able to provide clarity for your next step forward. 

Rex Alexander: M 0449 599 129, E: rex@clearcoaching.au, Web: https://clearcoaching.au or in person at Shop 5/80 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Woodside (Access from John Street)

Rex Alexander, Executive Coach

AHBC Member's

Let Rex know that you are a current member of the Adelaide Hills Business Centre for a free introduction meeting and special rates.


1 Feb 2024

 Pricing updates for Google Workspace

Steve Holt - Vice President, Strategy, Google Workspace

Since launching Google Workspace in October 2020, we’ve delivered hundreds of new features to fuel secure collaboration from anywhere, including more than 300 in 2022 alone. The updates range from improvements to our world-class security and reliability that are required by our largest customers, to tools that increase the simplicity and helpfulness desired by smaller teams. The power of our apps running in the cloud is that these enhancements are immediately available to all our customers, increasing the value we deliver.

Highlights include: 

Today, we’re announcing a few updates to our pricing to reflect the value in our products, alongside expanded commitment options to lock in the lowest pricing, providing our customers with more choice. 

For the full press release, visit https://workspace.google.com/blog/product-announcements/pricing-updates-and-more-flexible-payment-options-google-workspace

What does this mean to you

If your Google Workspace Subscription is through the Adelaide Hills Business Centre (Google Workspace Partner / Reseller) you will find that your next invoice will have an increase in the order of 20%

Part of your subscription also includes local technical support through the Business Centre and for AHBC Members, business and technology support is provided free.

Most Google Workspace Subscriptions through the AHBC are annual subscriptions, invoiced every 3 months.  If you wish, alternative payment periods can be arranged from monthly to annual.  Contact us for further details

Our Direction for 2024

14 May 2023

The centre has experienced an increased level of business activity towards online content delivery. As from June to September the centre will undergo remodelling with a new range of services online with more to follow.

From June to September 2023, access to the business centre during renovations will be by appointment only.

New / Improved Services for 2024

End Of Parcel Deliveries

24th May 2022

Now two years on, and the official word is that COVID-19 pandemic is no longer declared as an emergency in SA. 

As of the end of June, the temporary parcel deliveries service offered to AHBC members and mailbox / virtual address holder will cease.

Mail and Virtual Address services will revert to standard business mail service, as outline on the Mail and Virtual Address page.

We will still process low volume, small parcels until the end of June.

.AU the biggest shake-up to domain name for over 20 years

5th March 2022

If you are in business, with a website, you know it's a great place to showcase what you do or what you sell, attract new customers, and create trust in your business.

Most businesses in Australia will have registered a .com.au domain name however from March 2022 the way we register domain names in Australia will change, and it’s the biggest shake-up to domain names in the last 20 years.

So to understand the opportunities and risks for your business, we have outlined the key points.

Access to shorter domain name

From 24 March 2022, Australians have access to shorter and simpler domain names with the introduction of direct .au domain names. Previously, it was only possible to license lower level .au domain names, such as com.au, net.au, org.au, and so on.

This means you’re now able to register and use a shorter domain name, such as your "business.au" rather than "yourbusiness.com.au".

If you already have a domain name ending in .au, and you registered it before 24 March 2022, the matching .au direct domain has been placed on a 6-month priority hold for you until 20 September 2022 to register.  

After this priority period, the .au domain will become available to the public on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) recommends that all Australian businesses with existing domain names register the .au equivalents to protecting your cybersecurity.

What action to take to protect your domain name

Register your .au direct domain by following these steps:

What happens if your business doesn’t register a .au.

You don’t have to register the .au direct domain if you don’t want to. This process is optional and does not affect your existing .au domain names. Your existing name in the .au domain will continue to operate as it does today, provided you keep your registration up to date.

However, it’s important to consider the risks of not doing so, including cybersecurity risks. Your domain name is an important part of your business – its identity, brand and marketing. If you choose not to buy your .au direct domain, then following the end of the priority period on 20 September 2022, it will become possible for others to register it.

It’s generally a good idea to register the different endings of domain names, such as the .com and the .com.au versions. The same thinking applies to new .au domains.

If you don’t register the .au alternative, it’s also possible that someone else could step in and take it. Consider this risk carefully and how it might affect your business and its operation in the future.

This could create an opportunity for someone to impersonate your business and conduct fraudulent cyber activity, such as creating a fake website or sending emails to people pretending to be your business.

Local Innovation and Industry, Is It Dead?

1st Oct 2021

The AHBC Maker Space and Hacker Space (Hacksaw) resources and  training programs while showing some initial interest has not gained the traction to continue at this time.

While it does not come as a total surprise, it is disappointing.

It's not hard to see the diminishing capability to design and produce everyday products in Australia, along with the ever-increasing dependence on overseas manufacturers such as in China to service our needs.

We need to value industries again and what it brings to our local economy.  Governments at all levels, need to understand the importance of industry and  to foster an environment that builds confidence and pride in the "Made In Australia"  label.

The Adelaide Hills,  with a large proportion of its population travelling outside their LGA,  is placing an unsustainable demand on road infrastructure and use of non-renewable fuels.  

Local job opportunities are limited, and unfortunately the future is dark with increasing population growth and a local industry dying.

There seems to be little commitment or understanding by those in government to encourage regional industry development with sustainable jobs opportunities. Government talk about planing "this and that" but really mention "doing".  It takes action to bring on change.  

Ok! Getting down from the "Soapbox" for now.

Thanks to those that supported our innovation programs and used our maker and hacker work spaces. 

Gordon Kay

Members Showcase Ag Technology to State Judges.

7th Feb 2021

Adelaide Hills Business Centre members showcase local Ag technology to the "Agricultural Town of the Year Award" panel judges. 

Gordon Kay, centre manager endorses Woodside as a world-class agriculture region from farm to consumer.  He also stated the vital role technology plays in the  agriculture industry.

Centre's members were invited to discuss their innovations.

Suzanne Kambuts, took the judges on a view of the future, where shelf life was greatly increase and waste greatly diminished. Her business, Vanquish Technology, takes an NASA technologies to a whole new level for the agriculture industry.  Vanquish patterned concept is currently undergoing trails with the Adelaide University at the Waite institute.

Greg Matheson spoke about the complexities of grain and other commodity trading. The Marango technology is providing Australian growers and traders with a world-class trading platform that greatly reduces times, waste and cost at all levels.

The "Agricultural Town of the Year Award" presented by the PIRSA and Solstice Media, highlights the vital role that agriculture plays in the regional landscapeThis year the program received 70 town nominations and over 5,000 votes.

Top 5 town finalists are:-

The judging panel is made up of Hon Rob Kerin (Primary Producers SA & Regional Development Australia), Mayor Erika Vickery OAM (South Australian Region Organisations of Councils), Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello (South Aussie with Cosi), Belinda Cay (AgCommunicators), Joe Keynes (Livestock SA), Lisa Bennier (Wine Grape Council of South Australia) and John Rothwell (Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society of SA).

Winner to be announced in Late February 2021.

For further details, visit www.agtown.com.au

Hon Rob Kerin (Primary Producers SA & Regional Development Australia), Rebecca Sharkie (MP Mayo in South Australia)

Suzanne Kambuts (Vanquish Technology), Dan Cregan (Member for Kavel), Tremaine Kerber (Owner of the Woodside Providore)

Jan-Claire Wisdom (Mayor of the Adelaide Hills Council), Brett Mayne (Event MC and AHC Economic Development Officer)

John Rothwell (CEO, Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of SA), Greg Matheson (Marango), Helen Edwards (Adelaide Hills Tourism)

Parcel Deliveries

20 May 2020

During the COVID 19 pandemic, the AHBC is offering Cowork Members, Mailbox and Virtual Address service holder the ability to have small parcels delivered to the Business Centre.  Please note that this service is limited to a few parcels per month and business related items only.

For further details, please click here

BizRebuild - Bushfire Talks With Adelaide Hills Business Sector

5th March 2020

On the 5th of March, Brigadier Rupert Hoskin AM - Deputy Coordinators for BizRebuild and his team visited the Adelaide Hills bushfire impacted regions to observe the extent of damage on the local economy.  

BizRebuild is a business-led initiative, developed by the Business Council of Australia, to provide practical and on the ground assistance to small and local businesses left devastated by the bushfires.

During Brigadier Rupert Hoskin's visit, he met with local industry groups and key local government members explorer a range of community support programs or direct aid for those impacted by the fires.

While the Adelaide Hills is a high risk bushfire region it is also a significant contributor to the local and Australian economy. The main concerns for fire effected businesses appears to be around cash flow and trading capabilities. The Adelaide Hills region has very few large businesses with 90+% considered micro businesses.  Of these effected businesses the main form of revenue is derived from agricultural industries such as livestock and crops (viticulture) and associated tourism. 

Key Points and Outcomes:

To view the BizRebuild brochure, Click here

Brigadier Rupert Hoskin AM - Deputy Coordinators for BizRebuild at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and meeting with local business associations, tourism and councils

Santos Tour Down Under 2020 Stage 2 Start Woodside

22 Jan 2020

For the first time in the history of the Tour Down Under, Australia’s greatest cycling race, Stage 2 Starts in Woodside.

The small town of Woodside, Population 2600, increased many times over today with the exciting start of Stage 2 and 3 laps over an hour.

The weather was perfect and the Centre was in a prime viewing position.

"Love Woodside", community group, certainly enhance the whole experience with a great range of sustainable street art.

Federal Minister, David Littleproud connects with Mount Barker Council and Adelaide Hills industry leaders.

21st Jan 2020

Federal Emergency Management Minister, David Littleproud joins Member for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie MP, Member for Kavel, Dan Cregan MP, Mount Barker's Mayor Ann Ferguson and CEO Andrew Stuart at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre to review Bushfire status and to connect with local industry leaders.

The Minister, David Littleproud and head of the recently established Bushfire Recovery Agency, Andrew Colvin have provided 33 councils impacted by recent fires a cash injection to drive local recovery and to rebuild their communities.

Littleproud defended the question on regional investment being "pork barrelling" and said "30% of Australians live in regional areas and if the regions are strong, Australia is strong".

Furthermore, it's important to empower regional communities to grow and maintain the same social fabric that metropolitan areas have.

Following the press meeting, the Minister caught-up with a number of local industry leaders to discuss the recovery process and potential impact on local trade and tourism. 

David Littleproud, Dan Cregan, Rebekha Sharkie and Mayor Ann Ferguson https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6125067482001

Federal Visit reviews Ag and Tourism impact of Business Fire in Adelaide Hills

13th Jan 2020

Adelaide Hills agriculture industry under review by Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie. Visited the Adelaide Hills Business Centre today with Member for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie MP, Member for Kavel, Dan Cregan MP and a number of represents from the Wine and Ag sector including Hamish Laurie of the Wine Grape Council of SA (WGCSA)

Productive discussions addressing industry-specific short and long term challenges and strategies to protect the Adelaide Hills food, wine and tourism reputation.

Hon Bridget McKenzie.



Get Front Seats - TDU Start of Stage 2 + 3 Laps 

2020 Santos Tour Down Under, Australia’s greatest cycling race. Stage 2 Starts in Woodside.

Make it your day to rub shoulders with world-famous superstars with exclusive viewing from the Adelaide Hills Business Centre. Enjoy a range of gourmet foods and drinks leading up to the exciting start of Stage 2 and throughout the 3 laps over an hour. A perfect opportunity to see, eat and drink with other members.

Race starts at 11am but you will need to arrive at 10am or sooner.



Minister for Communications visits the AHBC

21 Oct 2019

Hon Paul Fletcher MP and Mayo Member, Rebekha Sharkie take time out to visit the Adelaide Hills Business Centre (AHBC). Minister Paul Fletcher talks to Centre manager Gordon Kay and local business owners on recent NBN rollout throughout the Adelaide Hills.

The AHBC was one of two locations that the Minister Paul Fletcher and local Member for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie visited in the Adelaide Hills Region.  

"We were very honoured to showcase our facilities but more so to share with the Minister and Member for Mayo the opportunities high speed internet offers our region."

"The AHBC has been very keen to deploy a community controlled public Wifi and "Internet Of Things" (IoT) to further promote local events and venues to tourist and to provide greater community connectedness."  For further details, Click Here.

"We feel it's important for regional areas not to be robbed of their ability to manage local content. Multi nationals are very technology savvy and can easily displace trade and jobs away from local businesses and communities"

"With the rapid growth in IoT devices, the AHBC through its Hacksaw Program is keen to show the local businesses and Ag industries how to implement and take advantage of this new low cost technology to reduce cost and risk.  IoT is the catalyst to foreseeing trends particularly around weather and bushfire effects on livestock and crops."

"Our Hacksaw has started to gain local engagement with further workshops around livestock tracking, early bushfire alerts and automation using IoT starting in December"

Gordon Kay 

AHBC Centre Manager

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Minister Fletcher and Gordon Kay

Member Rebekha Sharkie, Minister Paul Fletcher and Gordon Kay at the Out-Space (Home of Hacksaw Workshops)


3rd Nov 2019

Fostering manufacturing In the hills.

A new space has been developed at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre for inventors and entrepreneurs to build and test new products.  The Makerspace complements the current Hackerspace with a range of workshop tools for woodworking, metal fabrication and composites constructions.

The AHBC has created this creative space to fill a gap in the local industry sector. While tourism and agriculture are key economic generators for the Adelaide Hills they also at high risk to natural and economic events. (Eg. Fire, weather damage, disease outbreaks etc)  Fostering a manufacturing base industry add stability during difficult times and provides alternative skills, careers and jobs.

The Makerspace and Hackerspace will be open each Friday and staffed by a workshop facilitator to assist people to use workshop equipment safety, design and build their projects.

Community & Business Technology Projects

10 Oct 2018

In our pursuit to offer alternative industry and commercial opportunities, the centre has installed Adelaide Hills first public long range (LoRaWAN) IoT Gateway.  We are keen to grow local awareness and community engagement around the Hacksaw Hackerspace and workshop.

Hacksaw - Fosters Technology Innovation

30 Jul 2018

Technology Interest Group comes to the hills.  Visit www.hacksaw.tech

Hacksaw, is about connecting people that have an interest in technology, keen to share knowledge, exchange and learn through a collaborative environment of presentations and hands on workshops.

Hacksaw caters for technology wannabes, geeks, techies, developers, electronic hobbyist, start-ups, inventors, entrepreneurs and investors.

The aim of Hacksaw is to foster technology development and solutions with real commercial opportunities such as early bushfire alerts with automated action, animal welfare and tracking, farm property remote management to name only a few.

We aim to present a technology topic most month while allowing Techies to show and share their stuff for other to learn, discover and try. It's a hands on approach to help you get started.

Some of our early workshops will be around asset protect using Internet Of Things to communicate and automate a response around approaching bushfires and weather damage. In addition, livestock tracking and remote farm management technologies will be covered and how 3D printing can be used to prototype new products.

Some of the topics we would like to cover over the next 12 months:-

Hacksaw also has a great online shop for those looking for electro mechanical parts and gift items.  Visit www.GoGoGadget.tech

Public WiFi Proposal for Woodside Community

24 May 2018

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is keen to create and support a community operated Public WiFi Hotspot for the township of Woodside and beyond.

Creating public Wi-Fi Hotspot zones in Woodside has many benefits from tourist retention, local jobs growth, connectedness and community safety.  For example a landing page (www.Woodside.Today) that contains:

The proposal available at the end of this post, outlines a simple and low cost approach that has the potential to fund local community projects. In addition, the proposal incorporates the rapidly growing Internet Of Things (IoT) for the Ag industry and others.

Local business owners and community groups leaders are invited to attend an information event on Tuesday 29/05/18 at 7:00 to discuss the proposal.  Please book in here.

Light finger food (Dinner) will be supplied along with refreshments

Click here to read the AHBC proposed WiFi Hotspot document.

Map shows a range of Free WifI Zones and Gateways to the a 1GigaBit network.