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Government grants can really help, especially when you're growing or expanding an existing SME. However, most startup businesses will not qualify or find the grant process complex, time-consuming and highly competitive. 

Do you really need a grant to get started?  If so you may need to have an alternative plan.  Loan, family assistance etc.

Warning : There are a number of websites that claim that you can secure a grant through a payment. All government grants are free to apply for and a payment will  secure a grant.  

The Alternative

Banks - With bank loan, the principal amount needs to be repaid and interest over a period of time. Banks are not risk takers, so they will also take security over personal assets. 

Equity Raising - Raise private capital with business partners, perhaps someone already known or an outside investor, often called an angel investor. 

Passive shareholders - Raising capital from a number of passive shareholders. These investors invest money with an expectation of profit by way of dividends and/or growth in the share price of their shareholding.

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Grant Providers


State South Australia

South Australian Local Councils 

A variety of grants are available through local councils. Contact them direct for more information.

Private or Industry

Private or Industry grants programs are also available. These are normally delivered by community banks, industry associations or community groups.

Grant Guru

Frustrated going from site to site. Grant Guru may be your solution. Grant Guru are a private organisation that collects data on all types of grants, who should apply and what's involved.

The local Hills and Coast councils have funded the Grant Finder below to locate grants available to local businesses and communities.