It's About You!

It's About You!

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre (AHBC) is an innovative member funded centre providing a unique range of products and services to local business owners.

The AHBC is not government funded, so we rely on local business engagement and membership. When funds are received by way of grants etc, these funds are used for the delivery of services to our members.


It Matters

It matters that you receive great advice and gain real skills to do business better. It matters that you have access to facilities and resources that support you and your business.


Members are business owners that care about the level of service they provide to their community and customers. Look for the Member's Badge.

It's Private

Not being government funded means that we are not compelled to report your activities. If your business is non complainant in anyway we will help you get back on track.


Business services are delivered through a combination of automated systems and in person to minimise cost and maximising value.

Money Back Guarantee

Services are guaranteed to meet your expectation or it's your money back.


You expect advice from people that know about owning and running a business. The AHBC team are business owners that know what it's like to run a business.

Fast Tracking Business

Learning and Advice

Table Talk learning events and Business Start Up advice are two highly effective pathway to business success.

Avoiding The Red Tape

Don't get bogged in government red tape. We can register all types of business structures from sole traders to corporate entities along with protecting your brand and trademarks.

Cutting Through Technology

As a Google Authorise Partner we help businesses cut through technology. Domain registered, online business services, email, website, accounts, point of sale, customer systems, online transactions, bulk emailing can all be established and talking to each other.

However business technology is more than a website, it's a strategy and can be applied throughout all areas of business.

That's why Hacksaw was created a program designed to help businesses to create and build innovative solution. Hacksaw stands alone and worth exploring further.

Don't Delay, Start Today

Become a member and discover a new generation of business services created for you. Click here to start.

Who, What and When

In 2013, A 1850's bungalow was purchased in the main street of Woodside and repurpose into a business rich resource centre.

With the charm of yesteryear, the centre is a power house of eco friendly technologies and home to many businesses and associations.

By whom and Why?

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre was started by Gordon Kay, a well-known business owner throughout Australia for more than 30 years.

Through a SA program from 2000 to 2012, Gordon worked with over 700 business owners to enhance their businesses. All gained greater market share and increased profits while many become leaders in their industry and recipients of national and state business awards.

Who are Members?

Our members stretch across every sector of commerce and industry.

Most members live and operate a business within the Adelaide Hills, Mount Barker, Fleurieu and Murray Lands regions.