Google G Suite

Your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet and with other, anytime, anywhere.

Starting a Business

Google G Suite is a cost effective and highly scalable business solution that works anywhere, anytime and on any device. Personalised email addresses for all of your team, a professional looking website and file sharing will save your new business thousands and ready to go.

    • Your Domain : Linked to your emails and website.
    • Host : Public and intranet website, emails and secured file hosting.
    • Tools : Email, Calendars, Contacts, Website, Documents, Spreadsheets, Online Forms, Presentations and more.
    • Remote communication : Hangouts Meet with up to 250 participants.
    • Drive : One place for all of your files. No more backups or virus damage.
    • Sharing : Total control what and how you share information with others
    • Marketplace : Integrate with other thousands of popular business apps like Xero, Insightly and Mailchimp

Established Business

Google G Suite provides more than a set of apps. With Googles Admin Panel business managers and community groups can add, remove and manage users along with access authority, connected devices and file backups and much more.

Team Drives and Groups enable teams and committees to collaborate and to be kept in the loop at all times. Google documents enable teams to contribute in real time avoiding multiple versions of the one file.

G Suite Apps enable businesses and community groups to build interactive internal websites and dashboards while Forms and Spreadsheets capture business data such as time sheet, leave application, project status, machine data to name a few.

G Suite also supports the Application Programming Interface (API) that connects with other API compatible products. Consider G Suite API as the glue that connects your business systems to other applications saving time and reducing errors.

Introduction to G Suite

MS Office Compatibility

Migration - Easy

Member's Credit Account may be cover in part or in full the invoice value but excludes subscription fees associated with the application providers. Maximum credit applied is $100.

Term payments can be provided on services over $200.

Rates are as shown on the "Tech Request" Form and /or as outlined below.

G Suite Services


    • New Google G Suite Setup with 12 months subscription with one user account.
      • Members $350
      • Public $400
      • with Domain Registration - Members $430
      • with Domain Registration - Public $500
    • Extra User Accounts - Add $180 / User per 12 months subscription.

Ongoing Fees:


    • G Suite User Renewal - Per user $180 / year
    • Domain Registration (optional) - $22.50 / year

G Suite Terms

Google G Suite Terms, Click Here

To Get Started

To start you need a registered domain name and access to the domain management console.

If you don't have a domain, don't worry, we can help you to track down a great domain name and registered / host it for you. Just select "G Suite - Setup with 1 User & Domain" on the Tech Request Form.

    1. Select the required G Suite Service on the Tech Request Form
      • G Suite - Setup with 1 User
      • G Suite - Setup with 1 User & Domain
    2. Supply your contact details so that we may clarify your requirements.
    3. If you have a registered domain that you wish to link to your G Suite please supply or supply a domain that you wish to register. If the suggested domain name is taken we will offer you some alternative options to consider.
    4. Under the "Scope and Outcome" section let us know the number of users that you required and their details. Each additional user is $180 per year.
      • Full name of user Eg Bill Murray
      • Required username that will become their email address Eg. bill for
      • The user's current (Private) email address for the forwarding of sign-in details.
      • The user's phone number (optional) for extra security
    5. Under the "Scope and Outcome" section you can also add a few Aliases email names at no extra charge. Eg. Let say your user email is but you also want to receive emails as info@mydomains and Info and Sales are therefore aliases to Jane.

Note : All email addresses are treated as lowercase and please avoid dots in the username as they can confuse some email services. Eg use janemarks@... or janem@... inplace of jane.marks@....

What Happens Next

    • We will contact you for further details. If you have a registered domain name and not with use, we will need your domain username and password to verify with google that you own the domain name.
    • Once your domain is verified, it normally takes an hour but can take 48 hours, we will complete the setup of your G Suite application within 1 to 2 hours.
    • Once completed, we will send each of your users sign-in details by email
    • Member - On completion an invoice will be issued for payment.
    • Non Members (Public) - An invoice will be issued for your prompt payment before service is handed over.

Getting Started

Please use the form below and select the required G Suite Service.

"G Suite - Setup with 1 User" is a good starting point. If you also require a domain name to be registered, please select the option with "G Suite - Setup with 1 User + Domain