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Your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

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Advance Notice - Price Increase 

The last price increase was 2019/2020 with Google Workspace subscription and as a result of addition development, security protection and associated cost, all existing AHBC Workspace Subscriptions will see a 20% as at the 1st Jan 2024

Starting a Business

Google Workspace "Business Starter Plan" is a cost-effective and highly scalable business solution that works anywhere, anytime and on any device. Personalised email addresses for all of your team, a professional looking website and file sharing will save your new business thousands and ready to go.

Established Business

There are a range of Google Workspace Plans to choice from.  The "Business Starter" plan is ideal for most small business.   Depending on your need your needs, you may want to select another type of plan that better meets your business needs. We can help you make the right choice.

With Googles Admin Panel, business managers and community groups can add, remove and manage users along with access authority, connected devices and file backups and much more.

Workspace Apps enable businesses and community groups to build interactive internal websites and dashboards while Forms and Spreadsheets capture business data such as time sheet, leave application, project status, machine data to name a few.

Workspace also supports the Application Programming Interface (API) that connects with other API compatible products.  Consider Workspace API as the glue that connects your business systems to other applications, saving time and reducing errors.

Introduction to Workspace

MS Office Compatibility

Migration - Easy

Setup Rates :

The process of verifying your domain when establishing a Google Workspace account can be a complex task for those not aware of the process and terminology. 

So if you want, we can complete this task for you, and it's a once only service fee however it does not include annual Google Workspace Subscriptions fee. See below.

The setup service includes verification of domain ownership for Google to create Workspace account, set up each user account with access and email address and domain records for mail exchange and sites.  

This service also includes 30 minutes of assistance to discover how to navigate the Google Workspace environment.  This can be done face to face, phone or online line.

Google Workspace Subscriptions: (New pricing 2024)

Workspace Terms

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Local Support

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