JP Services

Anytime, Thursdays, 11am to 1pm - Other times by appointment.

The AHBC has no direct involvement with the JP service except for providing a meeting space for JP's and people seeking JP services.  While Gordon Kay is the centre manager he acts as an independent JP for South Australia.   All JP Services are Free.

Justice of the Peace Services - THURSDAYS

Other Times by appointment only

Printing, Copies & Emailing Of Documents

If you need photocopies or scan-email of original documents up to A3 (297x410mm) size, such services are available at the Centre for a fee.  Click here to see rates

Certified Copy Tips & Hints

Unless otherwise specified, Certified Copies should be made on singled sided plan 80gsm A4 copy paper. Photocopying facilities are available at the centre for a small fee (10 cents per copy)  

Statutory Declaration Tips & Downloads

If you are asked to complete a Statutory Declaration and not supplied with a ready to sign Statutory Declaration document, you may wish to download and complete one of the following templates.

Ensure the Statutory Declaration document is complete before seeing the JP.  The JP can not direct you or provide advice on the content of the Statutory Declaration.

If you need 

Be aware that serious penalties including imprisonment can result from knowingly providing a false statement.

The person making and named on the Statutory Declaration (declarant) must only sign the document when in front of the JP.  Another person can NOT sign on behalf of the declarant unless the declarant has special needs or a power of attorney is in place with such authority granted.

Some form of ID (License, Medicare card etc) will be required before the Statutory Declaration Oath can be taken.  

Enduring / Power of Attorney 

What is a Power of Attorney what you need to consider.

Power Of Attorney Template

Enduring Power Of Attorney Template

Revocation of EPoA Template.  Before making a new EPoA please revoke any previous EPoA using this form.

Please note that must complete the document with you full name and address details with NO abbreviation including "St" must be "Street", state of "SA" to be "South Australia" etc.  This also applies to the Donees (Attorneys)

Before seeing a JP,  you should have at least one form of Photo ID and other forms of ID. 


Details on making a will and things to consider.

Will Kit

Codicil for a Will

SA Wills Act

Before seeing a JP,  you should have at least one form of Photo ID and other forms of ID.   

A will must be witnessed by two people at the time of signing by the Testator.   Please keep the Will in pristine condition  with an envelope and plastic sheet protectors.  If the will has been stapled, clipped or bound, DO NOT interfere with or remove. Most JP will personally witness the signing of a Will.  You will ensure another person  

Advance Care Directive

Click here for information on ACD and Kits

Before seeing a JP,  you should have at least one form of Photo ID and other forms of ID.   The document must be completed and if one or more Substitute Decision Makers are named, they need to sign their section of the document.  You must also bring the ACD Information Statement document that forms part of the kit with you.

Typical Services, Times and of Special Note

The role of the JP is to act as an independent and objective witness of documents used for official or legal purposes.  Below are a list of Services that a JP is normally called upon to witness. To assist you, we have included important information that you need to consider and required time before seeing a JP.

If a JP declines to witness your documents, it is normally because of these reason:

In some cases the JP may make a separate times to assist you, particularly where many documents are to be witnessed.

Statutory Declaration - Making a declaration under the "SA Oaths Act 1936" or Commonwealth "Statutory Declaration Act 1959".

Affidavit - Making an affidavit by signing, swearing or affirming a statement for a court matter.

Certified Copies - A statement that the copy is that of the original document.  See Tips and Hints above.

Wills - A Will requires to two witnesses, one of which can be a JP.  The JP can oversee correct procedures to minimise potential probate and execution issues. 

Lands Title Documents - Verifying ownership of title and transfer

Powers Of Attorney - Person or Persons (Attorney / Donee) who is allocated the power to make certain decision on your behalf (Donor)

Advance Care Directives (ACD) - A document that describes your wishes and goals for health care and lifestyle

Other Services :- (Contact us for details)