Trade Mark

Trade Mark

Protect your business name, brand and logo with a Trade Mark.

Many business people believe they own the right to use a registered business name or company name as their trading name. This is not the case.

To understand trade marks, types and classes we have created the "About Trade Marks" page.

Our Trademark registration service includes:

    • Trademark and domain search
    • Feedback on the type of Mark
    • Services / Products Classes that you may wish to consider
    • Progress updates

Two common trade marks are:

    1. Word trademarks need to be unique (Not Common Words) unless the word is not related to your industry sector (Class) Eg. Apple in the Computer Class is acceptable but not in a Food Class.
    2. Image trademark may also include common words like your business name or slogan as part of an overall image.

Term : 10 years within Australia.

Domain Name:

Don't overlook domain names that match your business or product / service names or similar. Click here to secure your domains now.

You need to provide us with:

    • Proposed Trade Mark work, phrase or image.
    • Owners name, ABN, Address, Email etc
    • Description of Goods and Services
    • Application Method (TM Headstart is recommended)

Application Methods

Standard V's TM Headstart


TM Headstart with 1 Class (Recommend Method)

      • Member $580
      • Non Member $680
      • Additional $330 per class
      • If application is rejected or cancelled after the pre-assessment stage, we refund you $130 of the above fees.

Standard Application with 1 Class

      • Member $500
      • Non Member $600
      • Additional $250 per additional class
      • No refund if application is rejected.
Trademark Application Selection Table

Trade Mark Application Method - Prices Shown are per service or product Class of protection. We recommend the TM Headstart approach for most application as it includes a pre-assessment and if rejected with part refund. The Standard Application has no option to cancel. Click here for further details or contact us.