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Only $50 per year to gain access to the largest range of business support services and facilities in one location. You also receive $20+ in your Credit Account to spend on other services

100% Tax-deductible.

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Enhance Your Membership

Cowork Office

24/7 access work environment. Only $50 per month for a day a week. Effective rate $1.65/hour

  • 1 day/wk : $50/mth (4 days)

  • 2 days/wk : $100/mth (8 days)

  • 3 days/wk : $150/mth (12 days)

  • 4 days/wk : +$200/mth (16 days)

  • 5 days/wk : +$250/mth (20 days)

Further details below.

Not For Profits

Represent a "Not For Profit" Association, Club, Community Group and seeking a space to hold events and call home?


About to start or have started a business in the last 12 months, receive $125 in your Credit Account for startup support and other services.

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  • Add 24/7 Cowork as required.

Member's Services

  • Free Business Support

  • Business listing

  • Mail and parcel services

  • Business Tools

  • Storage

Update / Cancel

  • Update contact details and email address

  • Change Cowork Plans

  • Cancel Membership

  • Activities Report - A list of all of your services, access code and technology setups


  • Create a group account for your members

  • Add and retire your members

  • Group status report

About Cowork Plans

Extend your Membership to include 24/7 access. An all-inclusive office environment with high speed WiFi, optional dedicated desk, virtual mailbox, meeting rooms, refreshments, visitors and more.

Also receive $25/month towards your Credit Account for other services.

Flexible Desk*

  • 1 day/week or 4 days a month = $50/month

  • 2 days/week or 8 days a month = $100/month

  • 3 days/week or 12 days a month = $150/month

  • 4 days/week or 16 days a month = $200/month

  • 5 days/week or 20 days a month = $250/month

Cowork plans are flexible. Assuming a work day is 7 hours and you intend to come in 3 days during a week and stay for 4 hours per day = this means 12 hours per week. You only need a 2 day/wk cowork plan.

Display Your Member's Badge

Create instant credibility and trust by displaying your Adelaide Hills Business Centre Member's badge.

Discrete, yet recognisable stick on badges are designed for internal and external placement at your business, vehicle, sales counter etc. Simply request your free badges using option 9. on the Member's Service Form above.

You may also display your membership recognition on your website. View and download.

Storage / Mail Options and Terms

Locker & Pedestal Storage

From $50/year

Members can hire storage for their belonging in a locker or mobile desk pedestal. A trolley is also provided for computers and monitors storage between visits. Select Action 6. on Member's Service Form

About Locker & Storage Service

Mail Services

From $100/year

Access a private physical mailbox or Virtual Address (Registered) along with parcel deliveries. Also, available is Open-Scan-Email service. Select Action 5 on Member's Service Form.

All Cowork Plans include the Virtual Address Service with Mail and Parcel deliveries.

About Mail Service

Application Options

Key Fobs for 24/7 access are issued to Cowork Members and Members that intend to hire facilities at the centre on a regular basis.

Not For Profits - Clubs, community groups and associations may receive concession rates on facility hire. Click here for further details.

Payment, Renewal & Updates

Payment is via a supplied Tax Invoice with EFT or Credit Card payment options.

Change your membership at any time. Simply select "2. My Membership Details" using the online Member's Services Form

Renewals and Invoices - Your membership will auto-renew each year. You will receive an email around 7-14 days before the renewal date with details on how to update or cancel your subscription. Once your account renews, payment is required.