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For many starting a business for the first time, it can be confusing knowing what type of business is best. Sometimes becoming a "Sole Trader" can put your family at risk. Explore Your Options.

It's also important to establish a new business in the correct order to avoid errors, additional cost, delays and risk.

The AHBC can complete all of your registration for you, or use DIY tips and videos below to get started.

Not sure what business structure you need or how to register. Book a session to explore your options

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Most common corporate structure used by small to medium size enterprises.

From Non Members $995

From Members $795

Limited by shares for equity raising enterprises / ventures, or Limited Company by Guarantee for charity organisation.

From Non Members $1800

From Members $1595

Registering or transferring a business name for a Sole Trader or Corporate Entity.

Non Members $450

Members $350

All active businesses (Sole Trader Corporations, partnerships, and trust structures) must have an ABN.

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(a.k.a. Family Trust) for the distribution of profits to beneficiaries from assets. Eg. property, company shares etc

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Protect your business brand with a Trade Mark. 10 years protection.

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Get your first business on the pathway to success.

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DIY Facts & Links

Types Of Businesses

Get it right, understand what's involves and your level of protection

View our comparison chart between Sole Trader, Company and Trust structures.

Additional information on company types and selecting a company with a Constitution or Replaceable Rules

Partnerships are state governed business structure involving a number of people carry on a business together.


The ABN is a unique 11 digit number that identifies your business or organisation to others. You must have an ABN before you can apply for a business name

An ABN is a unique 11 digit number that identifies your business and you must register if you are conducting a business.

Update your details online or by contacting the ABR. If your business structure changes you may need to cancel your ABN.

Business Name

Watch the video to know if you need to register a business name and how.

If you are not trading under your legal name or the full corporate name, you will be required to register a business name. Cost from $34 per year with ASIC (Government department)


AUSkey have been replaced with MyGov & RAM

You can register for goods and services tax (GST) online, by phone or through an agent

As a payer, you may need to withhold amounts from payments you make to

  • workers

  • other businesses

  • other payees.

Companies, trusts, partnerships and many other organisations can apply for a tax file number

Trade Mark

If you wish to protect your band and / or business name from others, consider a trademark.

Provide details on "what is" and "why" a trade mark. Costing, protection period and how to apply are also outlined

An easy step by step tool for trade mark applications.

Search for other trademarks

Find the Class that describes your product or service

DIY Videos

Business structures

View the ATO web page & video the explains business structures available to you when starting a business.

ABN Entitlements

ABNs are for business. Not everybody needs one.

View the ABR web page & video to understand your entitlement

Trade Mark Classes

Protect your products and service by classification

Intellectual Property

Common types of IP you’re likely to encounter as a small business owner. Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Copyright