My Shared Drive

and Virtual Address Online Mail Accounts

About Your Shared Drive

Members, Virtual Address and Mailbox holders are provided with an online "Shared Drive" whereby files are stored for you to view and / or download.  Your files will remain available while an AHBC member or Virtual Address client.

Virtual Address online Mail Accounts : Your shared drive contains folders for each mail deliveries. Each folder includes PDF files of the scanned mail. You will be notified by email of any mail received, with URLs for each delivery and overall online mailbox URL for all mail received.

AHBC Members : To locate your shared drive URL, simply generate a Member's Activity Report using the Membership and Services form.  Action 2. "My Membership" followed by Action 1. "Activity Report".  Check your emails for details

Files that we may share with you are:-

Your Share Drive remains active while you are a member.  If you plan to cancel your membership, you should consider downloading the content.

Below is a sample of how your Share Drive may appear online.

File Types

Virtual Address holder :  PDF files can be viewed online or download as required.

Members : Files that we share with you come in two forms:-

Sharing Files (Members Only)

You can use your "Shared Drive" to provided files, photos etc to the AHBC. However, to do so, you will need a Google Account.  See section on Security.

Editing & Downloading (Members Only)

Many of the templates that we share with you can be edited online. Simply select the file to add your content or to rename.  All changes are saved automatically and if you have share the URL with others, they will see your changes as they are entered. 

You can also download files to your computer.


By default, your Share Drive is a shareable URL link.  This means that you can share the link with others in your organisation, accountant or business advisor.  The URL is encoded so the likelihood of accidental detection is 1 in 1,099,511,627,776.

If you wish your Shared Drive to be password protect, simply contact us and supply an email address that is connected to a Google or Gmail account.