Business Survival Tips

Congratulations on becoming a business owner and getting your first business up and running. 

The reality of going into business is about surviving the first, second and third year, but more importantly gaining a level of profit that makes the business sustainable and worth owning.  The graph shows the current Australian Business Survival Rate from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (

Businesses that use external advisors and business Intelligence are more likely to be faster innovators, gain a competitive advantage and become more profitable and sustainable over the long term.

The Yellow Survival Rate (Assisted) are businesses that took onboard the 5 Actions below.

Actions That Will Make Your New Business Succeed.

There are several reasons why small businesses don’t survive and it's not normally contributed by global or local economic trends. Here are five top reasons why and what action you can take:-

Remember, it is just a matter of understanding your industry and adapting to change no matter what the circumstances may be.