Private Company

Private Company Setup

Private Company Structure PTY LTD are normally associated with small to medium family business offering a range of asset protection, limited risk and taxation benefits


Setup of Private Company with a business name of your choice and if available. Also includes business name, trademark and domain name search.

Package includes:

    • Basic company setup with "Replaceable Rules" set by the Corporations Act 2001. (No binder or constitution"
    • Corporate binder, Constitution, Bank Pack

A Constitution is a set of rules that govern the relationship between the company and each shareholder, director and secretary.

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You need to provide us with:

    • Name for the Corporate Entity.
    • Names (As shown on their Tax Returns), Home addresses, Place of birth, Date of birth, Tax file numbers of all position holders and members. (shareholders)
    • Who will be Director, Secretary, Public Officer and Members (shareholders) of a corporate structure.
    • Number of share per members (shareholder) and value of each share and if they are paid, gifted or unpaid shares. Eg. 100 ORD x $1 Paid Shares.
    • Registration Address for your business to receive official and legal documents. (The AHBC Address may be use - See Membership for details)
    • Confirm that no office holders are discharged director or office holder or have been a declared bankruptcy.


Basic (No Constitution)

    • Non Member $995
    • Member $795

With Constitution and Binder

    • Non Member $1200
    • Member $995

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