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The Boardroom

A flexible and functional boardroom with more than a twist of walk-up technology. Electronic whiteboard, projector, webcams and much more all-inclusive.


Day Rate starts at 5 hours.

Member's Off-Peak : 50% Discount - From 8pm to 8am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday & Sunday

Booking notes

    • Above prices are for online bookings.

    • Reschedule current bookings anytime online.

    • Cancel current bookings anytime online with full credit with more than 72 hours notice.

    • Manual bookings / alterations not using the online form attract a $50 charge per update.

    • Manual bookings not using the form are at Public rate for each hour.

    • Regular and ongoing bookings, please contact us for quoted rate.

    • Clean up cost if the space not returned in good order. $100.

    • The AHBC terms apply to all booking.


Ideal for up to 8 people. Max 10 people.

Features (All Inclusive)

Connecting to Digital Wall

To the right of the board you will find a case containing two electronic markers, remote controls (Board, Apple TV, Set Top, DVD), board controls and Board and Webcam connections.

Cable Connection - The cabinet drawers contain an assortment of data and electrical cables to assist with connecting to the Whiteboard (HDMI, Mini DP, USB, VGA, 3.5 mm Audio etc)

WiFi Connection - Smart devices and computers can connect via the AHBC Wifi and by installing the Epson "iProjection" (Smart Devices) and EasyMP (Computers). For further details, Click here

Digital Wall Features - Save whiteboard pages to USB (Socket on Control Panel), Email or Print. Also includes Scanner on the printer and share with other anywhere.

WiFi & Printers

To use any of the printers at the centre or to access high speed internet, connect to the AHBC access point. The password can be found on table-top signs or passage display.

Occasional printing (max 10 pages / visit) is included. Click here for further details

Larger and specialised printing, scan to email and computers are available. Click here for further details

Room Size

4.2m x 4.9m

Step 1 - Check Availability

Step 2 - Create or Edit Online Bookings

Step 3 - Check your emails for confirmation and payment details

Global Reaching Communication Technology (Webinar Ready)

Room Technology - To connect to the interactive whiteboard with your computer use the cables supplied or Airplay with Apple devices. (Cables located in Top Drawers of dresser)

Room Layout & Webcam -

Webinar cameras are fitted to front and rear of room with digital zoom and focus. Cameras have built-in microphones or you may use any of the quality conference or lapel microphones options available.