Online Print & Binding Orders

Simply upload a PDF file and specify your printing requirements. Once printed we will contact you to collect.

Comb Binding with Clear PVC front & Card back cover and stapling available

Online Printing & Binding Orders

Take the hassle out of your larger printing jobs. High quality laser prints at very competitive rates. Pickup is normally within 24 hours Tuesday to Thursday.

A minimum daily invoice value of $5 applies for orders totalling less than $5.


Documents - 80 gsm White Copy Paper

      • A4 Black $0.10 per side

      • A4 Black & Colour* $0.50 per side

      • A3 Black $0.20 per side

      • A3 Black & Colour* $1.00 per side

See information below on Black & Colour prints.

Posters - 170 gsm Gloss White Paper

      • A4 Black $0.30 per side

      • A4 Colour $1.20 per side

      • A3 Black $0.50 per side

      • A3 Colour $2.40 per side


Comb Bindings (Includes card back and clear PVC front covers)

      • A4 up to 80 sheets $7.50

      • A4 up to 200 sheets $13.00

      • A3 up to 80 sheets $9.00

      • A3 up to 200 sheets $14.50

Only Normal 80gsm copy paper are bound

If a document exceed the binding capacity of 200 sheets, the documents will be divided and supplied as multiple bound documents.


      • Up to 16 sheets $0.30 per documents

Ordering, Collection & Payment Terms

    1. Complete the online order form with your contact details and a Job ID if required.

    2. Select your printing requirements.

    3. Enter the number of copies.

    4. Include Comb Binding or Stapling when selecting Normal 80gsm paper type.

    5. Select PDF file. (Save Word and other files to a PDF)

    6. Submit your order.

    7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 for each order.

    8. An email will confirm each of your orders along with estimated pricing and collection date. Note : Some PDF do not report the total number of page numbers correctly so an estimate price is supplied until the job has been printed.

    9. An invoice will be email after all orders are received along with a collection dated. A minimum invoice value of $5 shall be applied for orders received and totalling less than $5 on the one day.

    10. Payment is required before or on collection. Payment can be by credit card or with cash (No Change) at time of collection or online (Follow invoice instructions). If you change your mind or find that your documents contain errors after ordering, you are still responsible to make full payment regardless.

Online Order Form

All prints are produced on a digital laser printer. The results are of a high quality for business documents and display posters. This servicve is not recommending for high quality photos.

*Standard Documents on 80 gsm White copy paper.

    • Mono or Black Prints - Black and grey scale printing with ≤10% toner coverage.

    • Black and Colour Prints - Documents contain a mix of Black and / or Colour printing with ≤10% toner coverage.

* A standard business document uses around 5% toner coverage. An extra charge may apply if documents contain many large images using larger amounts of toner.

Poster Prints are on heavy 170 gsm Gloss White paper.

    • Poster Black - Black and grey scale printing with up to 100% toner coverage excluding a 5mm boarder.

    • Poster Colour - Full colour printing with up to 100%toner coverage excluding a 5mm boarder.

Paper Sizes

    • A4 is the standard size document for reports and legal documents. 210mm x 297mm / 21cm x 29.7cm

    • A3 is ideal for drawings, maps, spreadsheet reports, charts and posters. 297mm x 420mm / 29.7cm x 42cm

Single or Double (Duplex) sided prints.

    • Single sided documents are recommended where readers may wish to make comments or for legal matters. Eg Transcript, Reports, Statutory Declarations, Affidavits etc.

    • Double sided documents reduce weight and are recommended for publications, letters and general office documentation. (Note: If you have a 1 page document, a single sided document is applied.)

Comb Binding

    • A4 Documents - Binding is along long edge (Portrait)

    • A3 Documents - Binding is along the short edge (Landscape)

    • Poster (170 gsm) sheets are not bound.


    • A4 80 gsm Documents - Staples are placed in the top left portrait corner. Max 16 sheets

    • A3 80 gsm Documents - Staples are placed in the top left landscape corner. Max 16 sheets

    • Poster (170 gsm) sheets are not stapled.

PDF Files & Settings

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Saving a document in this format ensures that it will look the same when viewed on another computer or when printed. Most computers have the ability to "Save As" or "Print" as a PDF file. Please set your document to either A4 or A3 paper size. If you have an A3 saved document but request A4, your document will be scaled and printed to A4. The same applies in reverse (A4 to A3).

Paper Weight

gsm or GSM is an acronym standing for 'Grams per Square Meter'. Quite simply, it allows you to know exactly the quality of paper that is being used.

The higher the gsm number, the heavier the paper.

    • 80 gsm is the standard weight for copy paper.

    • 170 gsm paper is normally used for posters and is thicker and heavier than normally paper.