Domain Services

Username, Password, Server Hosting, Domain Transfer, Access By Others

Domain (Account Manager) - Passwords and Username

To update your domain contact and other details, please follow these steps.

    • Access your domain account at and sign in to your account.

    • Domain names and domain hosting, select "Account Manager" and enter your Username and Password. (See details below for "Hosting Manager" details.)

Hints for lost passwords : Search for an email with "AHBC Domains" in the subject line. It will contain your account details and password otherwise.

If an AHBC Member, See AHBC Member - Password recovery option above

    • Select the "My Profile", (Orange button)

    • "Edit Profile" button under your current logon details.

A tab style menu bar will appear for you to change your default settings. Change your password, username and other preferences here.

If you update your contact details, the information will cascade through to each of your domain administration contacts (Admin, Tech, and Billing). However, it will not update the Registered Contact. The Registered Contact may need to be edited for each domain.

To update each domain, select WWW (Domains) from the icon menu. Select and enter the settings for each domain. Scroll to the bottom of the page and edit the Registered Contact details. Hover over the required Contact to update.

Select Change Owner or Modify | Assign New for other contacts.

1. Sign In

2. Select Account Manager

3. Edit Profile

Recovering Password and Username

To recover your Password and Username:

    • Access

    • Under "My Account" select "Lost Password?"

    • Enter either your domain name (without the www) or your known username.

    • Check your emails for reset details

If the AHBC assisted you to registered your domain, your password and username would have been sent to you by email. Search ("AHBC") in your emails.

If an AHBC Member you can recover all established technology Username and initial password via the "Membership & Member's Services" Form. Select Action "2. My Membership", enter your email address and select "1. Activity Report" on the next page. Click here for further information.

Hosting (Hosting Manager) Information

For those that have cloud based applications being hosted using one of our Server products, sign-in access is via the "Hosting Manager".

Your username and password may be different from that of your domain "Account Manager" so ensure you record both sign-ins.

After signing in, the "Hosting Manager Console" will appear for you to manage your applications and other server hosted products. If you have more than one domain with server hosting, you will need to select the required domain from the domain list.

A bar-chart gadget provides quick visual information on current usage. You can upgrade your services as and when required.

  • File : Enables storage of files to the cloud. The "Backup Wizard" tool is also located here to copy the content of your site to your computer or backup device.

  • Email : Establish and manage email addresses under your domain.

  • Domains : Enabled subdomains and DNS record management. DNS records are the same at those with Domain DNS hosting services.

  • Database : Data storage tools including PHP & MySQL.

  • Metrics: By domain access and data transfer levels.

  • Security: Secure file share SSH, IP Blocker and remote linking control to images etc

  • Software: Add and manage installed applications for websites, e-commerce, booking calendars, forums, blogs to name a few. This is where you will find website hosting apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. The Backup tool enables apps and content backups before upgrading or after making significant changes or edits.

  • Advance: Manage server jobs, domain site view pages with errors and Apache handlers.

Due to technical nature of server hosting, it is assumed that you have the technology knowledge to manage your server applications. If not, it is recommended that you obtain professional support as required. The AHBC does not provide detail support for installed application or custom setup associated with your Server Hosting.

Registered Contact

Update the contact details as required. If you wish to transfer a domain to a new owner (Legal entity such as a person or corporate body), you need to complete a transfer document. Click Here to download.

In addition, you should update your domains contact details. Select "Change Owner" and "Modify / Assign New" other contacts as required.

The above options will required another Customer ID to be known before the contact can be assigned. To gain a new Customer ID, open an account at

Alternatively, a new owner may request from you for the Domain Registration Key or Password. DO NOT DISCLOSE THE KEY UNLESS YOU NO LONGER OWN THE DOMAIN. See details below

Other Contacts

Domain Registration Password or Key

You should never disclose your Domain password key to anyone unless you have sold or transferred your domain to a new owner.

To view your Domain Password (a.k.a. Domain Key or Registry Key)

  • Access your domain account at and sign in to your account.

  • Select the "WWW" or "Domains" menu option and select and open the domain console.

  • From the list of domains, select the required domain

  • From the domain's summary screen, select the hamburger icon (3 bars)

  • Select "Registry Key" option

  • The password will be show as a mixture of letter and numbers

Alternative Option

Create a Request for the AHBC to update your details. Create a technical request.