Domains and Products - Auto Renewal and Payment Settings

Domain - Auto Payments

If you have a domain name and / or DNS hosting services through the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and wish to set up auto payment, this will assist you the fast track the process.

    1. Access your account at

    2. Select Your Profile in the top right of your domain dashboard.

    3. Select Payment Setting from dropdown menu.

    4. Enter your credit details if your card does not appear or use the "Update Card" link if you need to "Edit" or "Delete" your card details.

    5. To add Domains and Products to your credit card for auto-renewal, select the assigned credit card.

    6. Mark the required Domains for auto-renewal and then update.

    7. Repeat item 6 for Products.

    8. Just check that your Credit Cards now indicate the number of Domains and Products set for auto-renewal.

Expired Card

You will need to "Update" your credit card's details if the card has expired. Use the steps above to complete this process.

Domains and Products


These are the registered domain name you own while maintaining the registration fee. Eg.


These are services that enable your Domain to function on the internet. In most cases, it will be DNS hosting. DNS is the core of the internet enabling routes to be created from internet users to web server or emails exchange. In effect it like a lookup contact list. Eg. if someone is looking for my website with the host name www ( than go to a server called (CNAME Type Record) or ("A" Type Record). The same applies with emails and a server that manages incoming emails. Mail Exchange records are "MX" Type Records.

Your DNS is a very powerful feature in that you can change your website location, add special landing pages and much more through editing or adding new DNS records. Change can take upwards of 48 hours to complete the pagination process globally.


The AHBC can update your details as required. Create a technical request.