Google Workspaces Mailboxes or Alias

Do you need a new email address?

As an administrator, you can give a user an alternate address for receiving mail, in addition to their primary address, or create a new mailbox account. For example, sales@.... This could be a new User (Mailbox) say a new employee, or it could be added to an existing user mailbox account.

There is no additional subscription fee when adding an alias address to an existing user's mailbox, and each User can have up to 30 alias email addresses to one or more of your domains names.

A new User (Mailbox) is a new Google Workspace subscription. If your Google Workspace account is through the Adelaide Hills Business Centre, request a new User using our online Tech Service Form

Alias Emails

When should I use aliases?

Email aliases are useful for small businesses just getting started. For example, you might create 3 aliases: info@.... for customer inquiries, billing@s.... to manage invoices, and sales@..... to manage sales. Your personal account won't be overloaded, and you can still use it for internal email exchanges. Aliases help to keep your inbox organised.

As your business grows, you can remove the alias and create a new email address for a delegated person.

Creating an alias

  • Open your Google Admin console (

  • Go to Users.

  • Click the user and then Add Alternate Emails.

  • Click Alternate email and enter a name for the alias (the part of the address that appears before the @ sign) and, if needed, select a domain.

  • Repeat this step for each new alias that you want to add for the user.

  • Click Save.

Within 24 hours (often sooner), the user begins receiving email sent to this address.

User Setting

Using an alias email when composing will require a few additional setting in Gmail. The User with the assigned alias email address will need to access their Gmail account and add the alias email address, and they may wish to add a separate signature when send on alias email.

  • Open Gmail in your browser

  • Select the Gear icon and select "See all settings"

  • Select Account Tab

  • Select Add another email address

  • Enter the users name and alias email address. Check "Treat as an alias"

  • Separate email signatures for each account can be established under the General Tab. Save between each new signature.

  • More details can be found at

Remove a user's email alias

  • In your Google Admin console (

  • Go to Users.

  • Click the user and Add Alternate Email.

  • Next to the alias, click Remove .

  • Click Save.

It can take up to 24 hours for the alias to be removed.

New User

  1. Open your Google Admin console (

  2. Go to Users.

  3. On the left, under All organisations, select the organisational unit to which you want to add the user. (You might need to click to show the organisational units.)

  4. At the top of the page, click Add new user.

  5. Add account information (visible in the Admin console and Gmail contacts):

    • First and last name

    • Primary email—The Admin console suggests a username that's different from any existing usernames in your domain. You can accept the suggested name or change it.

    • (Optional) A different domain—If your organisation has more than one domain, click the Down arrow next to the field to the right and choose a domain.

    • (Optional) Secondary email—This is the email address where the new user receives their new account details. If the user doesn’t have another email address, you can enter your own address to capture the information for forwarding later.

    • (Optional) Phone number

    • (Optional) To add password, organisational unit, and profile information, click the Down arrow next to manage user’s password, organisational unit, and profile photo.

    • (Optional) Organisational unit if the users is part of an organisational group

    • (Optional) Profile photo

    • Password—To create a password, choose one:

    • Select to Automatically generate a password or create a password yourself. Note: Password minimum length is 8 characters.

    • Click Add New User. The New user added window opens.

    • Depending on your Google Workspace subscription, you may see licensing information about the new user at the bottom of the screen.

  6. (Optional) To send the user their password, such as in a Google Chat conversation or to their secondary email address, click Copy Password.

  7. (Optional) To send account information to the user, click Preview And Send. If you entered a secondary email address for the new user, it appears automatically in the Email field. Use the secondary email, or update it to another email, then click Send to send the new user their sign in info.

  8. To finish adding the new user, click Done.