Google Workspace Alerts

Formerly known as G Suite

This page contains updated post on Google G Suite alerts and how to address the required action.

Posted : Aug 2020

Email Subject :

[Action Required] Remove internal links to the G Suite Domain Contact page for your organisation.

Request : States that the webpage<domain-name>/DomainContact, whereby <domain-name> is replaced by your domain name not including "www", will be removed.

Apart from the fact this page seems to have never been common knowledge, AHBC clients can disregard the email alert with no concern.

Date : Aug 2020

Email Subject :

[Action Required] New Google Sites is becoming the default option for website creation

Request : Your domain uses classic Google Sites, and we recommend taking action in August 2020 to successfully start the transition to new Sites.

For many AHBC clients with a Google G Suite website that was created before July 2018 may need to update their website to the newer G Suite Website version.

There are tools that can assist with the migration of the old sites (Classic Sites) to Google New Sites.

Starting August 13, 2020, new Sites will become the default option for website creation.

What do I need to know?

All Classic Sites must be migrated by December 2021. Below is the high level transition timeline:

  • August 2020 - New Sites will become the default option for website creation.

  • Starting May 2021 - New website creation will no longer be available in classic Sites. This means that any new websites created in the organisation will only be in new Sites.

  • Starting October 2021 - Editing of remaining Classic Sites will be disabled.

  • Starting December 2021 - When users try to visit a classic Site, they will no longer see the website content. Any remaining Classic Sites will automatically be:

    • Downloaded as an archive and saved to the site owner’s Google Drive.

    • Replaced with a draft in the new Sites experience for site owners to review and publish.

For additional details or questions and the latest resources, review the help centre and watch the video below.

The AHBC is also available to assist as required. Please use the Tech Support form to submit your assistance request.