Google G Suite Support

AHBC Member - Password Recovery Option

If the AHBC established your Google G Suite services on your behalf, it is likely that your Username and Password can be recovered from the "Members Services Form". Select Option "2. My Membership" and then "1. Activity Report".

An email will be sent to you with any technology setup usernames and passwords included.

Forgot G Suite Username and Password

If the AHBC established your Google G Suite account and assuming your details have not been changed, please

Add, Remove or Change Users

Simply use the online Technical Support form and select "Technical Support (Domain, Google Users +/-, Other)" and then one of the following options to add, remove or change a user.

Change Password, Recovery Email and Phone Number

If you have a Google Apps For Work (Google G Suite) account and wish to change your recovery email address and phone number, use the following steps

    • Open your Google Mail or other Google Application in your web browser.
    • From the top right of the screen, click on your profile image to access your "My Account" or click here.

Hints for lost passwords : If the AHBC established your Google Account, search for an email with "AHBC Google Apps For Work" or "AHBC Google G Suite" in the subject line. It will contain your account details and password otherwise, request a reset. Click Here to request a reset of your password. (A support fee will apply)

    • You may be required to enter your password again to access your "My Account" details.
    • Locate and click the link to "Signing In To Google" from the "Sign-in & Security" column.
    • The next page will enable you to reset your password and update your recovery information. (Click on the ">" character)

My Account

Signing In to Google

Updating Details

Profile Image

We highly recommend that you upload an image of yourself or some identifiable image that you will recognise as yours. By doing so, your image will appear before you enter your password. You now know that you are on a Google site and not being scanned.

Cancelling / Transferring your Google G Suite account

    1. Simply use the online Technical Support form and select "Technical Support (Domain, Google Users +/-, Other)" and then "Close my Google G Suite account (Transferred to Google for closure)".
    2. There is no fee associated with ending your G Suite subscription with the AHBC
    3. For us to process your request, any AHBC G Suite invoices that is after the last renewal date needs to be paid.
    4. Note that Google does not credit funds for accounts with remaining time.

Transfer your account to a different Google Partner

    1. Find an authorised reseller in your area, use the Google Partner Search Directory.
    2. To transfer the management of your account to a different reseller, the Google Partner / Reseller needs a Transfer Token associated with your account. Sign in with your Google G Suite administrator username and password and your Transfer Token will automatically be generated.
    3. Issue the Transfer Token code to your new Google Partner / Reseller, who can complete the transfer for you. Note that Transfer Tokens expire 14 days after being generated.
    4. Pay any outstanding AHBC G Suite renewal invoice that has pass the renewal date for the account to be release.
    5. Note that Google does not credit funds for accounts with remaining time.

Ongoing Support

Once you have ended your G Suite relationship with the AHBC, associated support is no longer provided by the AHBC and must come from your new Google Partner / Reseller or Google. In addition, the process is not reversible and if you have any applications created by the AHBC and incorporates the AHBC resource code libraries, these online applications will also cease to function.


If you have your Google account managed by the AHBC and wish the AHBC to make changes on your behalf, simply lodge your request online. Click Here