Domains & Hosting Getting Started

Where to start and what to consider.

Any business these days seeking to be found needs to be on the internet and have a non-generic email address to avoid email blocking and spamming issues.

If you are not sure how to get started, this page will help you navigate what options are available and typical cost. We won't venture in to anything to complex here as the goal is to help small startups with a limited budget.

Tech Start Advice

Not Sure what technology systems you need for your business, then make a time with a tech expert. We look at your business and give you the knowledge to make informed decisions.

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Domain Name

A registered domain name Eg. need to be owned by a legal entity such as a person or business. Most domains can only be registered with a current ABN in place.

All ".au" Top Level Domains (TLD) are government regulated preventing misuse and oversea acquisitions. Commercial .au sites require an ABN to link the domain ownership.

If you intend to trade mainly in Australia, get a .au TLD domain as most of your customers will avoid the domain without the .au in search results. It also plays an important part with search engines and being found.

Cost is normally around $25/year

The AHBC offer domain name registration from $22.50/year with basic Domain Name System (DNS) †

Websites & Email Hosting

Most businesses will have a website and email linked to their domain so you need to consider how the website will be created and who will host the website on the internet.

There are many web building tools with hosting included:

Google G Suite - $180/year (Including Email Hosting)

Wix* - Around $300/year (No Email Hosting)

Shopify* - Around $450/year (No Email Hosting)

*US rates so the price will vary depending on exchange rate.

If you intend to use WordPress to build your website, you need to take out a web hosting service with a separate WordPress app installed.

Web hosting with basic DNS normally starts at $150/year upwards and not all provider include email hosting.

The AHBC offers web and email hosting with advance DNS from $110/year †

Setup and Verifications

Beside the annual domain registration, hosting fees etc, you may need some technical assistance to bring it all together. Allow $100.

Google G Suite (Most Popular)

Google G Suite is an all-in-one scalable business solution that uses your domain name for emails and websites. Includes email hosting, web hosting, mobile friendly web builder, calendars, file and photo storage, web form builder, office applications like word processing, spreadsheets and much more. Replaces the need for MS Office and accessible on Apple, Windows, OSX and Android devices.

You need:

† Prices may have changed so follow links for current pricing.

Our Recommendations For Startups

DIY Solutions on a Budget

If you want to keep it easy, avoid the tech stuff and build your own website with a really easy web builder, we highly recommend the Google G Suite product. Its very cost effective, scalable, quicker and faster to get online.

It also has a complete office suite of products and can exchange data between other products like Xero, Insightly, Mailchimp and hundreds of other apps.

Point Of Sale

Square POS system and payment gateway is ideal for in-shop or in the field sales. Low cost on transactions and no monthly fees. Integrates with Xero and Google G Suite.

Other Tools

Keep track of your customers, members or contact with Insightly CRM. Free up to 2000 contacts.

Keep in touch with your customers or members with Mailchimp personalised email sender. Lets you send up to 2000 emails free each month and provides interaction insights.

Ecwid shopping carts for Google G Suite and other environments with free small shop option. Includes social media promotions and much more.

Avoid costly bookkeeping and accounting fees with Xero Accounts. Accounting made easy with automatic bank transaction feeds.

Want to Automation Processes?

Reduce costly errors and time-consuming task by automating processes like online forms and auto responders, invoicing and much more.

Zapier connects web based applications together without the need for complex coding.

Google App Script is a simple-to-use coding tool based on JavaScript that takes Google G Suite to new levels of efficient and automation. Get the big business advantage without the cost. Take to use to get started.