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Membership is open to people 18 years or older with a connection to regional SA business or association.

Between 18 and 25, Starting Your First Business and Need Assistance?

(Casual Plan)
$95 per Year

Ideal for people seeking advice, business tools and services, access to rooms and online business services. 

Sign-Up Bonus Special. ($625 of Value On Signup)**
Casual Plan Entitlements
Great value at only $95 per year.
Payable Annually

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24/7 Access Fobs may be supplied to people that indicate their intent to hire the AHBC facilities (Boardroom, Meeting Rooms, Cowork Space or Media Centre or use the Coworking spaces on a Casual bases.

(Coworker Plan)
$72 per Month

For those that seek a 24/7 work space. No costly rentals, electrical bills, internet fees, maintenance or interruptions.
    Sign-Up Bonus Special ($1025 of Value On Signup)**
    Members Entitlements
    Starting From $72 per month.
    Payable Monthly

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