What We Do and Other Don't:
  1. Services meet your needs and are not restricted by government funding and control.
  2. Your ideas, IP and discussions remain confidential. We don't report to others.
  3. Receive subsidised services through the provision of products, hire of facilities and membership.
  4. Cost are minimised to you through automated processes and low overheads.
  5. The level of services match or exceed those offered by government funded business centres.  We guarantee it or it's your money back.
  6. Our services are attracting business people and associations throughout South Australia and beyond.
  7. Discover what our members want you to know.

(Casual Plan)

Ideal for people seeking advice, business tools and services, access to rooms and online business referrals. 

Sign-Up Special. ($400 of Value On Signup)
Casual Plan Entitlements
Great value at only $95 per year.
Payable Annually

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24/7 Access Fobs may be supplied to people that indicate their intent to hire the AHBC facilities (Boardroom, Meeting Rooms, Cowork Space or Media Centre.

(Coworker Plan)

For those that seek a 24/7 work space. No more costly rentals, heating or cooling bills, internet fees, maintenance or life's Interruptions. Even the espresso coffee, teas and other light refreshments are supplied at no additional cost.
    Sign-Up Special ($375 of Value On Signup)
    Members Entitlements
    Starting From $72 per month.
    Payable Monthly

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