Starting a Business

Insights for starting a new business.

Starting A Business

If you are thinking about starting your first business, talking to a business advisor can help you on the right path to success.

You may have a great business idea and want to become your own boss but do you really know what to do, when and how.

  • Will your business idea succeed,

  • Funding and keeping your business liquid,

  • Reporting, licensing and registration requirements,

  • Knowing market trends and key influences,

  • Creating a simple plan to follow,

  • Time management (Business, Family and You),

  • Using a budget to maintain cash flow,

  • Insights to productive business technology,

  • What insurance and licensing will you need,

  • Do you require council approval to operate and signage,

  • What's in a business name and is registering required,

  • How to obtain and establish a domain name,

  • Creating and protecting your idea,

  • What business structure will minimise risk and protect assets,

  • How to attract and market to your customers,

  • Website, social media and business applications you should consider,

  • What records to keep and how,

  • What's involved when employing people and

  • Business systems and automation.

Business Tools and Templates

The AHBC provides a range of online business tools and templates that can save you time and money.

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