Business Tool Kit

Saving you Time and Money with the DIY Business Tool Kit

Business Tool Kit For Members

Time and cost saving templates ready for you to use and share with your accountant, business advisor and others.

These templates and documents provide a great starting point however you need to consider the level of suitability for your particular situation and seek professional advice particularly when it comes to financial, taxation and legal matters.

To create your Business Tool Kit, simply go to the "Member's Service Form" and select Action "4. Business Tool Kit"

In just a couple of minutes you will receive a link by email to access your unique set of files.

Advanced Features

All Tool Kit files are shared using the online Google Drive service.

If your email address is a Gmail or Google G Suite email, you have access to the advance editing features.

If not, you can link your current email address with a Google account. Click button below and follow the simple steps.

Inside the Tool Kit:

Business Plans & Budget

    • Business Plan - Overview of what's in a business plan and template.

    • Proactive Budget, Action Plan and Cash flow - Spreadsheet with it all.

    • Loan Amortisation Schedule - Calculate and optimise bank loans.

Cashbook Tools - Ideal for NFP and small businesses, Simple accounting that's free.

    • Cashbook Accounting System - This simple cashbook accounting system is ideal for the small business. It keeps track of your GST collections and payments, private drawings, cash flow and has an interactive Profit & Loss statement.

    • Advanced Cashbook Accounting System - As above but with 3 bank account capability, Asset Depreciation Schedule and Balance Sheet. Now with Project Tracking and Report Builder

Governance Pack

    • Meeting Procedures - Simple to follow document on meeting structures, calling a quorum, standing order, meeting terms and conduct. Also includes an Agenda template with a Governance Checklist and Minutes Template. A must-have for all incorporated bodies and growing businesses.

    • Shareholder Agreement - Template that defined the roles and conduct between company members (Shareholders).

    • Executive Service Agreement - Templates that sets out a level of understanding between the company and its executive members.

    • Share Certificate - Member's share certificate for Pty Ltd or Ltd Companies.

Product / Service Calculator

    • Price Calculator - This spreadsheet will help you calculate the sale price of your products and services. Unlike the markup best guess approach, this calculator uses a "real world" costing approach that includes all direct cost along with your overheads to revenue ratio. In other words, it considers the hidden cost in doing business.

Statutory Declaration

    • Template for the creation of a Statutory Declaration under the State of South Australia - Oaths Act 1936. Simply complete and see your local JP to take your declaration oath.

Time Management

Privacy Policy for Websites

  • Template that can be modified and used on your website. If your business collects personal information online or directly from customers, a Privacy Policy is required by law. Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Agreement Template Pack

    • Letter Of Engagement – Full-time and part-time new employees joining your business.

    • NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement - A bilateral agreement to protect your ideas or patent applications.

    • MOU or Memorandum Of Understanding - Terms of understanding between various individuals and/or businesses.

    • DOA or Deed of Assignment - Transferring the ownership of intellectual property.

    • Trademark Cease and Desist Letter - Notes and sample letter to protect your IP rights

Moderating Facebook Comments

  • Details on how to avoid unwanted Facebook comments with a list of moderating keywords.

Trading Terms

  • General conditions for the supply of goods - Terms of selling good to others.

  • General conditions for the provision of services - Terms and conditions when purchasing services.