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About Google Apps Scripts

Most people know of Google's free Gmail or Google's G Suite product but don't realise the full extent or capability of this service.

One of the Google apps is called "Scripts", a JavaScript / HTML like programming environment that connects other Google application like Documents, Gmail, Spreadsheets, Forms, Sites etc to work as one. But it's not just limited to Google Products, almost any cloud based product that has an API interface such as Xero, Facebook, Insightly etc can be connected.

So what does this mean for you and your business?

Faster, streamline processes that eliminate costly manual data entry and collection. The ability to automate routine task so your staff can get on with what counts the most.

For example, your website has a booking form and a customer selects a time and books in. What happens next is up to you but let's say, the booking triggers:

  1. a calendar event;

  2. an email sent to the customer confirming the booking;

  3. an invoice created in your accounting system;

  4. the client's details added to your contacts and marking mailing list and

  5. Work order assigned to one of your staff

Consider all of these processes happening in a few seconds as appose to staff taking minutes to an hour. The potential for errors are also greatly reduced as at this stage the only interaction has been by the customer.

Services to match your requirements and budget

We can help you with:-

    • Identifying the scope of the applications and existing tools (Apps) that may reduce the need to code

    • Establish a Google G Suite account if required

    • Write, test and debug code to address your requirements

    • Provide training online support documentation

    • Address changes and enhancements

To reduce development time and cost we have an extensive code libraries that can be incorporated into your applications. These libraries offer reliable functionality over a wide range of applications.

On larger applications we may recommend the inclusion of an event logger to assist with identifying potential problems quickly.

In addition, a "Setting" files is created to hold parameters that may change over time. For example the GST rate, response text in an email, list of staff and contact email etc. This means that parameters are not hard coded allow you to maintain control over the product.

All code is supplied to you unlocked and for your safe keeping. This means no escrow is required and your business is not dependent on our availability. We are also happy for you or your team to enhance code as required as you can always revert to a sound version of the code.

Supplied code libraries remain the copyright of Adelaide Hills Business Centre, however, we provide you with free access and ability to modify.


The cost will depend on what is required and how flexible you are.

Normally the smarter the app, the more coding is required. The same applies to how fancy it needs to look.

For example if you have created a Form using Google Forms and it is on your website, but you want to send a confirmation email, that's going to take between 30 minutes and a couple of hours.

Consider each additional task as one to two hours if it's part of the Google G Suite range of Apps.

Other apps with API, allow 3 to 5 hours. However, we have code libraries for many apps so the time may be significantly reduced.

We may also share some cost around API development if we believe there is an increasing application trend.

See "Rates" below for further details.

Fixes and Updates

Be aware that much of the code that is created these days depends on other services to function correctly and reliably. As such we make no statement or guarantee that the code (Custom and Libraries) will not need updates or fixes. Such updates / fixes will be at your cost.

To Get Started

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Typical Rates:


Small projects less than 8 hours (*All hours)

      • Members $125/Hr

      • Public $150/Hr

Larger project over 8 hours (*All hours)

  • Members $95/Hr

  • Public $150/Hr

We will send you an invoice for payment less any Member's Credits

*All hours include discussion time, coding, debugging, testing, documentation, training and scope creep (changes around increased expectations)

Getting Started

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