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There are some great business apps that you can access online and the advantage of being online is accessibility on almost any device at any time. In most cases, they offer better security and protection than data on your computer. After all, how often do you back up your data and lock it away. Furthermore, how secure is your computer from viruses etc.

In addition, online applications provide greater flexibility to share data with other key people in your business, accountant etc.

While there lots of options, we recommend the following online apps for a number of reason.

  • Long-standing applications that are well-supported & easy to use

  • Business focused with API integration capability with other apps

  • Secure and cost effective

Xero - Accounting, Payroll, Asset, Time sheets etc

Insightly - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Project Management

Mailchimp - Online marketing via email

Google G Suite - For superior email hosting, Websites, Office apps and online file storage / sharing we recommend Google G Suite. Unlike other office business suites, Google was born in the cloud and not on a PC and does not rely on a particular operating system or devices. Click here for details on Google G Suite

Rates are as shown on the "Tech Request" Form and /or as outlined below.

We will send you an invoice for payment less any Member's Credits

Xero Setup

Xero Setup

Xero - Accounting system with payroll, asset management, inventory and time sheets.

It is includes a review to identify your needs, company profile, templates, email, BAS and Chart of Accounts.

Xero's headquarters are located in New Zealand and if fully ATO compliant. Xero is

Your Xero subscription is in your name with total freedom to choose and change accounting firms. The Xero Setup Services does not include your Xero Subscription fee.

Xero Terms, Click Here

Insightly CRM Setup

Insightly - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System that tracks customers needs and details. It also has some good project management features and integrates with Google G Suite, Microsoft 365, Xero and Mailchimp.

Insightly was founded in Perth, Australia 2009, and now located in the USA. Insightly is one of the most popular online CRM systems in use.

Insightly Setup includes user setup, company profile, login details. Free Insightly plan (less than 2000 contacts) supplied unless otherwise requested.

Insightly Terms, Click Here

Mailchimp Setup

Mailchimp includes company profile, email verification, login details. Free Mailchimp plan supplied unless otherwise requested.

Mailchimp Terms, Click Here

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