Technology working for you


Today's Businesses depend on technology to attract and service customers. The AHBC can help you save time and money through the use of industry standard products, great advice and business technology insights.

    • "Tech Start" insights for businesses wanting to establish technology.
    • "Domains & Hosting" Register and manage your domain easily and quickly using the AHBC domain & hosting portals.
    • "Google G Suite" a complete business solution from office type tools, website builder, email exchange and so much more. It's not Gmail, it's your domain mail.
    • "Hacksaw" is the name we give to our Makerspace / Hackerspace. It's where new technology ideas are supported, designed, tested and built. Events, Workshop and the Go Go Gadget Store all in one place.
    • "Better Business" from product training to making your current online presence more SEO friendly.
    • "Technical Support" providing you with local support on our industry range of application

Not sure where to start? Book a "Tech Start" Session"

Tech Start

"Tech Start" matches your needs to proven and cost effective solutions.

Your business technology need to be effective, scalable and cost effective while easy for your team to manage and control.

Domains & Hosting

Find what domain services will help you grow your business or use our extensive DIY domain console to buy and manage your domain services.

Google G Suite

Get started with website creator and emails in your domain name. Everything in one place and access anytime, anywhere. Start Today with Google G Suite and Google's other industry leading online business applications

Technology Creators

Where ideas and new technologies are created. A supportive environment for innovative and creative people. The AHBC also provides LoRaWAN and host "The Things Network" for the Adelaide Hills region.

Better Business

Bringing It Together

Need your apps to connect and exchange information. We can either show you how or for more complex applications develop API solutions.

Get Found Online

Review your current online presence and identify how to make it more search engines friendly.

Social Media Insights

Discover what works and what to avoid when using Social Media for your business. Learn how to create a social media strategy and policy for your business and employees.

Technical Support

For existing clients seeking technical assistance with Google G Suite, Domains, Hosting and DNS records, please log a technical support request.