Explore Your Options

Explore Your Option

Not sure what business structure you need or how to register.

Starting a new business can be a complex process for anyone new or currently running a business.

"Explore Your Option" is a service provided by the Adelaide Hills Business Centre to get you on the right track.

At the end of session, you will have the knowledge to determine your business structure and the process required to register or have the AHBC complete your registration needs.

Use the form on this page to book your "Explore Your Option" session with a business advisor.


(Session duration is 1 hours)

Choosing your business structure

This video explains the business structures available to you when starting a business. Besides how tax may apply to the different structures there are also other considerations including asset protect and risk. The Adelaide Hills Business centre can help you make the right choice by simply booking a free session.

Starting A Business & Registration

This video looks at the different registration requirements for your business, such as Tax file number, Australian Business Number and goods and services tax

What Business Is For You

Do you need to Register for GST

You need to register for GST if

    • Expected turnover (not including the GST) of $75,000 or more per year or $150,000 or more per year for non profit organisations.
    • Your business provides taxi or limousine services.
    • You want to claim fuel tax credits for your business or enterprise.

You may elect to register for GST regardless of the about.

Order Of Registration

    1. Establish Legal Entity - This means you or a company. You must have an Tax File Number to register as a Sole Trader or you need to establish a Company.
    2. Register for an Australian Business Number (ABN) that is linked to the Legal Entity (You or a Company).
      • If a company without a Tax File Number, apply for company Tax File Number.
      • Optional Registration for Goods and Service Tax (GST)
      • Optional Registration for Pay As You Go (PAYG for employee)
      • Option other taxes, such as Fuel Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), Wine Equalisation Tax and Luxury Car Tax, State Payroll Tax
    3. Register a Business Name if you are not trading under your legal name or the full company name including the Pty Ltd etc
    4. Register top level domains (TLD) ".au"