NFP Industry Groups

Supporting Industry and Business Communities

Enhance your industry engagement and support your members to gain a wider range of business services and shared resources.

Open up new opportunities with industry focused programs and services.

Cost : $50 for the complete organisation per year.


Many industry and business communities have limited resources to provide skills and training to its members. This "Not For Profit Industry Group" program has been designed to provide real business development services to your organisation and members.

Your members gain access to all of AHBC services as if they are one of our members. The organisation also benefits with a permanent home address, access to meeting rooms, work space, postal / delivery address and more.

It's simple to get started. One person becomes a paid member ($50pa) and Group Manager. Than simply add members to access the AHBC services. There is no cost when adding members.

We will also work with your organisation to developing industry programs and enhance grant / industry funding opportunities.


    1. The organisation needs to be:
      • An incorporated association under the State Act of South Australia or
      • A Limited Public entity under the Corporations Act and registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).
    2. The organisation has a current ABN.
    3. One person of the organisation to become a AHBC paid member and applies as a "Group Account Manager". Completed using the Online Member's Service form (Options 1. and 7. on form)
    4. The organisation is predominantly industry related or has business representatives. Eg Commerce Groups, Industry Associations etc.
    5. The organisation has Not For Profit objectives as defined by the AHBC.
    6. At least 20 of the organisation's members are added the organisations groups membership account
    7. Applied members to have an email address as this becomes their "User Name" with the AHBC.
    8. Members to abide by the AHBC terms.

How to get started

    1. Check that your organisation meets the criteria as set-out below.
    2. Obtain permission from your committee or board to engage with this program.
    3. One person representing your organisation is required to become an AHBC Member as a "Not For Profit" representative. This person will become the "Group's Account Manager".
    4. On membership acceptance, the representative then creates a "Group" select Option "7. Group Admin Panel" followed by "1. Become a Group Manager" using the Member's Online Service Form
    5. When creating your Group, select the "Group Type" as "2. "Not For Profit Industry or Business Group".
    6. Now your organisations can add its members with AHBC Membership benefits by using:-
      • Manually Add Members - Select Option "7. Group Admin Panel" followed by "2. Add Member to my group" using the Member's Online Service Form.
      • Bulk Member Import using spreadsheet. To add a large number of members, obtain the Bulk Import Spreadsheet. Select Option "4. Business Tool Kit" followed by "Group Bulk Members Import Sheet" using the Member's Online Service Form. A confirmation email with a spreadsheet link will be supplied. Data is saved as entered so no need to save. Once complete, simply notify the AHBC to import the members details.
    7. A "Welcome" email and letter is supplied to each member with details on membership benefits and how to collect their Key Fobs if required.

Member's Benefits

The organisations and its members receive AHBC membership benefits.

The organisation is also entitled to "Not For Profit" special rates on room bookings and other services.


The following information is required for each added member.

      • First and Last Name (Partners to be entered as individuals)
      • Email address (This becomes their username when booking events, promoting there business etc)
      • Mail address for sending of members information
      • Contact phone number
      • Gender
      • Age group (Approx.)
      • Business Name (Optional)
      • ABN (optional)
      • Add Cowork Plan (Optional)

On a member leaving your organisation, the Group Account Manager is required to retire their AHBC membership using the "Group Admin Panel". (Select Option 7. using Member's Online Service Form)


Q. Can the AHBC help develop industry programs for our members?

A. Yes. The AHBC has a track record in developing and delivering coarse material to particular industries. We work with you to identify key outcomes and strategies to foster adoption.

Q. We want to add Cowork Plans for some of our committee members. How do we do this?

A. Some organisations may want key staff, committee members, administrators or the CEO to have access to a regular work place with WiFi and printing facilities. The AHBC offers such services as part of its Cowork Plans. To add Cowork, the Group Account Manager simply adds a new member or upgrades a member to have a Cowork plan.

Your organisation (Via the Group Account Manager) will receive a monthly Cowork Plan invoice for each member with a Cowork Plan.

Q. Can we charge our members for having this service?

A. Yes, It's a good way to raise extra funds for your organisation. However, your organisation needs to disclose any arrangements to its members so the the AHBC is not liable for any refunds.

Q. What does the AHBC do with our member's information?

A. Your member's details are used by the AHBC to provide services and other information as required. Member's details are not disclosed or sold on.

Each member will receive one eNews per month listing upcoming events and news. The members can unsubscribe from the eNews at any time.

Q. Can we add people that are not members of our organisation.

A. Only people that are connected with your organisation can be added as a AHBC member. If a member leaves your organisation, the Group Account Manager is required to retire the member using Option "7. Group Admin Panel" on member's service form.

Q. Can members resign as AHBC members?

A. Yes, the Group Account Manager or the member themselves may resign as an AHBC member at any time. Use Option "2. My Membership Details" or Option "7. Group Admin Panel" on member's service form.

Q. Can members create a free local business directory listing?

A. Yes as long as they are within the Adelaide Hills region. Read more...

Q. Do our members receive "Not For Profit" rates?

A. Members with the AHBC obtain services at members rates. "Not For Profit" rates only apply when services are booked by a Groups Account Manager.

Q. Can we add more than one Group Account Manager to our Group Account?

A. Yes, Contact us to arrange.

Q. Can our members become AHBC members themselves?

A. Yes, however an annual membership will apply and they will not be connected with your organisation. It is best for the Group Account Manager to join the members using Option "7. Group Admin Panel" on member's service form.

Q. When members obtained services from the AHBC, is the organisation responsible for payment?

A. No. The member is responsible for any fees they in-cure with the AHBC. Eg. Events, Go Coworking, Room Hire, Advice etc.

Q. How do we manage our group members at the AHBC?

A. Click here for further details.

Q. Can our members obtain Access Key Fobs?

A. Yes, however we limit Access Fobs to those that intent to book facilities or run events at the Centre. There is an option at the time of adding a member to have a Key Fob. If a member later requires a key fob, they simply make a request using option "3. Key Fob Request" on the member's service form. (Membership with Cowork plans receive an Access Key Fob regardless)

Q. What happens if the person we add is already an AHBC member.

A. The person will stay as an independent AHBC member and will not be connected to the group.

Q. Can our Association or Group have meetings at the Centre?

A. Yes. Any of your members can book our facilities at members rates

If booked by a Group Account Manager for the the NFP organisation, the NFP rates will apply.

Q. Can AHBC membership be in a Company or Business Name

A. AHBC membership is by person. However the member can create a Business Listing for their business. Click here for further details.