About Membership & Services

The centre has been created to foster and build a stronger local business community. Members benefit from a range of ongoing support services and access to share resources.

For many starting a business for the first time it can be challenging and getting off to a good start is so important. For those beyond the initial couple of years may identify with the roller coaster or plateau effects of doing business.

Many members discover their interaction with the centre is hugely beneficial in terms of:

Join and display your association as a local business supporter.

Display your Member's badges at your place of business.

Businesses connected with a local commerces group are seen to be more credible and trustworthy.

Need more stick on member's badgers, use option 9 on member's service form

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For members to use on their website and promotional material.


The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is not government funded. The centre relies solely on its members for its funding.

When external funding is received it appear as a credit to member's Credit Accounts. See section below for details.

Member's Credit Account

Each member has a Credit Account where funds accumulate from external funding sources and grants. These funds can be used by members to offset costs normally associated with the following services:

Members will receive the benefit of these credits when engaging with any of the above services. The amount received as a credited are shown on the Service invoices as a separate line item.

Members can view the balance of their Credit Account by producing an "Activity Report" from the Member's Service form. Options 2 and 1

Please note that funds received by the AHBC for the provision of member's services may be restricted to a range of services and time.

Managing Your Membership

Updating My Details

Updating your details will help us to keep in touch with you. Simply go to the Membership Form and select option "2. My Membership Details" and then "2. Update My Details".

Subscription Period

All members have an annual subscription that will renew automatically unless the member cancels their membership.

Members will receive notice that their membership is about to renew along with details on how to update their detail, change plans or cancel their membership.

Members with the addition of a "Cowork Plan" will receive a renewal invoice each month until they change their Plan or cancel their membership.

Membership Status & Access Code

To retrieve a statement of your membership status, activities, credit account balance, Access Code and other details, visit to the Membership & Members Service Form and select option "2. My Membership Details" and then "1. Activity Report".

Changing My Plan

You can change your Plan at any stage with immediate effect. (Cowork Plans)

Simply go to the Membership Form and select option "2. My Membership Details" and then "3. Change My Plan".

Suspending Membership

There is no formal method of suspending your membership. However if your Membership includes a Cowork Plan you can downgrade to membership only.

Simply go to the Membership Form and select option "2. My Membership Details" and then "3. Change My Plan".

Cancelling My Membership

You can cancel your membership and any Cowork Plans at any time with immediate effect. See "Cancellation Notes" for details.

Simply go to the Membership Form and select option "2. My Membership Details" and then "4. Cancel My Membership and Services".

Cancellation Notes:

    • There is no credit or refund on any unused portions of your membership.
    • Any unused funds in your Credit Account will be forfeited. No cash payout and can not be contributed to any outstanding Invoice amounts.
    • Any outstanding payment associated with a current membership period is still due and payable. Cancellation needs to occur before the next renewal date and must be completed using the online Membership Form
    • If you have a Business Listing, it will be removed along with SEO backlinks to your website.
    • Shared documents in your Shared Drive in will no longer be accessible.
    • Future services with the AHBC will be at non member's rates.
    • If you have been using the AHBC as a registered address or have a Mail services then all incoming mail alerts will halt and mail returned to sender.
    • If you have a Key Fob, it will be deactivated and you will need to destroy or return the Key Fob.
    • If you are an administrator of a Group Account (Corporate), any linked members under your membership will transfer to the Adelaide Hills Business Centre.

About Groups & Corporate Accounts

A Group or Corporate Account is a list of members that are linked to a Group Administrator (Member) whereby the Group Administrator is responsible for the subscriptions of their members.

By updating your current membership to a Group Administrator, will enable you to immediately Add or Retire members as required. These members could be part of your group's management team or a service that you offer to your clients.

Your members gain all of the rights as if they had applied, excluding signup bonuses. If the member books any AHBC services like facility hire or events, the member is directly responsible for these cost.

All Groups actions (Add, Retired, Report) are completed using the online Membership Form

Adding a Member

When you add a member, the member's subscription fee will be invoice to you as the Group Administrator.

Retiring a Member

When you retire a member, it takes immediate effect and there is no refund for any remaining membership period.

Renewal Periods, Plans and Key fobs

You can assign a Cowork plan as required for each of your members and if a key fob is required. If a key fob is required it can be sent to you or collected by the member at the centre.

Members are signed up on a 1 year subscription or auto renew until the member is retired by you. Members with Cowork Plan will auto renew each month until retired by you.


Your Group members receive the same entitlement as other members except that they do not receive any signup bonuses which may be on offer at the time.


At any stage, the Group Administrator may receive an updated list of Group member's and renewal dates.


The Group Administrator will receive monthly or annual invoice subject to renewal date of members.

Transfer Of Membership

You can NOT transfer an existing membership to another person. You will need to retire the existing member and create a new member.

Download Corporate Logo

For Group / Corporate Members to use on their website and printed promotional material.