Member's Benefits

Got 5 minutes, as there's lots here for you and your business to benefit from

Your membership supports us to :

    • Foster innovation and providing share resources
    • Insights for people going into business for the first time
    • Grow existing businesses with new skills and technology
    • Build a stronger local business community
    • Create local jobs and opportunities

Member's Services

Members benefit from an extensive range of support services and shared resources

    • $50 Credit. On becoming a member and when renewing your annual membership, $50 is allocated to your Credit Account that you can use on a wide range of AHBC services and shared resources. Click here to read more. (Startups and Not For Profits receive $125 on becoming a member)
    • $25 Credit. Members with a Cowork Plan receive a further $25 / month towards AHBC Services and shared resources. Ideal to offset the cost of private meeting room bookings, business advice, tech support etc.
    • Cowork Access. Members can purchase discounted "Go Coworking" day passes for them and their visitors. Members with a Cowork Plan can invite upto 2 visitors for 2 hours at no extra cost a few times each month.
    • Term Payment on technology services, registrations and advice can be requested by members that are not in a position to cover the full payment
    • Advice. Gain insights and knowledge during a session with an experience business advisor.
      • Starting a business. Business advice on how to build a successful business.
      • Growing your business. Discover how to build a systematic and predictable business and overcoming the roller coaster or plateau effects.
    • Training. Attend our regular "Table Talks" training events covering a wide range of business related topics. A great way to gain new skills and knowledge quickly and easily.
    • Discounts & Members Credit Account. Gain financially as a member from discounted services and received funds in your Member's Credit Account.
    • Facilities. Access business facilities such as meeting rooms, media recording studio and work spaces at discounted rates.
    • Makerspace / Hackerspace. Access the tech lab and buildit workshops to bring your ideas and inventions to reality.
    • Local Business Directory. Connect your business with customers through the business directory and facebook promotions. Also provide SEO backlinks to enhance your website ranking and indexing. Open to businesses located within the Adelaide Hills. Click here to check your location.
    • Business Tools & Templates - Money and time saving online business tools and templates that you can with others remotely online.
    • Cowork Plans (Optional) :-
    • Trustworthiness - Display the AHBC Member's Badge at your place of business and on your website to build credibility and trustworthiness through local association.
    • Business Name Registration & Company Setup. Prop and Cons explained, fast and very cost effective.
    • Trade Mark Registrations. Protect your brand (IP) with an explained trademark strategies.
    • Resources / Benchmark data. Discover how your business ranks and identify potential opportunities.
    • Networking opportunities. It's not what you know, it's about who you know.
    • Event Promotion Service. Promote your local business event via the AHBC.
    • Printing & Binding Services. Forget the costly printing and inking issues for those odd printing jobs, posters, brochures etc. DIY or order online and collect services.
    • Domain Names and Hosting. Domain registration and hosting in minutes with local support and with a full DIY console tro manage registration and hosting.
    • Business Technology setup and support. Discover our insights around business technology solutions to streamline your business, remove risk and to save time and money.
    • Become a member and discover the real benefits for you and your business

Display your Member's badges at your place of business.

Businesses connected with a local commerces group are seen to be more credible and trustworthy.

Need more stick on member's badgers, use option 9 on member's service form

Download Logo

For members to use on their website and promotional material.

Discounts and Credit Account

Access to more for less from through your membership.


The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is not government funded. The centre relies solely on its members for its funding.

When external funding is received it appear as a credit to member's Credit Accounts. See section below for details.