About Membership

Your membership supports us to :

    • Foster innovation
    • Assist people going into business for the first time
    • Grow existing businesses
    • Build a stronger local business community
    • Create local jobs and opportunities

About Member's Services

Members benefit from an extensive range of support services, shared resources, facilities to funding opportunities that will exceed your expectations.

Starting a business for the first time can be challenging and getting off to a good start is so important. And for the established businesses with roller coaster or plateau effects, systems and strategic planning become a higher priority.

Discover what membership buys you:

Join and display your association as a local business leader and supporter.

Display your Member's badges at your place of business.

Businesses connected with a local commerces group are seen to be more credible and trustworthy.

Need more stick on member's badgers, use option 9 on member's service form

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The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is not government funded. The centre relies solely on its members for its funding.

When external funding is received it appear as a credit to member's Credit Accounts. See section below for details.

Member's Credit Accounts

Members Funds

Member's a Credit Account whereby funds from external sources and grants are distributed to members. These funds can be used by members to offset cost of many services, including:

Member's receive funds when engaging with any of the above services. A credited is applied to Service Invoices as a seperate line item until the current funds are consumed.

To view your account balance refer to "Notes" below.

Shared Grant Funds

When grants are secured by the Adelaide Hills Business Centre for its members, these funds are placed in a Shared Credit Account. Distribution of these funds are normally on a criteria basis, time limited and through member application.

Updates and application details for shared grant funds are display on the AHBC News page and in the monthly eNews.


    • Members can view their Credit Account balance and value of Shared Grant Funds by producing a Member's Activity Report using the "Online Member's Service form" and selecting options 2. followed by option 1.
    • Funds received by the AHBC for the provision of member's services may be restricted to a range of services and time. As such, account balances are adjusted.
    • Members can not cash in their Credit Account value.
    • Members that resign will immediately surrender their Credit Account.

10 Top Cowork Benefits

The growing trend of coworking has made it possible for people to exert more control over their working lives and ideal for micro businesses, startups and consultants.

1. Inspiration / mentorship

The AHBC Cowork space is shared by professionals, startups, consultants, artists, associations members and entrepreneurs that meet and collaborate to help each other to grow and develop. They share a common platform and somewhat have the same goals, ambitions and challenges in life. Like-minded people unite together to use their creativity, intellect and motivation to live their dreams in reality. The people working in the shared office space like the AHBC are an inspiration for each other and mentor each other as they go about doing their business.

2. Flexibility & Professional

The AHBC cowork space is a flexible environment with a wide range of work spaces, meeting rooms, recording studio and a relaxing garden area. The welcoming and professional atmosphere is ideal when meeting and entertain clients and fellow colleagues. Simply hire a private room or have them join you as a cowork visitor.

3. Better Networking

Meeting new people from different backgrounds is always a great way to grow and gain more knowledge. The added benefit is gaining assistance from people that you get to know and trust.

4. Save Time & Money

The AHBC cowork space is a fully equipped office without the need to setup your own private office, requiring time and money to maintain. No more ongoing lease agreements, maintenance, power and internet bills to pay. It's all supplied from a stapler to an automated espresso machine. Computers and high volume printing are also available at very reasonable prices.

5. Business growth

Better connectivity and networking with people around you will bring in more ideas and work for you, giving you a chance to expand and focus on your business. There is a possibility that the people with whom you are sharing the office space may become your clients or provide you with key references.

6. Like-minded people

For many people, working from home somehow feels like they cannot concentrate on their business because they are constantly distracted, interrupted or feel isolated and abandon. Socialising with like minded-people and creative minds is equally important to clear your vision and reach your goals easily. Coworking provides a sense of community, understanding and self-worth through engaging and exchanging ideas with others.

7. Collaboration & Learning

The shared office environment helps to create collaboration and learning between members. The AHBC and members also hold regular events and programs designed to transfer knowledge and business confidence.

8. Non-materialistic support

Who says that emotional support can only come from family and friends? Your fellow coworkers are more likely to relate to your business dreams and challenges than family and friends. This certainly relieves stress, helps remain energised and positive.

9. Success

Working with like-minded people promotes increased confidence, skills and productivity for professional and personal success.

10. Personal space

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It's true, take time out to avoid monotony and boredom. The AHBC facilities offers recreational spaces to unwind. From enjoying the outside garden, a game of chess, the lounge area to relax and listen to music or to read a book is a great outlet which promotes work and life balance for us all.