Organisations - Add Flexibility and Save

About Groups

Groups provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for organisations seeking local business services for their team. Groups can be created by existing AHBC Members that are not part of another group. Once a member becomes Group Account Manager, they can manage AHBC subscription for their team with or without monthly Cowork access.

The Group Account Manager therefore receives all membership subscriptions and any Cowork invoices. In addition, the Group Account Manager can arrange other engaged services including mailbox, storage and facility hire to be invoiced to the one account.

Not For Profits (NFP) including clubs, associations and community groups receive NFP rates for all of their groups members. Subject to the NFP activities and funding streams, membership subscription may be waived. Contact us for further details.

Group are membered using the Group Admin Panel located on the Members Service Form. (Option 7)

There is no cost when created a group. The only cost are associated with membership, cowork plans and other services used by the members Group.

Creating A Group

Before creating a Group, decide on name for your group. Eg. "The Kelly Gang"

To create a Group, use the Online Member's Services Form and Select option "7. Group Admin Panel" followed by "1. Become a Group Account Manager". Check your emails for a Group Creation confirmation email.

Your members gain all the rights as if they had applied themselves excluding the ability to manage Cowork Plans and creation of new Groups.

Managing Your Group

All updates associated with Groups are completed using the Online Member's Services Form using option "7. Group Admin Panel".

Adding a Member

Subscriptions can be for 1 year only or set to auto-renew until retired by you or the member.

You can also add or remove Cowork plans for any of your members. Cowork Plans are invoiced monthly and payable by you, the Group Account Manager.

Retiring a Member

When you retire a member, the member is immediately removed from the Group and no further subscription fees are invoice to the group. The retired member becomes an independent member with the AHBC until they cancel their membership or not renew their subscription.

Renewal Periods, Plans and Key fobs

Membership Subscriptions are annual and auto-renew until the group member is retired by you or the member cancels their membership or if a one-year subscription was selected. Cowork Plans will auto-renew each month until retired or changed by you.

You can add or change Cowork Plans for any of your Members at any time.

If key fobs are required they can be sent to you or collected by the Group member at the centre.


You can produce an email report containing a list of your Group members and their renewal information.

Transfer Of Membership

You can not transfer an existing membership to another person.

Changing The Group Account Manager

You can transfer the ownership of a group to another Member. Contact us to complete this option.