Discounts & Credit Account

Members Gain and Save


Members have access to a range of discounted services. Discounts and special pricing are applied automatically when using any of the online forms with your membership email address. If the online forms are not used, discounted rates are not applied.

Directory - Free business directory that promotes your business online. Enhanced indexing for your website through SEO backlinks.

Facilities - Up to 50% discount and discounted day rates. A further 50% Discount for "Non-Peak-Time".

Go Coworking - Discounted rates for you and your guest.

Events - Special discounted rates on most events, or we can help promote your business events.

Registrations & Trademarks - Special discounted rates on registration advice, business registrations, company setups and trademarks.

Technology Advice, Services and Setup - Free / Discounted rates on application setup.

Tech Support - Online tech support for Google G Suite, Domain / DNS / Hosting, Xero, Insightly, Mailchimp and many others at one low price.

Services - Free / Up to 50% discount on many business services.

Mailbox and registered address - A service limited to members only

Resources - Free Business Tool Kit and other documents.

Credit Account [CA]

Your Membership Credit Account receives funds from a range of sources to offset the cost of using shared AHBC resources, including:

Credits are NOT applied towards Membership and Coworking Plans related fees.

Members automatically receive credits when engaging with any of the above services when using the online booking or service forms. The received funds will appear as a separate line item on the supplied Invoice. Credits in your member's account can not be exchanged for cash and are surrendered on cancellation of membership.

A maximum credit of $125 per invoice can apply.

Some available credit funds may be limited or for a set period only. Credits are subject to the AHBC Membership Terms and fund provider terms without notice.

To view current Credit Account balance and Shared Grant Funds, request a "Member's Activity Report" using the "Online Membership and Member's Services form" and selecting options 2. Followed by option 1.

Shared Grant Funds

When grants are secured by the Adelaide Hills Business Centre for its members, these funds are placed in a Shared Credit Account. Distribution of these funds are normally on a criteria basis, time limited and through member application.

Updates and application details for shared grant funds are display on the AHBC News page and in the monthly eNews.

View Your Available Credit

Members can view their Credit Account balance and value of Shared Grant Funds by producing a Member's Activity Report using the "Online Member's Service form" and selecting options 2. Followed by Option 1.

An email will be sent to you containing your current credit balance and membership details. Remember that your available credit may change and is subject to funding times and conditions.


    • Discounts and credits are only applied when using online form to book or register along with your membership email address.

    • Funds received by the AHBC for the provision of member's services may be restricted to a range of services, products and time periods. As such, account balances are automatically adjusted or removed.

    • Members can not cash in their Credit Account value.

    • Members that cancel their membership will immediately surrender their Credit Account and access to Share Grant Funds.