Boardroom - Recording Your Presentation, Webcasting or Webinar

The board room is equipped with two opposing Webcam units (Video & Sound) enabling you to record or conduct live Webinars. The boardroom plan below shows the camera locations and set focused range.

Cameras are fixed at around 1.9m above the floor level for a slightly elevated view point.

Adjust the curtains to the required level of natural light. Down lights switching enable forward and / or rear room lighting.

Creating a Recording using QuickTime

Quicktime - Follow instructions to create a recording.

      • Connect computer to power. (Improves camera resolution)
      • Connect Webcam #1 or #2 to your computer.
      • Run QuickTime on your computer. QuickTime Help
      • Go to File -> New Movie Recording.
      • Select the Camera and Microphone source (HD Webcam C920) from the drop down menu near the record button.
      • Click the record button to start or stop.

Creating a Webinar

A webinar or a web-based seminar is a great way to build your brand and/or promote a product you want to sell online.

To present, you need to have a platform to show your slides and to allow people to hear you speak. There are a lot of platforms and because the technology to deliver the visuals and audio simultaneously is complex, make sure you test your system first. Let the AHBC manager know that you intend to webcast live so that a cable connection to the internet can be established to minimise performance issues.

Some Webinar software can be quite expensive with a steep learning curve to get through. Charges are normally based on the number of attendees and features like recordings, ads-free experience, and live support.

Here are some options to consider:-

      • Google Hangouts: If you’re on a shoestring budget, Google's Hangouts is a great free alternative. Tied in with Google+, it has a suite of features. You can start a hangout and not have to worry about limits on your attendees, ads, or paying a fee for your occasional webinars. 5 steps to creating a Google Hangout.
      • GoToWebinar: GoToWebinar is considered one of the better online applications. GoToWebinar has a lot of great features (chat, screen share, polls) and has a lot of flexibility in terms of allowing for other presenters or organisers to be part of your event.
      • AnyMeeting (free): AnyMeeting has free (ad-supported) and paid options. It has several interesting capabilities.
      • Fuze Meeting: Fuze Meeting is a very innovative system that is affordable
      • Instant Teleseminar: Instant Teleseminar Has lots of advanced features including allowing you to do scheduled, pre-recorded webinars, to upload your own audio files for replays, and to load replays of audio onto your site.

Cable Lengths - USB Cable length on Logitech Webcams

One of the main problems that people face with USB devices is the cable length. The length rules stipulate a maximum cable length of 5 meters (USB 2.0). If you have connected to one of the Logitech Webcams and the camera face is not showing a blue light and the connecting computer is not detecting the device, you need to consider the length of USB cable you are using. Use one of the shorter USB cables (1.5m) or an Active Extension USB Cable (5m) with a short USB cable (1.5m).