Formatting Text With Quick Codes

Add formatted text to your Business Listing using Quick Codes. Quick codes have been developed to enable you to add an improved look and feel to your business listings.

With Quick Codes you can add %%Bold text, @@Headings, &&Indented text and **List items (Bullet Points). Email and website addresses with http:// or https:// prefixes are also hyperlinked.

To use Quick Codes, simply add the double special characters to front of your text. Avoid spaces between the code and word.

BOLD - With %% for Bold text, add a start %% marker and an end %% within a line of text. The Bold code will not extend beyond the end of the paragraph so to bold a complete paragraph, you only need to insert the %% at the start of the paragraph.

Below are examples of the Quick Codes and output. Also see a completed example at the end of this page.

BEFORE - Showing Codes

This is what you type.

AFTER - Output on Page

This is what is display online.