Typical WiFi Speeds

  • 80 to 100 Mbps Download
  • 25 to 40 Mbps Upload


The Epson data projectors (Smart Boards) located at the AHBC can be accessed via WiFi mobile device and computer. Install Epson “iProjection” on mobile devices and “EasyMP” for computers.

Smart Devices - Install iProjection

Display and control content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Android and Chrome devices with the Epson iProjection App.

Computers - Install EasyMP

Install Epson EasyMP application onto your computer. Locate the Epson application using your browser. Search for:-

    • Windows: “Epson EasyMP software Windows”
    • Apple: “Epson EasyMP software Mac”

Connect to the AHBC WiFi

    • Access Point : AHBC
    • Password : {As shown on table-top stands or wall sign}

Turn On Projector

    1. Turn the projector on using remote or wall panel.
    2. Wait 1 minutes for projector to connect to the WiFi or Wired Network.
    3. Connect using Names or IP address
      • BOARDROOM or
      • OUT.SPACE or
      • COWORK.SPACE or
    4. Remotes with LAN button, shows when connected.
    5. Use “Search” button to select “LAN” option.


Use Volume keys on the remote to adjust sound levels

iProjection App

Select projector by Name, IP Address or QR code.

Use iProjection App to display content.

Disconnect button to exit the display.

EasyMP App

Select the projector & Join.

Computer screen is displayed.

Use the floating control to manage display and exit (Leave)

Smart Boards

Cowork Space Smart Board

Connection / Features include : HDMI, RGB, VGA, AUDIO, Set-Top Box, Apple TV and Printer

Boardroom Smart Board

Connection / Features include : HDMI, RGB, VGA, AUDIO and DVD player, Set-Top Box, Apple TV, Email, Internet Share, Scanner & Printer