Power Boards and Cords

The facilities are fitted with 240V wall power sockets for your use. Some wall sockets include 5V USB charge outlets.

Some cords and power boards are available at the centre for your general use. DO NOT use any cords that are:

    • Damaged in any way. Let the centre know immediately and turn the power off and / or remove cord.
    • Never piggyback a power board into another power board.
    • Never exceed the power rating of the cords or boards. Normally 10A or 2400W

You may bring your own cords so long as they are in good and safe conditions and only used by you.

Device Charging

The twin USB wall sockets provide 5 Volt charging for mobile devices. Use a suitable charging cable for your device. DO NOT use damaged cords.

Qi wireless charges are also provided on some table tops. Simply place compatible devices over the top of Qi charge points. Note that phone covers with metal objects may limit the level of charge obtained. While charging, It is normal for the device and charger to warm up.


Throughout the centre, Near Field Communication (NFC) tags are available. You can program your NFC device to perform specified tasks such as open a web page, configure phone settings, or even send text just by waving the device near a NFC tag.

External Power

External power outlets are located at the rear of the main building and on the two outer buildings. These are normal 10A outlets.