Out-Space User Notes

Accessing The Out-Space

    1. Unlatch and Open Screen Door

    2. Keypad - Enter Pin Code or

    3. present Key Fob

    4. (Green = OK / Beeps = Invalid)

    5. Slide Glass Door.

    6. Remains unlocked for 3 seconds

    7. (May need to slide door to and fro to release)


Exiting The Out-Space

    1. Unlatch Glass Door (Rotate Small lever Open)

    2. Press Blue Exit Switch (Turns Green)

    3. Slide Glass Door. Remains unlocked for 3 seconds. (May need to slide door to and fro to release)

    4. Close Glass Door, locks in a few seconds (Approx 6 seconds)

    5. Check that the sliding door has locked

In an emergency - Exit also by Roller Door

Cleaning up on exiting

    • Please sweep or mop up any spills and wipe down, chairs, tables, bench and kitchen bay as required.

    • Remove all foods and place any rubbish into the AHBC rubbish bins.

    • Return all cups and glasses to the main AHBC building kitchen and place in dishwasher.

    • Stack all chairs / tables and return to area near roller door as shown on plan.


First Aid

The Out-Space has a basic first aid kit located near the kitchen bay. All incidences and usage of First Aid items must be reported to the AHBC office or by using the online form.

Toilets & Shower

Toilets and shower are accessible in the main AHBC building. An access Key Fob is located near the Kitchen Bay. Ensure key fob is returned on leaving the Out-Space.

Using The Key Fob

Hold Key Fob momentarily near the centre of the access points located at entry doors. After a short moment a Green light will appear and the door will unlatch allowing access for a few seconds.

Bathrooms are located at the rear of the building

Showers - A fee applies for use of shower. Place money in donation box located in kitchen.

Coffee and Refreshment

Consumption of espresso coffee, tea and other refreshments located within the main AHBC building.

There is no additional fee when using the coffee making facilities located in the Out-Space. Coffee, tea, milk etc is not supplied by the AHBC.


Access Point = OUTSPACE

Password = As noted on wall sign inside the Out-Space

WiFi is required to access the Projector using the iProjection or EasyMP applications from Epson

Tables & Chairs

Before leaving, wipe down table and chairs as required.

Stack tables and chairs and place near wall as shown on plan view

Roller Door

The roller door must remain closed and locked at all times. Access via the roller door is for the sole purpose of unloading and loading of your equipment.


Please turn off after use


Use remove located near television. Turn off at remote after use.

The TV has a number of inputs that can be accessed from the left side of the unit.


Whiteboard markers and eraser are located on board. Replacements are located in Kitchen Bay

After using the Whiteboard, please clean using the spray liquid and paper wipes. Cleaning items located in kitchen bay

Kitchen Bay

Please wipe down area and return to tidy and clean state. Remove all foods and place in AHBC rubbish bins on leaving.

Return all cups and glasses to the main AHBC building kitchen and place in dishwasher.

A broom and dustpan are supplied for general clean up of any spills or mess created during your use of the Out-Space.

Data Projectors (EPSON EB-X31)

To turn on and off the Data Projector use the Epson Remote Control Unit.

The remote main options are:-

    • Power - Turn Data Project On or Off. The Data Project may still run a cooling fan after shutting down. This is normal.

    • Volume - Use Option Sound System As Required.

    • Data Source and Search -

      • HDMI - Connect to wall panel with VGA cable (Video and Audio on some systems)

      • Computer - Connect to wall panel with VGA cable (Video Only)

      • USB - Used with some computer with the Epson Application EMP_UDSE (Video and Audio)

      • Video - Connect to wall panel with RCA cable - Yellow (Video Only)

      • Audio - Connect to Wall panel via RCA cable - Red and Black (Audio Only)

      • iProjection App by Epson on smart devices. (*Wireless - Audio & Video)

      • EasyMP App by Epson on computers. (*Wireless - Audio & Video)

    • Mouse - Connects remote to computer mouse controls. Move mouse with pointer, Left Click, Right Click and Drag and Drop (Left & Pointer)

'*' Indicated for these connections to function the computer or device must be connected to the OUTSPACE WiFi services.

The projector's source must be LAN. Use LAN button on remote

Password as signposted on the wall of the Out-Space.

Set Top Unit (LASER)

The Set Top Unit enables the viewing of television programs via the Data Project on S-Video Input. Use the Laser remote to turn unit On, Off and channel selection.

Sound System

The sound system does not require external power supply as it is always on and ready.

Input source can be supplied via the Aux cable socket or via Bluetooth. Use the selector switch to select the signal source, Bluetooth (BT) or Aux.

NOTE : To use the audio from the projector, connect the short Aux Cable from the Sound System the projector's PC Audio socket. This will normally route the Audio signal for the projector to be feed into the Sound System for a louder and higher quality output. This may not be supported when using HDMI or WiFi (Wireless) however by selecting Bluetooth (BT) option on the sound system and establishing a computer Bluetooth connection, audio can be played along with video.

To connect by BT using your device, turn the selector switch to BT to start the discovery process. Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and locate “Music BT” and pair.

If BT is already connected to another device, disconnect first, reset BT switch and connect with other device.

The sound system produces 15W( RMS) per channel.



Turning Heater On:-

      1. Turn on the power switch located on the right side of the console.

      2. Press the Power Standby Button on the console (RED). This will put the heater into standby mode.

      3. Adjust the required temperature by using the Up and Down Buttons on the console. 22 degrees is recommended.

      4. Now start the heater by pressing the Heater Button on the console. Within a few seconds the Heater indicator will flash until the set temperature is reached. The heater will cycle off and in to maintain the set temperature.

Set Timer:-

      1. Press the Timer button to set off timer in hours.

      2. The display will flash [--].

      3. Set hours using the Up and Down buttons on the console. Range is 0 to 24 hours.

      4. Within a few seconds the time will start counting down.

Turning Heater Off:-

      1. Press the Power Standby Button on the console (RED). This will put the heater into standby mode.

      2. Turn off the power switch located on the right side of the console.