Not For Profits (NFP)

No matter if you have a small local gathering to an industry association, you may qualify for the AHBC Not For Profit rates and services when becoming an AHBC Member.

"It's Easy, Fast, Risk Free and the smart thing to do"

For your group to qualify it needs to fit one or more of the following and become a NFP member of the Business Centre:-

    • The group is local and community focused around sport, interest groups, STEM, education and the like.
    • The group is inclusive and does not discriminate on race, religion or belief. (Men's or women's groups and age restriction are accepted)
    • The Group does not provide commercial products or services for profit generation.
    • The group is not government funded except for project deliverable grants at a community level.
    • The group is registered as a Not For Profit with the ACNC
    • The group is incorporated and / or has a committee that consist of people from the community.

When applying for membership, select one of the "Not For Profit" application types