Members - Not For Profits

Clubs, Community Groups and Associations

Clubs, Community Groups and Associations, discover a wide range of resources that will reduce running cost and save time.

Does your group want:-

  • Save cost?
  • A place to call home?
  • Have modern services for meetings?
  • Flexible spaces for workshops?
  • Improve branding and marketing outcomes?
  • A place to store records?
  • A postal and delivery address?
  • Up-skill through training programs?
  • A workspace with high speed internet?
  • Access to advance printing and faxing?
  • and more?

"It's Easy, Fast, Risk Free and the smart thing to do"

For your group to qualify for massive savings it needs to show one or more of the following and become a member of the Business Centre:-

  • The group is local and community focused around sport, interest groups, education and the like.
  • The group is inclusive and does not discriminate on race, religion or belief. (Mens or womens groups and age restriction are accepted)
  • The Group does not provide commercial products or services for profit generation.
  • The group is not government funded except for project deliverable grants at a community level.
  • The group is registered as a Not For Profit with the ACNC
  • The group is incorporated and / or has a committee that consist of people from the community.

Arrange a visit and discover what's on offer. You will be amazed at what your group will gain for so little.

If applying for membership, select the NFP option for your application to be consider.

Groups that qualify as a Not For Profit may received specified services at discounted rates. Eg. Up to 75% reduction on Venue / Facility Hire.