Basic Operation

Cowork - Multimedia Smart Wall (EB-695Wi)

Getting Started

    • Power On - Use remote & press “Blue” button once. Allow minute to start.
    • Power Off - Use remote & press “Blue” button and again to confirm.
    • Home Screen - Use remote & press “Home” key for Home Screen. The "Home Screen" screen displays the connections Eg. HDMI#1, PC, LAN Etc. Select the required connection to project. Ensure device is connected. See Port table below for connections.
    • LAN - Located in top section enable WiFi access in place of using cable. Click here for WiFi connection details.
    • Projection Screen - If Home Screen is displayed, use remote & press “Home” key to display the Projection Screen or select the X icon on the Home Screen. See Image.
    • Whiteboard Screen - If "Home Screen" is displayed, use remote & press “Home” key to display the Projection Screen, plus:-
      1. Hold an interactive pen close to screen or touch the projection screen.
      2. Tap or touch the on screen < or > arrow tabs to display the Toolbar.
      3. Tap or touch the [Whiteboard] icon at top of the annotation toolbar to switch to whiteboard or

Exit "Home Screen"

Select X for Whiteboard otherwise select one of the Connect Ports

Annotation Mode

Left = Draw over projected image

Right = Display Whiteboard

Connection Ports

  • HDMI 1 - HDMI 1 Wall Socket for PC.
  • HDMI 2 - Apple Devices. Use AirPlay button on iPhone, iPad, Apple Computer etc. Use Apple Remote.
  • HDMI 3 - TV Set-Top Box. Use With Set Top Remote.
  • Comp 1 - PC (VGA) Wall Socket. Paired with Audio Socket.
  • Video - Video Wall Socket. Paired with Audio Socket.
  • Audio - Audio Wall Socket. (Stereo) Paired with PC and Video.
  • LAN - Wireless connection via WiFi access point AHBC. Click here for WiFI connection details.
  • Comp 2 - Currently this port is disabled.

Annotation Mode

Annotation (Drawing) on the board can be switch to and from the Drawing Toolbar (Projector Icon) and connected computer devices (PC & Mouse Icon) via cable or iProjection App

The Projector Annotation mode displays and enables the board user to drawings while hiding any input from attached devices and computer.

The PC & Mouse Annotation mode overlays drawing from attached devices.

Using the Pens (Left & Right Button and Modes)

You will find two contained interactive pens to the right of the board in a small box. Open the box to access.

The pen will operate effectively at most angles but excessive angles will decrease the response and may damage the tip over time.

Use the side button on the pen to check the battery conditions. A green light should display for a moment.

In whiteboard mode the side button switches between Pen Mode to Eraser Mode.

If you are using the Epson Easy Interactive Tools on your computer, a pen tip click (Fast press) is the same as a Left mouse button. Hold pen tip down for a moment for Right mouse button.

Do not drop or throw the pens at this may damage the pen.

Pens turn off automatically after 15 seconds when they are placed on. Hold the pen to turn it back on.

Bottom Toolbar

Drawing Toolbar

Custom Pen Menu


Classroom Interaction and Sharing

Selecting Network Device Display - Classroom Mode

Select LAN mode on remote or from the Home Screen.

Connect other devices using the Epson iProjection app with the projector. Devices need to connect to the AHBC Wifi.

  1. Select the Change Source icon on the bottom toolbar, and then select Participant List from the image source list.
  2. The user selection screen is displayed.
  3. Select the username for the device you want to project from.
    1. Displays the usernames for network devices connected to the projector.
    2. An orange person icon shown next to the username of the currently projected device (Only when displaying pages with icons).
    3. Closes the user selection screen and returns to the previous screen.
    4. Click to move to the previous page or the next page when displaying a thumbnail.
    5. Switches the display for the user selection screen between thumbnails or icons.
    6. Refreshes the user selection screen. When an additional user connects to the projector via a network, select this button to update the user list.

Cannot Do:

While the user selection screen is displayed, you cannot do the following:

    • Select a different image source
    • Use other interactive features
    • Control the projector from the bottom toolbar
    • Connect to multiple projectors
    • Hear audio (it is turned off temporarily)
    • Project an image using EasyMP Multi PC Projection or Epson iProjection

Share to Multiple Devices

Select LAN mode on remote or from the Home Screen.

Connect other devices (Upwards of 4 devices) using the Epson iProjection app with the projector. Devices need to connect to the AHBC Wifi.

The presenter may share the projected display (Not Video) to all devices using the Share Icon on the Toolbar.

Computer Interactive Mode

When the projector is connected to a computer via LAN, the presenter can operate the computer from the projected screen using the interactive pens or finger, just as you would with a mouse. You can navigate, select, and interact with your computer programs from the projected screen.

To use computer interactive mode over a network, install EasyMP Multi PC Projection application.

    1. Select LAN mode on remote or from the Home Screen.
    2. Computer need to connect to the AHBC Wifi.
    3. Open EasyMP application on the computer.
    4. Search for projector "COWORK"
    5. The computer screen will be projected. Ensure "LAN" has been selected as the source.