When creating a Business Listing with the AHBC, you will need to enter an image URL for your business Logo. This page will show you how to locate and copy URL, or create a hosted image with public URL Address.

Copy URL Image Address

If your website includes your company logo, it is likely you can copy the Image Address (URL) by right clicking on the image to display the Context Menu.

  1. Open your web browser and view your website
  2. Locate the business logo and right click the image to display the Context Menu
  3. From the Context Menu, select "Copy Image Address"
  4. Now Paste the address in a new tab in your browser to ensure the standalone image is displayed.
  5. The URL must start with either http:// or https:// followed by your website domain name. Eg https://www.mydomain.com.au/logo.png
  6. Ensure the URL link ends with ".png", ".gif" or ".jpg" image extension
  7. If there is a "?" question mark and other text after the image extension, please remove. Eg https://www.mydomain.com.au/logo.png?width=200
  8. Now enter the URL into the AHBC Members Service form

Creating a Hosted Image URL

Simply follow these steps

    1. While there are many free image hosting services, PostImage.Org is simple, quick and free. Access PostImage.Org and create a free account.
    2. Select size 150x112 or 320x240 and "No Expiration". (No larger than 320px and no smaller than 150px wide)
    3. Click "Choose images" and select an image on your computer. Only .jpg, .gif or .png images are accepted.
    4. Locate the "Direct Link:" (Public) and Click the blue copy button.
    5. Now paste the link address in to the Business Listing form. This image will appear with your Business List

Resizing Images for Uploading

Mac Computers

Resizing an image on your Mac is simple with Preview, a free image utility that comes pre-installed on OS X. Preview helps you crop images easily and adjust their dimensions without having to install additional software.

    • Locate the image file in filing and open with Preview.
    • If you wish to retain the original file, select "File" and "Duplicate"
    • Select "Tools" from the menu and "Adjust Size"
    • Enter the Width and Height in pixels
    • Save

MS Windows

    • On a Windows PC open the "Paint" application from the Start Menu.
    • From the menu select "File" > "Open" and locate the image to be resized.
    • From the Menu, select "Resize"
    • Enter the Width and Height in pixels
    • "Save As" to retain the original image