Your logo forms an important role when it comes to identifying your business on the Adelaide Hills Business Centre's website.

Business Listings - For best results, an image between 600px to 800px wide will display nicely when we promote your business on online, Facebook and other forms of social media. Avoid logo's with a transparent background. White or full colour background are best.

Promoting Business Programs - For best results, an image between 600px to 800px wide will display nicely when we promote your program on online.

Option 1 - Store Logo to the web (EASY)

Creating a Hosted Image URL

Simply follow these steps

    1. PostImage.Org is simple, quick and free. No need to create an account.

    2. Select size 640x480 or 800x600 with "Remove After 1 Day". Assuming you will create your business listing within the 1 day.

    3. Click "Choose images" and select an image on your computer. Only .jpg, .gif or .png images are accepted.

    4. Locate the "Direct Link:" (Public) and click the blue copy button.

    5. Now paste the link address in to the Business Listing form for Image URL.

Upload Image

Copy the Direct Link and Paste to the Business Listing Form

Option 2 - Copy existing logo from the web

Copy URL Image Address

If your website includes your company logo, it is likely you can copy the Image Address (URL) by right clicking on the image to display the Context Menu.

  1. Open your web browser and view your website

  2. Locate the business logo and right click the image to display the Context Menu

  3. From the Context Menu, select "Copy Image Address"

  4. Now paste the address in a new tab in your browser to ensure the standalone image is displayed.

  5. The URL must start with either http:// or https:// followed by your website domain name. Eg.

  6. Ensure the URL link ends with ".png", ".gif" or ".jpg" image extension

  7. If there is a "?" question mark and other text after the image extension, please remove. Eg.

  8. Ensure the Image measures around 600px wide

  9. Now enter the URL into the AHBC Members Service form