BBQ and Outside Seating Areas (From 7am to 9pm)

Access to this area can be used between 7am to 9pm

The BBQ and outside areas are open to Members unless the area are booked for a private function.

Cooking tools, apron, paper towel and olive oil are located in the kitchen for your use.

Any used plates, glasses and cutlery to be place in dishwasher.

Ensure you clean the BBQ Plate and shut off gas at the bottle after use. Cleaning fee may apply.

The Green (From 7am to 9pm)

Access to this area can be used between 7am to 9pm.

The lawn areas is suitable for the placement of marquees and tent pegs.

Power outlets are available at rear of main centre and on both out buildings.

Heavy traffic areas should be protected particularly during winter when the area can become very wet under foot.

Do not dig holes, remove boarders, plants etc. Charges may apply to make good any damage.

Noise Level

Access to external areas of the Centre are restricted between 7:00am to 9:00pm with noise levels restricted to normal talking voice level. Public Address Systems and other sound equipment are not permitted unless prior approval is granted by the AHBC.

Clean Up

You and your fellow members are a part of a tight-knit community, so we rely on your good nature to maintain the centre by cleaning up any spills, food scraps, drinks and mess before you leave the centre.

This also applies to those that are hiring the facilities. If not returned to clean and good order, you will receive a cleaning bill.

Coffee and Refreshments

Main Building - The centre is equipped with a kitchen for your use and convenience. You will find a fully automatic espresso coffee machine, microwave, small storage fridge, toaster, and Zip tap for instant boiling and filtered cold water.

At various times, light food including fruit, pastries or biscuits may be supplied for Members and their Visitors to enjoy while at the centre.

Members and their invited guest can enjoy :

    • Rich chocolate and coffee Mochaccino
    • Cream Cappuccino
    • Milky Flat White
    • Caffè Latte
    • Strong Short / long blacks
    • Delicious Hot Chocolates
    • Range of teas
    • Bottled Chilled Water
    • Filtered Water
    • On Demand Boiling Water

Out-Space - Has a basic kitchen area and coffee and refreshments are available for a small fee to non-members. See Out-Space page for details.

There are two bakeries located in Woodside. Both bakeries are open during weekdays and Saturday with Lovell's bakery near the post office open 7 days a week.


The AHBC does not offer catering There are two bakeries located in Woodside. Lobethal Bakery at Woodside are open during weekdays and Saturday with Lovell's bakery near the post office open 7 days a week.

Local Catering that are aware of the AHBC facilities

    • Splendid Food - 04 2243 6035
    • Half acre Catering - 04 1271 1732

The centre is equipped with enough crockery and cutlery for around 25 people. This includes cups, drinking, beer and wine glasses. These items may be used when facilities are booked.

All items must be neatly returned to the kitchen and stacked in the dishwasher ready for cleaning. See also cleanup notes above.


Alcohol may be available at certain AHBC events or arranged by those hiring facilities. The serving and consumption of alcohol are subject to the following.

    • You and any of your guest or visitors are of legal age to consume alcohol.
    • You are not intoxicated or disturbing other members or local residents.
    • It is only served between 7am and 9pm.
    • Consumption is restricted to verandah area, Out-Space, Boardroom, Meeting room and Cowork space if booked.
    • You have check and applied for any licensing requirements.
    • The person hiring the facilities are solely responsible for the serving and managing of alcohol.

Glasses are supplied however you required to remove all bottles and place used glasses in the dishwasher for cleaning. See also cleanup notes above.