Dress Code for Members and Visitors

While we don't have any dress codes as such the Terms and Conditions require you and your Visitors to be clean and neat.

You are welcomed to use the showers if you need to freshen up after sport or cycling to the centre.

If you have muddy boots, please remove and leave near the door. If we need to clean up after you, you will receive a cleaning bill.

Tech Lab & Buildit Dress Code

When using the Lab and Workshops, you are required to wear suitable attire and observe safety requirements

Noise Level

Internal noise, music and sounds shall be kept to a suitable level and playing of music shall be restricted to personal headsets.

External areas of the Centre are usable between 7:00am to 9:00pm with noise levels restricted to normal talking voice level. Public Address Systems and other sound equipment are not permitted unless prior approval is granted by the AHBC.

Personal Space

You only take up one space in the centre so please do not restrict the use of the centre for others. However, If the centre is not full, please spread out a little and enjoy your extra space.

Each person has around 4 square metres of personal space.

Meeting rooms are around 2.5 square metres of personal space.