DIY Services & Payment

Printing & Other Paid Services

Members and paid cowork visitors may access the WiFi printer for occasional use. Eg. A few pages per visit. (Day Pass is required for Non Cowork Members)

If you intend to exceed 10 pages, pay the centre manager if available (Cash or Credit Card) otherwise complete an Order Envelope as shown and place in the black mailbox located in the passage.

On the Order Envelope, please include descriptions, quantities, rates and total if known otherwise the descriptions and quantities.

  • If payment is marked "Cash Enclosed", please ensure the correct amount or enough to cover the total cost. The centre does not hold cash for change.

  • If payment is marked "Invoice Me", please note that the minimum invoice amount is $5. (Invoice option is for Members Only)

Regular Printing & Binding Services

High volume or regular DIY printing is available on a monthly invoice along with blinding, scanning, lamination etc. Please note that the minimum invoice amount is $5.

To establish a monthly account, ask the centre manager to create an ID code for you to access the OKI copier.

The OKI copier will keep track of your printing usage while other items can be recorded on an Order Envelope as outline above.