WiFi Connection Details

Access Name : AHBC or OUTSPACE

Password : As posted on walls, table top signs and on display screen in passage.

Typical WiFI Speeds

  • 80 to 100 Mbps Download
  • 25 to 40 Mbps Upload


The Centre provides a few computers for members and the public to hire with a Go Coworking day pass. For further details click here.

Computers with Room Hire

Some room hire includes a computer and applications. For example the Media Production Studio is equipped with a computer and software for post processing of video and sound recordings recordings and the boardroom is supplied with a notebook for Smart Wall display and Webcam interface.

Your computer will need WiFi to access the internet, printers, projectors and small walls. See WiFi section below.

Printers / Scanners

The centre is equipped with printers / scanners for the occasional printing requirement.

The printers are not intended for high volume use and if you need to print larger documents a fee applies. Click here for printing fees.

To print you will need yo access the AHBC WiFi. Most new computer will enable WiFi printing without the need to install drivers and the like. See WiFi section below.

Replacement Ink or Paper

See the centre manager should a printer required paper or ink.

Smart Wall Printing

The Smart Walls located in the Cowork and Boardroom with whiteboard content can be printed to the printers in those spaces.


The WiFi at the centre provides access to:

Free access is provided to all members and visitors to the centre.

Speeds at centre are 100Mb Down and 40Mb Up. (Classified as High Speed)

Please respect others WiFi access by avoiding large downloads and uploads while the centre is heavily occupied.

Inside the Centre

Access Point : AHBC (Best for most areas including outside)

Passwords : Refer to the Welcome Display in the passage or Table Top signs for the current password.

In the Out-Space

Access Point : OUTSPACE

Passwords : Refer to the WiFi wall signs located in the Out-Space for the current password.