The Boardroom, A Power House of Technology!

Fully equipped Board Room for webinars or web-based seminars.

Apple Computer

The boardroom contains a MacBook Computer which has been loaded with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Apple's Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps (iWorks), Epson Interactive Apps, Webcam Apps and Presentation / Video capture tools.

If you are new to Apple IMac?

  • The Web Browser on the iMac is called Safari.
  • File Explorer is called Finder (First Icon on docking bar)
  • If you wish to use the Apple mouse you may need to turn on.
  • Details about the Multi Touch trackpad can be found here

The iMac has a docking bar located along the bottom of the screen.

This bar contains a number of application icons including:-

  • Apple Productivity Apps (iWorks),
  • Microsoft Office and
  • Epson Interactive Whiteboard applications (Connect & Board).
  • Skype and Google Apps (Hangout) - Not shown below.
  • QuickTime to Record and Play videos and sounds. Use with iMovie to edit your recordings.

Epson Interactive Whiteboard (EB-1430Wi)

Smart Wall Introduction (EB-1430Wi)

The Boardroom is fitted with a number of simple to use walk up communication technologies.

To connect to the interactive whiteboard (Smart Wall) with your computer use the cables as supplied, Apple Airplay on via WiFi.

You can find a range of Cables in top drawers of wall unit.

Quick Start

Use the Control Panel located to the right of the whiteboard or Remote Control

  1. Select Power Button. Allow 1 minute to startup.
  2. Select Whiteboard function if required.
  3. Use Source Search if you have a PC or other device connected via the wall connection
  4. Capture, Print or Save your work.
  5. To save your work, use a USB Memory device in the Control Panel.

Quick Draw

The Interactive Whiteboard works using your Fingers or Electronic Pens. Electronic Pens are located in a small case mounted below the Control Panel.

Quick Close

To shut down the Interactive Whiteboard, simply select the Power Button on the Control Panel or Remote Control and follow the onboard prompts.


The Interactive Whiteboard has a built-in 10W Stereo amplifier. To adjust volume, use the remote control.

Whiteboard Function - PC Free

With the Whiteboard function, you can start a meeting “instantly” without the need for a PC! Simply walk into the meeting room and switch to Whiteboard mode and start writing notes or annotating images. The control pad facilitates these functions with simple and intuitive command buttons. What’s more, the function buttons on the control pad are replicated on the remote control, so it’s never been easier to get going.

Finger Touch Interaction

In addition to operation using a conventional interactive pen, it is now possible to operate using your finger on the screen. Opening and closing files, scrolling, moving and expanding objects, and annotation are just some possibilities available at the touch of a finger. Operation is intuitive for smoother and more interactive meetings.

Compatible With All Forms of Digital and Analogue Data

A variety of content including data from USB memory, pictures off a smartphone or tablet and even website data can be easily displayed on the whiteboard. This multifunction machine also has a scan feature so you can incorporate paper based resources into your discussions.

Instant Information Sharing

Whiteboard mode allows you to output the meeting results on-site in the user's preferred format. Time to perform tasks such as saving meeting data to PDF (on USB memory, Network), sending email, printing, and making meeting minutes has been shortened considerably. You can also reuse and edit data again from a previous whiteboard session that was saved to a USB memory or server.

10 Pre-Installed Templates

The Smart Wall comes with 10 practical templates to make use of. It’s also possible to create and install your own templates.

Generate Up to 50 Pages

There’s no need to worry about running out of space when writing meeting notes or importing information on the Whiteboard.

All on Screen Items Can Be Rearranged and Edited Freely

Any image on the screen can be resized and moved as if it were an object. So, even if there is no writing space on the screen, written contents can be shrunken down to make room for new annotations.

Whiteboard Toolbar

Disregard Page references

Projector Bottom Toolbar

Disregard Page references

Using the Pens (Left & Right Button and Modes)

You will find two contained interactive pens to the right of the board in a small box. Open the box to access.

The pen will operate effectively at most angles but excessive angles will decrease the response and may damage the tip over time.

Use the side button on the pen to check the battery conditions. A green light should display for a moment.

In whiteboard mode the side button switches between Pen Mode to Eraser Mode.

If you are using the Epson Easy Interactive Tools on your computer, a pen tip click (Fast press) is the same as a Left mouse button. Hold pen tip down for a moment for Right mouse button.

Do not drop or throw the pens at this may damage the pen.

Pens turn off automatically after 15 seconds when they are placed on. Hold the pen to turn it back on.

Connecting To the Interactive Whiteboard

Connecting an iMac to the Interactive Whiteboard

When it comes to connecting a computer, you have several options depending on your application.

1. Mirror Centre's Mac Display to Board

    1. Turn Smart Wall on.
    2. iMac computer connected to the internal WiFi "AHBC" network.
    3. From the Mac's Docking Bar, select EasyMP Network Projector.
    4. On app startup, a search will be performed to locate the projector.
    5. Tick the projector and connect.
    6. Use the Source Search to locate the Mac on LAN (Via Wall Panel, Remove or Bottom Toolbar)
    7. A small toolbar will appear on the Mac desktop, select Play to share the desktop, Stop to turn off share and Pause to freeze the last desktop display.

2. Mirror through AirPlay

    1. Turn Smart Wall on.
    2. Turn Apple TV on. Use Select button (Centre Button) on small Apple TV remove.
    3. Select Source Search button on Epson remote or wall panel and connect to HDMI-2.
    4. iMac computer connected to the internal WiFi "AHBC" network.
    5. On the Mac's menu bar you will soon see the AirPlay button (Square with Upwards Arrow), select Apple TV.
    6. Allow around 20 seconds to connect.

3. Mirror iMac by Cable

Connecting the iMac directly to the Interactive Whiteboard.

  1. Turn Smart Wall on.
  2. Locate and connect the DP to VGA or HDMI adaptor and cable
  3. Use the Source Search on the whiteboard to locate the Mac as a PC connection.

If the iMac desktop is not displayed, you may need to set the display on the Mac to be mirrored.

  1. Click on the Apple icon in the top menu bar. (Top left corner)
  2. Select System Preferences...
  3. Select Display icon
  4. When the Display tab appears, select Arrangements tab (The adaptor must be plugged in to display the Arrangement tab.)
  5. Check the Mirror Displays to show the same display.

Connecting a PC to the Interactive Whiteboard

For Window users you have two option while Unix users Options have one option.

1. PC's connection by WiFi (Windows)

    1. Install the Epson Easy Interactive Tools on your PC. (See Applications and Drivers below)
    2. Turn Epson Interactive Whiteboard on. See Quick Start below.
    3. Ensure the computer is connected to the internal WiFi at the centre using the "AHBC" network.
    4. Turn Epson Projector on for whiteboard. (See section on Epson Interactive Whiteboard for details)
    5. Locate and run the EasyMP Network Projector.
    6. Tick the projector and then use the Connect Button.
    7. Use the Source Search to locate your PC on LAN (Via Wall Panel, Remove or Bottom Toolbar)
    8. A small toolbar will appear on the desktop, select Play to share the desktop, Stop to turn off share and Pause to freeze the last desktop display.

2. PC's connection by Cable (Windows & Unix)

    1. Turn Smart Wall on.
    2. Locate a VGA or HDMI cable. (A range of cables and adaptors are provided in the cabinet drawers.)
    3. Connect cable to your PC and the wall sockets labelled Computer or HDMI to make connection with the Epson Projector.
    4. Use the Source Search on the whiteboard to locate the Mac as a PC connection.
    5. Your computer may need you to turn on desktop sharing. Locate the Display Sharing Icon on your Function Keys [F#] and then hold the [Fn] key + the [F#]. You may need to wait a few seconds and repeat this process a few times. The [Fn] is normally located near the bottom left of the keyboard and the [F#] is normally found on the Function keys between F4 to F8.
    6. If you need sound, use one of the Audio cables connecting your computer with the White Board.

Connecting Smart Devices via Wifi to the Interactive Whiteboard

Refer to the iProjection document when connecting a smart device via WiFi. Click here for further information

Sharing the White Board via WiFi

You can share the white board with others over the internet. This allows others to view and interact with the white board via their web browser.

  1. Turn Epson Interactive White Board on.
  2. Ensure your device is connected to the internal WiFi at the centre using the "AHBC". (The Password is displayed on the table-top display stands)
  3. In whiteboard mode, select the Share Button on the interactive whiteboard. (First icon on lower toolbar)
  4. Select "Start Sharing This Whiteboard"
  5. A PIN will appear. Select OK and the Projector will create a shared web interface.
  6. Select the Share Button again to start sharing and select the level of interaction allowed.

Others can now access the white board from their computer by entering into their browser search bar. When prompted, they need to enter the Pin Number.

To shop share access, simple select the Share Button again and select Stop Sharing.

Computer Interactive Mode

When the projector is connected to a computer via LAN, the presenter can operate the computer from the projected screen using the interactive pens or finger, just as you would with a mouse. You can navigate, select, and interact with your computer programs from the projected screen.

To use computer interactive mode over a network, install EasyMP Multi PC Projection application.

    1. Select LAN mode on remote or from the Home Screen.
    2. Computer need to connect to the AHBC Wifi.
    3. Open EasyMP application on the computer.
    4. Search for projector "BOARDROOM"
    5. The computer screen will be projected. Ensure "LAN" has been selected as the source.

Printer, Webcam, Set top Box and DVD

Epson XP850 Printer & Scanner

The boardroom is equipped with Epson XP850 printers / scanners. These devices are AirPrint compatible and include a USB port for loading of documents printing and saving of scanned images.

Documents can be scanned to the Interactive Whiteboard using the onboard scan option.

Content from the board can printed directly to the Epson XP850 printers.

To use the AirPrint option, you will need to be connected to the AHBC WiFi network.

Logitech C920 Webcam

The Board room is fitted with two advanced C920 webcam cameras. They are located above the whiteboard and on the window pelmet.

There are no pre-established connections to the webcams and their use are based on your computer connection and communication / AV capturing software.

Connect the webcam to your computer through the Webcam wall plate connect located to the right of the Interactive Whiteboard or to the cable near the right-hand side of the window curtains.

The C920 is a Full HD 1080p video format (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels) and is supported by Skype when using the H.264 video compression setting and Google Hangouts

Note: Some computers need to be connected to power to enable a high resolution image to be recorded.

The software supplied on the MacBook Air computer enable you to manually Focusing, Zoom, Pan and Tilt the C920 cameras. (Go to Application Folder and locate "Logitech Camera Settings" for basic control or "Webcam Setting" for advance control.

Features include:-

    • Built-in dual stereo microphones
    • Automatic noise reduction
    • Automatic low-light correction
    • Autofocus.

Windows devices may need to install drivers and use the Webcam devices. Click here to download.

Apple Mac devices do not require a driver to use the Webcam devices. However, the "Logitech Camera Settings" app can be downloaded from the App store Free.

Cable Lengths - USB Cable length on Logitech Webcams

One of the main problems that people face with USB devices is the cable length. The length rules stipulate a maximum cable length of 5 meters (USB 2.0). If you have connected to one of the Logitech Webcams and the camera face is not showing a blue light and the connecting computer is not detecting the device, you need to consider the length of USB cable you are using. Use one of the shorter USB cables (1.5m) or an Active Extension USB Cable (5m) with a short USB cable (1.5m).

BUSH HD Digital Set-Top Box

Digital television can be displayed directly to the Interactive Whiteboard.

  1. Use the Standby (STB) Button on the Set Top Remote Control to turn the Set Top Unit off and on.
  2. Select the Source Search button on the Interactive Whiteboard Control Panel or Remote Control to locate HDMI-1.

See manual below for further details.

Lazer DVD Player

A DVD player is provided for you to play video to the Interactive Whiteboard.

You may need to unplug the Digital Set-Top Box HDMI cable from the wall socket.

See manual below for further details.