Fostering manufacturing In the hills.

Your hands-on fabrication workshop that takes learning and product building to a new level.

Fridays 10am to 5pm

From $50/day

Hackerspace and Makerspace

Your Opportunity

Move your ideas from the notepad to reality. It's simple and affordable when you have access to the right tools and know how. The Makerspace is here to support you to build locally.

Your Potential

Expands your potential through involvement. Discover your capability to design and build new products. Grow your design, trade and engineering skills with others.

Your First Visit

Book and attend an Open Day with your project and get ready to start after your safety induction session (Allow 45min). The workshop coordinator is there to help you get started and on track.

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    • Workshop with benches, woodworking, metalworking and composite constructions tools and equipment to bring projects together.

    • Ideal for business to design, build and prototype new products for local production.

    • Tool hire to complete projects in the field or at home.

    • Shared knowledge and skills from others


    • Open Days : 10am - 5pm | Most Fridays


Not For Profits Groups

    • STEM Youth Groups

    • Men's / Community Sheds

    • Women's Workshops

Contact us for further details.

Equipment Summary

Work Areas

Design / Test Lab - Designed for smaller and higher precision projects or automotive electrical products.

General - General workshop area for almost any type of project build.

Welding - Ready to go light metal fabrication and welding

Test / Measuring Items

Digital & Vernier Caliper, Dividers / Calipers, Dial Indicator + Stand, Feeler Gauges, Thread Gauges, Soldering Station, Dremel Workstation, Rules, Engineers Square, 12V DC Supply, AC Power Supply, Variable DC Power Supply, Signal Generators, Oscilloscope, Multi meter, Cables, Digital Microscope, Computers, Laser Light Box, Prisms, Magnifying Lenses, Small & Micro hand tools etc

Mini Tools (Power and Hand)

Power (Sander, Grinder, Buffer, Brushing) Drill & Press, High Speed Tube Cutter, Engraver, 1/8" Power Router, Screw Drivers, Spanners, Cutters, Files, Coping Saw, Chisels, Hooks & Picks, Vice, Clamps, Workshop Tweezers, Silicon Mixing Bowls etc

Power Tools

Table Saw, Cut Off Saw, Drop Saw, Circular Saw, Jig Saw, Scroll Saw, Band saw, Hole saws, Vibration Saw. (Wood, Plastics, Alum & Steel Cutting Blades available on most saws.)

Drill Press, Drills, Wood Lathe, Face Shield, Driver, Router Table, Router, Power Plane, Sanders, Disc Sander, Belt Sander, Bench Grinder, Angle Grinder, Dremel, Heat Gun, Glue Gun, Soldering Irons etc

Air Tool

Air compressor, Inflator, Stapler, Metal Nibbler, Spray Guns, Brad Nailer, Pin Nailer, Chisel, Riveter (Solid and Pop), Air Gun, etc

Hand Tools

Clamps, Planes, Chisels, Turning Chisels / scrappers, Saws, Hummers, Mullets, Screw Drivers, Spanners, Cutters, Sockets, Vice Grips, Files, Wood Rasps, Brushes, Riveter, Clecos, Clamps, Jigs, Measuring Devices, Nail / Pin Punches, Hand Drill, Taps / Dies, Trolley Jack, Stands, Levels, Squares, Markers, Crimpers, Tube Cutter, Glue Guns, Metal Snips, Gear Pullers, Tube Bender, Tube Flarer etc...

Welding & Metal

Welder (MIG, TIG and ARC), Grinder, Mask, Blow Torch, Chipping & Other Hammer, Vice, Angle Grinder, Magnets, Clamps, Brushes etc


Sawing machine (Heavy Duty), Iron etc

Fibre glassing

Application rollers, air removal rollers, brushes, scales, release mould wax, mixing containers subject to use.

Extras (Buy on the day)

    • Basic Consumable - Use of miscellaneous consumables such as adhesives, solvents, abrasive paper etc are includes subject to level of use.

    • Safety Pack - Safety glasses, Coated gloves, Ear Plugs & Storage container $15.

    • Materials / Fasteners / Gadgets - View the Go Go Gadget Catalogue for range and prices.

    • Tool Hire - Members Only - 5 Day hire.(Deposit may be required or you have an AHBC gift card with at least $100 in credit)

      • Small hand tools $10 (Max of 5 items)

      • Larger hand tools $15/item

      • Portable power tools & attachments $25/item

      • Miniskaff 912 - Scaffold Base 1.2m x 1.2m Max 225kg Heights 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m & 3m. Will fit into most cars $150

Step 1 - Check Open Days (Most Fridays)

Check available "SHARED - Makerspace Open Day"

Step 2 - Create or Edit Booking

Step 3 - Check your emails for confirmation and payment details


The AHBC will remove or refuse access to anyone if they are deemed unfit or unsafe in any manner that may harm themselves or others.

Never use equipment unless you have been shown how to correctly use the equipment. Ask if in doubt, your safety is paramount.

Q. What is at the Makerspace?

A. The Makerspace has a range workspaces, hand and power tools. Most of the tools are regularly available from your local tool or hardware store.

The big difference is that the tools and equipment are shared resulting in a significant cost reduction for those odd jobs at home and work.

The Makerspace is Ideal for woodworking, light metal fabrication, marine / caravan / automotive additions and some levels precision engineering work.

Q. What can i expect on my first visit?

A. On your first visit, you will meet with the workshop coordinator to discuss your project and expected use of the Makerspace, project duration, space and tools required. Your visit will start with a safety induction and orientation session (Allow 30 to 45min). During the induction we will cover the safe operation of equipment and protective items.

Q. Do I need to be a business owner or AHBC member to use the Makerspace?

A. No. Anyone can book in and used the Makerspace. (See also age limit below) However AHBC Members obtain signifiant discounts and other benefits. Membership is only $50 per year. Click here to join.

Q. What is the age limit?

A. Any age however if under the age of 18 years, the person attending needs to be supervised by a parent or authorised care taker that is over the age of 18 years. Parent or caretaker can attend at no additional fee.

Q. Can I buy material at the workshop?

A. Small qualities of Plywood, MDF, acrylic sheets, aluminium profiles and sheet material can be cut to size to greatly reduce waste and cost. If full size sheets are required, please obtain from your local supplier. (See also Deliveries to Makerspace)

We also maintain a basic range of nails, staples, wood-screws, adhesives, abrasive paper, solvents and other consumables that you can access and use for a small fee of $5 / visit. (Subject to usage)

Welding consumables including cutting / grinding disc, welding rods / wire and gas have a minimum fee of $15 / visit. (Subject to usage)

You can also obtain a Safety Pack containing a pair of safety glasses, pair of protective coated gloves, earplugs and plastic storage container. $15/pack

Please record any purchases and make payment in Cash (No Change Given), Credit Card or by Hacksaw Gift / Debit Card at the end of your session.

View the Go Go Gadget Catalogue and Price List for further details.

  • Fasteners around page 43

  • Alum, MDF, Plywood etc around page 80

Q. Can I bring my own project materials, parts and tools?

A. Yes, Please do!

The exceptions are solvents, chemicals or fuels which will need to be pre-approved for safety precautions. A product MSDS may be required.

Q. Is there someone who can show me how to use the equipment and give me ideas?

A. Yes! We will show you the safe operation and you can gain further insights from the workshop coordinator.

You can not operate a power tool until you have received training. Some of the power tools can be extremely dangerous to you and others so it is vital that you receive training and that you follow the safety requirements.

If you are not comfortable or confident in using a power tool, there are other solutions using hand tools.

Any resistance or failure to follow the correct use and operation of equipment will result in you leaving the Makerspace.

Q. What happens if I break a tool or accessory.

A. Report it immediately to the workshop coordinator and take the item out of action. Eg. Make it as Faulty. In terms of replacement, the cost is covered by the AHBC. However, if damaged on purposed or you elected not to follow reasonable instructions to avoid damage the replacement or repairs will be at your cost. The age and condition of the item will be taken into account.

Q. Can I attend both the Hackerspace and Makerspace with one booking?

A. Yes. Book ether space and pay for one session. You can use either space during you session.

Q. Can I remove the safety guards on equipment?

A. Absolutely NO! The guards are in place for your safety.

Q. Deliveries to Makerspace. Can I have my local hardware supplier deliver items to the Makerspace during the week.

A. Yes but contact us first. Any loads must be able to be off loaded by hand.

We prefer that you are here to offload and check the delivery manifest however we can off load. A small fee may apply. (See also Storage conditions)

Note that the AHBC is not responsible for your items while located at the centre nor checking the suppliers manifest or delivery conditions.

Q. Storage - Can I store my project between visits?

A. Speak to the workshop coordinator. There may be some restriction on larger items and storage periods. If items are not collected or we don't hear from you within 7 days, the AHBC may elect to dispose of your items at your cost.

Bundle and label your items with the date, you name and contract details.

Note that the AHBC is not responsible for your project or materials while located at the centre. That also includes accidental use by others while attending the Makerspace.

Q. What tools do I need to bring?

A. The Makerspace is a well equipped workshop of every day tools like hammer, screwdrivers, spanners and a range of power tools and welding gear. You may need to bring tools that exceeds our range.

Q. Can I hire tools to finish my project at home or work.

A. Yes. Members can hire tools for 5 days at a time. See the workshop coordinator to book-out tools. You must maintain at least $100 credit on an AHBC Gift Card.

5 Day Hire Fees, see above for rates and further details (Some item are not for hire or have special rates and conditions)

You must return the tools within 5 days in good working order as supplied otherwise your AHBC Gift Card will be reduced by the replacement cost with any shortfall payable by you. The condition and expected life of the tool will be considered.

Q. Rubbish and waste, do I need to remove?

A. Yes! Whatever you bring, you need to remove at the end of the session / project build including packaging, off cuts etc. The Centre does not provided a rubbish and waste removal service except for sweep up dust and small particles.

Q. Cleanup at end of session!

A. You are required to clean up your work area at the end of each session. Allow 5 to 10 minutes before the end of the session to clean up.

Q. Do i need to bring my own consumable like tape, rags, glue, cleaning solvents etc?

A. A range of consumables are available for a small fee and subject to the level of use.

If your project requires reasonable quantities of such items, you should supply or purchase them in advance from your local supplier.

Use of your own chemicals or solvents must be pre approved by the Adelaide Hills Business Centre. A product MSDS may be required.

Q. Smoking at the Makerspace

A. No smoking is permitted anywhere at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre. That includes inside and outside.

Q. About Alcohol and Drugs

A. Alcohol and drugs, including medicines prescribed by a doctor or available from a pharmacy, can affect a person’s ability to work safely. If we believe that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will refuse entry.

Q. What should I wear?

A. We suggest that you apply our safety attire ideas otherwise we may restrict your access and use of equipment. Safety glasses, deposable gloves and ear plugs are supplied at the centre. Click here to view further safety information